Tycroes, Ammanford, Wales: Nigel Ward

#TheList Nigel Jeremy Nicholas Ward (aka Jeremy Ward), born c. 1957, of Ceidrim Court Farm, Penygarn Road, Ammanford SA19 3PH – for cruelty offences involving three horses, one of which died

Convicted horse abuser Nigel Ward

Ward admitted one offence of causing unnecessary suffering to three horses by failing to address their poor condition.

Horses neglected by Nigel Ward

The court heard that back in January 2019, in the Mountain Road area of Glanaman, concerns were raised about the welfare of three horses, with the defendant causing unnecessary suffering to them by failing to adequately explore and address their poor condition.

One of the three horses mistreated by Nigel Ward of Tycroes, Ammanford

RSPCA inspector Keith Hogben said: “It was very clear that these three horses’ needs were not being met.

“They were in a poor condition and were noticeably thin.

“The field they were being kept in was totally unsuitable and they were very exposed from the mountain side.”

The three horses were seen by a specialist vet at the location.

Horses neglected by Nigel Ward

Despite remaining under the care of the vet, one of the horses, a tri-coloured horse, was unable to be saved and died.

The court heard in mitigation that the horses had had foals which caused a drop in their condition and the defendant thought the field would be sufficient for them.

Horses neglected by Nigel Ward

He admitted this had been a bad decision and also accepted misjudging the weather.

The court also heard that he attended every day but after 14 days it became clear that they were losing condition.

The court heard that since the incident, Ward has been able to rehome half of the horses which were in his care.

Sentencing; 24-month community order with 25-day Rehabilitation Activity Requirement. Total of £607 fine and costs. Deprivation order on one horse. No ban.

South Wales Guardian

Update 22/07/2020:
Ward was back in court after a horse in his care was left suffering because she was so desperately thin.

Ward pleaded guilty and was handed a 28-week custodial sentence, suspended for 18 months.

RSPCA inspector Keith Hogben had previously found the equine – named Lily – in a field at the end of Llwyncelyn Road, in the Glanamman area of Ammanford, with her ribs, hips and spine all clearly visible.

Veterinary opinion confirmed that the horse was suffering, and Ward admitted at court this was a consequence of his failure to address the equine’s significant weight loss. Lily’s suffering took place between 12 March and 12 August 2019.

In addition to the suspended prison sentence and a three-year ban on keeping equines, he was also given a 35-day rehabilitation order, and told to pay £200 in costs and a £122 victim surcharge.

South Wales Guardian

Additional information 1 August 2020
There have now been three separate horse welfare cases against Nigel Jeremy Ward within one year. Of the horses rescued from him, several have died including two in the care of the RSPCA due to the extent of their emaciation. Another was found with a huge worm burden, but due to his emaciated state it was not safe to give him worming medication. Sadly this horse didn’t make it either.

Horses neglected by Nigel Ward

Despite his serial cruelty Ward has only received a three-year ban and has even had the audacity to appeal that. He has already been seen at an auction for stables and land about 15 miles from where he lives and the fear is that he will try to skirt around his ban by either hiding the horses or putting them in someone else’s name.

Nigel Jeremy Ward is also a lurcher puppy farmer, trading under the name Jeremy’s Lurchers & Long Dogs.

Ferryhill, County Durham: Nicole Jones

#TheList Nicole Lauren Jones, born 19/05/2000, of Kitchener Terrace, Ferryhill DL17 8AX – left dogs to starve to death in her filthy home

Dog killer Nicole Lauren Jones from Ferryhill, Co Durham

Mother-of-one Jones admitted three offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 after allowing two of her three dogs to starve to death.

Dog killer Nicole Lauren Jones from Ferryhill, Co Durham

The 19-year-old placed the animals in shocking conditions and left them to forage among the junk scattered throughout the house.

The pets knocked over a pot of paint and left a heart-breaking trail of paw prints all over the surfaces and inside the fridges as they desperately searched for food.

Dog killer Nicole Lauren Jones from Ferryhill, Co Durham
Gypsy the lurcher after she was rescued

One dog was found by RSPCA inspectors lying dead next to a chewed up Pot Noodle carton. Another was rescued by the charity but had to be put to sleep because she was so emaciated,

Dog killer Nicole Lauren Jones from Ferryhill, Co Durham
Gypsy was lying on the sofa in a lethargic state

RSPCA inspector Garry Palmer attended Jones’ home on 12 January 2019

Dog killer Nicole Jones from Ferryhill, Co Durham

He said: ‘I could see through the window that the conditions inside were awful with dog faeces and household rubbish littered throughout.

‘There was a young tan and white crossbreed curled up on the floor dead next to a chewed-up Pot Noodle pot.

‘Two surviving dogs, a young male Rottweiler called Bronson and a grey long-haired lurcher called Gypsy, were both obviously very underweight.’

Insp Palmer added: ‘Gypsy was laid out on a settee and appeared very weak and listless.

‘She barely moved when I knocked on the window.

‘When we got inside, we found a tub of fence paint in the house had been knocked over revealing paw prints on top of the worktops and even inside the empty fridge. It was a very upsetting scene.’

The surviving dogs were immediately taken to a veterinary surgery for emergency treatment.

Gypsy was very emaciated. As soon as she was offered food and water she ate and drank immediately. She continued to eat well while hospitalised, being fed small amounts four times a day, and she gained 45% of her original body weight in less than three weeks.

Sadly, Bronson was put to sleep on veterinary advice. Insp Palmer described the dead dog in the house as the most underweight dog he had ever encountered.

He said: ‘In my opinion this is as bad as it gets – depriving animals of their basic needs of food and water and as a consequence one dog paid the ultimate price.’

Dog killer Nicole Lauren Jones from Ferryhill, Co Durham

The RSPCA had given Jones advice in September 2018, yet she ignored this advice and made things worse by taking on a third dog in the meantime.

‘She could have easily contacted the RSPCA for help’, Palmer added.

12 weeks in prison suspended for 18 months; 20-day Rehabilitation Activity Requirement; £400 costs and £115 victim surcharge. Disqualified from keeping animals for ten years, with no appeal to have this lifted for seven years.

Chronicle Live

Telford, Shropshire: Harry Palin

#TheList Harry Palin, born c. 1993, of Gower Street in Telford – kicked a dog during a domestic violence incident

Harry Palin, a warehouse worker and part-time musician, started an argument with his then-partner while they were watching television on the night of February 20, 2019.

Palin apparently became angry when her dog jumped on their bed at about 9pm.

Prosecuting, Sati Ruck told the court that when he began shouting at her, Palin’s partner took the dog downstairs but he followed.

She entered the lounge and sat against the door to stop him entering, but he eventually pushed the door open, knocking her aside. Palin then took a set of door keys back upstairs so she couldn’t leave, and also took her mobile phone.When she went to retrieve them he kicked out at her, Miss Ruck said.

In the course of the assault Palin also pushed her into a wall, causing her nose to bleed, and kicked her dog.

The victim was eventually able to escape into the back garden, call her sister and call the police.

Palin told police that he couldn’t recall the assault and blamed anger issues and a ‘red mist’.

Palin was convicted of assault causing actual bodily harm.

24-month community order including 29 better relationships sessions, 20 rehabilitation requirement days, and 180 hours of unpaid work.

Shropshire Star

Wallington, Greater London: Zahra Rafiq

#TheList vet Dr Zahra Tahaneem Rafiq, born circa 1990, now of Wallington, Greater London, and previously of Merseyside – took two newborn French bulldog puppies from their owners; one of puppies died

Dr Zara Rafiq was fired after she took a French bulldog puppy she was meant to be delivering.

Rafiq took the pup home with her after joking to a colleague that she planned to do it. The newborn dog died three days later at Rafiq’s home, which she admitted despite earlier saying it had faded in her car.

Rafiq had delivered the litter of six dogs, each worth up to £2,000, by Caesarian.

Instead of leaving them to recover with their mum Lila, she and a colleague, Oscar Perez Maillo, both took a puppy home with them.

The second dog was later returned still alive after another worker with VetsNow raised concerns.

Rafiq was fired by VetsNow in Huyton, Merseyside, and a misconduct hearing by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons found her to be ‘dishonest’. However, she was cleared to practise again after six months.

‘I’m fuming,’ owner Safinah Mhagrh told the Daily Record. ‘That vet stole my puppy. It was a terrible, heartless thing to do. She should not be allowed to practise.’

Safinah had taken her three-year-old French bulldog Lila to surgery after she went into labour in December 2017.

‘The first one was coming out legs first and got stuck. I thought Lila was going to die,’ she said. She was told to go home while vets operated.

When she came back, she was told there had been a litter of four but the stuck one hadn’t survived. Another of the puppies then died as it was too weak, but Lila bonded with the remaining two.

Ms Mhagrh said she had contacted police but the case hadn’t been taken further. A hearing heard Rafiq was remorseful and not motivated by financial gain.

Panel chair Ian Arundel said: ‘The committee concluded Dr Rafiq was very unlikely to pose a risk to animals in future.’

VetsNow refunded the £200 cost for the Caesarian.

Dr Laura Playforth, head of veterinary standards at Vets Now said: ‘We are extremely sorry about what happened, especially to our client and their pets.

‘We are very clear on our position here – these individuals will not work with us again.

‘I want to reassure pet owners that this is an isolated incident. We have almost 600 vets and vet nurses working for us up and down the country, working tirelessly to help animals in their greatest time of need. In my 20 years as a vet, I’ve never seen anything like this case.’


Thame, Oxfordshire: Ben Braham and Emma Hendy

#TheList Ben Braham, born c. 1991, of Hampden Avenue, Thame OX9 2DT and Emma Hendy, born c. 1982, of Angus Court, Thame OX9 – failed to get veterinary treatment for their Shar Pei’s painful eye condition

Dog abusers Emma Hendy and Ben Braham from Thame in Oxfordshire
Emma Hendy and Ben Braham were both convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to a Shar Pei named Flake but neither was banned from keeping animals

The court heard how the dog, named Flake, had been found ‘as a stray’ on May, 4 2018, more than six months after Braham had taken him to the vet to be diagnosed with entropion, a condition in which the eyelid rolls inward against the eyeball.

On this first trip to the vet, on October 17, 2017, Braham had been told to bring the dog back within a week for surgery but never did so. Instead he left him at Emma Hendy’s house, allowing the problem to fester and risking potential blindness.

The court heard how Braham had bought Flake as a puppy for £400 for Hendy and her children.

He bought him a cage and a lead and arranged vaccinations before he was scared off and severed contact with the family.

Despite this, he remained responsible for the pet and therefore had a duty to look after his welfare.

In her own trial Hendy claimed she had frequently urged Braham to take Flake to the vet and, when she did so herself, was told only the owner could arrange treatment.

Braham – total of £430 fines, costs and charges. The RSPCA had urged the court to impose a ban on him owning dogs in future but this was refused, meaning he will be able to continue living with another dog at home.
Hendy – fined £640 including court costs and a victim surcharge. No ban.

Oxford Mail 03/05/19
Oxford Mail 21/05/19

Fulham, South-West London: Jibriel Guled

#TheList Jibriel Guled, born c. 1994, of Barclay Close, Cassidy Road, Fulham SW6 – kicked a four-month puppy to death

Dog killer Jibriel Guled is from Somalia but now lives in Fulham, South-West London
Jibriel Guled had subjected Bibi to previous attacks but this time she died from the injuries the Somali national inflicted on her

Guled, who according to his LinkedIn profile is a delivery driver with the pizza chain Papa John, was jailed and banned from keeping animals for life after he was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a Staffordshire bull terrier called Bibi by the infliction of physical abuse, namely blunt force trauma.

The RSPCA and police attended the property on 23 June, 2018, following a call to 999.

Bibi was sadly already dead and RSPCA Inspector Mike Beaman, who investigated, collected her body which had been placed in a wicker basket and wrapped in blankets.

Inspector Beaman said, “This was an extremely sad case involving a young dog whose life was cut short far too soon. Myself and the police attended the property in June last year after the police received an emotional 999 call from someone claiming Guled had kicked his dog.

“Poor Bibi would have experienced extreme pain and suffering from this physical abuse which we now believe was inflicted on her over a period of months.”

Dog killer Jibriel Guled is from Somalia but now lives in Fulham, South-West London
Dog killer Jibriel Guled is from Somalia but now lives in Fulham, South-West London

Somali national Guled said in court that the bed inside the property had collapsed on top of Bibi and this had caused her injuries and killed her.

A post-mortem examination of the dog’s body revealed that there were also three historical injuries of blunt force trauma to the dog’s body which occurred between May and June before the final incident which led to her death.

Sentencing: 26-week custodial sentence; £1000 in costs. Banned from keeping all animals for life.

BBC News

Cosham, Portsmouth: Deborah Hunt

#TheList Deborah Jane Hunt, born 1960, of Holbeach Close, Cosham, Portsmouth PO6 3LD – left her horses with dirty water and no food

Horse abuser Deborah Jane Hunt of Cosham in Portsmouth kept two horses in filthy conditions with no food or clean water
Horse abuser Deborah Jane Hunt of Cosham in Portsmouth kept two horses in filthy conditions with no food or clean water

Cruel Debbie Hunt kept horses Paddy and Duchess in a stable in notorious Little Oaks yard in Frogmore Lane, Waterlooville.

Hunt ‘lunges’ abused horse Paddy

The pair were kept in unsuitable conditions without access to suitable and sufficient food and fresh water, despite the RSPCA and World Horse Welfare giving Hunt repeated advice.

Horse abuser Deborah Jane Hunt from Cosham, Portsmouth
Horse abuser Deborah Jane Hunt

One of the animals was seen eating his own faeces because he was so desperate for food.

Horse abuser Deborah Jane Hunt of Cosham in Portsmouth kept two horses in filthy conditions with no food or clean water
Neglected horse Duchess is mentally scarred from her ordeal

RSPCA Inspector Tina Ward said: ‘This was a case of prolonged neglect where the needs of Paddy and Duchess were simply ignored.

‘The horses were in stables, filled with faeces and no clean bedding to give a dry resting area.

‘There was no food available and the only water they had access to was a small amount of very dirty water at the bottom of a bucket.

‘I saw Paddy eating his own faeces and found it very upsetting – it was clear he was desperate for food. Bay mare Duchess had severely overgrown hooves that hadn’t been tended by a farrier which were causing her further distress.

‘Thankfully both horses have gone on to make a fantastic recovery with the right care and a suitable diet.

‘Duchess is doing well health wise but mentally she has a long way to go. She has never been with other horses and had grass. She is still learning what it is to be a horse and often stands at the gate looking to come back in.’

Horse abuser Deborah Jane Hunt of Cosham in Portsmouth kept two horses in filthy conditions with no food or clean water

Hunt, who has links with serial horse abuser Josh Pedelty, was found guilty of three offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 in connection with the neglect suffered by Paddy and Duchess.

Sentencing: 12 weeks’ imprisonment suspended for 12 months; eight-week curfew; total of £865 costs and charges. Banned from keeping equines for five years with right of appeal after three.

Horse & Hound
The News

Walton-on-Thames, Surrey: Joshua Wanless

#TheList career criminal and gang member Joshua Wanless, born c. 1990, of Pankhurst Road, Walton-on-Thames KT12 – encouraged a dog to kill a ferret for his own sadistic enjoyment

Sick animal abuser Joshua Wanless of Walton-on-Thames, Surrey
Twisted Josh Wanless derived pleasure from seeing helpless animals being killed

Joshua Wanless, who has previous convictions for violence, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal, a ferret, by feeding it to a dog and causing it to die, and causing unnecessary suffering to a dog by encouraging the dog to attack a ferret.

On January 30, 2019, officers were called to Apple Court Green in Walton after a report that Wanless had forced a dog into a cage with a ferret to kill it.

Officers arrived as Wanless drove into an adjacent road, where they searched his car. In the boot they found a box with a live ferret, a cage covered in blood and a dog with blood on its nose. On the green they also found the ferret that had been killed by the dog minutes beforehand.

Police mugshot of sick animal abuser Joshua Wanless of Walton-on-Thames, Surrey
Gangsta type Josh Wanless is well known to Surrey Police

Wildlife & Rural Crime Co-ordinator PC Hollie Iribar who investigated the case alongside PC Josh Parry, said: “This is an abhorrent crime which involved Joshua Wanless antagonising a dog to kill a ferret for no other reason than his own enjoyment.

“He denied the offences at the time and told officers at the scene that the ferret had escaped from its box and been killed by accident, but subsequent investigation of his mobile phone revealed text messages stating his cruel intention beforehand.

“Using dogs to commit crimes in this way is disgusting. We know that crimes such as organised dog fighting are linked to serious criminal networks where it is sadly viewed as a sport. Bringing offenders to justice for such barbaric activity is just another way we can disrupt organised criminals from committing other kinds of serious crime.”

Wanless, whom Walton locals say has killed a dog and may also be responsible for air rifle attacks on cats in the area, also pleaded guilty to two breaches of his Criminal Behaviour Order. The breaches are that he caused alarm or distress to another member of the public and entered an area he was not allowed in.

Sentencing: 16-week custodial sentence, suspended for two years; 180 hours of unpaid work; costs and charges totalling £200. Banned from owning or keeping all animals for two years.


Oldham, Greater Manchester: Zoe Allen

#TheList Zoe Elizabeth Pearsall Allen, born 23/10/1972, formerly of Hawley Street, Colne, Lancashire and more recently Henshaw Street in Oldham – left dogs, cats and a ferret behind when she moved out of her home

Thirteen animals were left to starve to death by Zoe Allen, now of Oldham
Thirteen animals were left to starve to death by Zoe Allen, now of Oldham

In total, two dogs, ten cats and a ferret were discovered at Zoe Allen’s house after she moved out – six of the cats and the ferret were dead.

Allen pleaded guilty to eight offences relating to the two dogs and seven of the cats under the Animal Welfare Act*.

RSPCA inspector Natalie Taylor said: “We got a call that Allen had abandoned her animals and I attended.

“There were lots of blue bottle flies in the window of the property, which I know from experience isn’t a good sign.

“I knocked, and was relieved when one of the dogs, Cassey, jumped up at the window, but my relief didn’t last long as she didn’t look in good shape.

“I could hear a second dog – Trixy – barking frantically upstairs and I knew there were some cats in there too.

“I’ll never forget this house as long as I live.”

Thirteen animals were left to starve to death by Zoe Allen, now of Oldham

When housing officers granted access the animals were discovered living amongst clutter, rubbish and their own filth. Initially two cats were found alive along with the bodies of six cats and a ferret.

A further two cats were caught in cat traps in the days following. There were lots of empty food and water bowls. Fleas were visible on both the alive and dead animals.

The animals were seized by police and placed in RSPCA care on veterinary advice.

On examination, the four surviving cats were found to be emaciated. Cassey – a female Jack Russell type dog – was very thin with her ribs, spine, and pelvis all prominent. She had a mass on her eye, an ear condition and a skin condition.

Trixy – another female Jack Russell type dog – was even thinner than Cassey, with her ribs, spine and pelvic bones easily visible. She had a skin condition and overgrown nails that had grown into the skin.

All have recovered in RSPCA care and have now been happily rehomed.

In mitigation the court heard that Allen had to leave the house due to a water burst, rent arrears and problems with her neighbours. Her benefits stopped so she moved to Oldham. The court was told she had “buried her head in the sand”.

Sentencing: 12-month community order with curfew and 20 rehabilitation requirement days. Ordered to pay £300 costs and a £85 victim surcharge. Disqualified from keeping animals for five years.

ITV News

Forest Hill, Oxford: Callum Gerken

#TheList Callum Lee Gerken, born 6 January 1992, of Stanton Road, Oxford OX33 1DT – beat a Labrador puppy to death with a slipper

Dog killer Callum Gerken of Wood Farm in Oxford and his victim, Shadow
Puppy Shadow suffered a laceration to her liver, a broken jaw and fractured ribs in the vicious attack by evil Callum Gerken

Shadow, a 17-week old black Labrador puppy, suffered a laceration to her liver, a broken jaw and fractured ribs in the vicious attack by Callum Gerken.

Dog killer Callum Gerken of Wood Farm in Oxford

Gerken also sent malicious voice clip messages to Shadow’s owner, claiming ‘I have just beat it from one side of the room to the other.’

On Wednesday April 3, police were called to an address in Saunders Road, Oxford, where Gerken had caused serious injuries to the puppy.

Gerken was arrested on April 4 before being charged the following day.

The court heard that Gerken had become angry with the puppy for defecating inside and ruining items in the house by tearing them.

Shadow suffered a laceration to her liver, a broken jaw and fractured ribs in the vicious attack by Callum Gerken

He started repeatedly hitting the dog with a slipper.

When the animal was struggling to breathe, Gerken refused to get medical help.

Instagram post by dog killer Callum Gerken of Wood Farm in Oxford and his victim, Shadow
Gerken Instagram post shows him petting a puppy that doted on him

Gerken sent voice clips to Shadow’s owner which amounted to malicious communications.

In the messages, he said the puppy had ‘sh*t everywhere. I have just beat it from one side of the room to the other.

‘I don’t give a fuck. That is how it will be with me. She ain’t gonna do that again because she cannot fucking walk.’

Dog killer Callum Gerken of Wood Farm in Oxford

Gerken had previously denied the charges of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal and sending malicious communications. But he changed his plea to guilty at the last minute.

Footage of Gerken with Shadow during which he calls her his “best friend”

Sentencing Gerken, magistrates told him: ‘The dog died as a result of what was done to her.

‘You were determined to cause harm and you made threats that you would cause further harm to the dog.

‘You were in a position of responsibility. You used a slipper as a weapon.

‘You did not call or take the dog to the vet or seek advice even though you were aware she was unwell.’

Dog killer Callum Gerken of Wood Farm in Oxford

Supporters shouted ‘love you Cal, see you next week’ as he was taken away from the dock.

Sentencing: 23 weeks in prison; ordered to pay £250 compensation and £1,000 in court costs. Banned from keeping dogs for 10 years.

Daily Mail
Oxford Mail