Wigan, Greater Manchester: Lee Evans and Ryan Ryder

#Exposed for wildlife persecution: Lee Evans and Ryan Ryder from Ashton-in-Makerfield, Wigan

Wildlife criminals with a history of crimes towards humans Lee Evans and Ryan Ryder of Wigan, UK
Wildlife criminals with a history of violence towards humans: Lee Evans (left) and Ryan Ryder

Here we have permanently drunken feral savage Lee Evans (born 13/11/1987) and convicted sex offender Ryan Ryder (born 14/01/1993), both of Wigan, who share a common interest in persecuting wildlife. Often seen with dogs in the Three Sisters area of the town, these lazy, useless and sexually incontinent slobs are notorious for torturing rabbits, foxes and badgers. Their dogs bear the scars of being forced into fights with wildlife. It is believed they are also responsible for the deaths of several cats, so they are all-round stinkers.

Lee Evans regularly brags about killing wildlife on Facebook. One of his dogs displays facial injuries consistent with animal fighting - likely a fox or badger.
Lee Evans regularly brags about killing wildlife on Facebook. One of his dogs displays facial injuries consistent with animal fighting – likely a fox or badger.

Squinty-eyed unemployable piss-head Evans of Nicol Mere Drive, Ashton in Makerfield, is well known to the RSPCA and has had at least one dog seized from him, but refuses to change his barbaric ways. His addiction to seeing living creatures ripped apart limb from limb is just too strong.

Father of the year? In January 2020 Evans was convicted of assault by beating after attacking his now former partner while she was holding their son.
Father of the year? In January 2020 Evans was convicted of assault by beating after attacking his now former partner while she was holding their son.

In 2012 Evans’ partner in wildlife crime (though there are several others that may yet be exposed – your turn will come, make no mistake) Ryan Ryder, of Hunter Road in Marsh Green, was convicted of sexually assaulting a 40yo woman (newslink removed) – a complete stranger to him – as she was walking home after a night out. He fled the scene, leaving his victim seriously injured on the ground, but was identified by his DNA and convicted. He is now on the sex offenders register for life. Ryder now focuses his innate aggression on animals.

And despite all this both men have girlfriends. Not nice girls, you understand. I mean, how could they be?

Article originally published on the Pet Abuse UK Facebook page

Update January 2020: Lee Evans was given a community order after pleading guilty to assaulting his partner by beating while she was holding their baby.

The bench heard how Evans had consumed a two-litre bottle of cider and four cans of lager when he launched an abusive tirade at Danielle Howarth.

Prosecuting, Tess Kenyon said Evans accused her of cheating and told her to take the baby and get out of the house, shouting and swearing into her face.

He then punched her on her left cheek, causing the youngster to fall to the floor. She ended up with bruising on her cheek and also to her right forearm.

Ms Kenyon read out an impact statement in which Ms Howarth said: “I’m scared of him hurting my other kids. I can’t put the child and me through this anymore. I want to feel happy again and feel safe.”

Ms Kenyon said Evans had previously accused his partner of cheating and she had given a number of statements to police during their five-year relationship only to then retract them.

Defending, Adrian Palmer said his client admitted that the incident on August 2, 2019, was fuelled by alcohol consumption and this was at the root of Evans’s problems.

The court gave Evans an 18-month community order involving alcohol treatment, 25 days’ rehabilitation activity requirements and a curfew to run for five months from 7pm until 7am.

A restraining order preventing him contacting the complainant was also placed on him. He was also ordered to pay costs of £260 and £100 compensation.

Source: Wigan Today (article removed)

Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales: Josh Sullivan and Levi Williams

#TheList Josh Sullivan, aged 17, and 15-year-old Levi Williams, both of the notorious Gurnos Estate, Merthyr Tydfil –  coaxed an elderly family cat named Sully out from under a car and watched as their dog mauled him to death

Cat killers: Levi Williams and Josh Sullivan of Merthyr Tydfil
Vile cat killers: Levi Williams and Josh Sullivan of Merthyr Tydfil

The disturbing attack, which shows Sullivan and Williams parading Sully’s dead body around afterwards, was caught on CCTV on 9 May 2018.

The sick pair were sentenced after admitting to causing unnecessary suffering to the 13-year-old cat.

The dog involved in the case has also been subjected to a deprivation order and will be taken into RSPCA care until he’s ready for rehoming.

Josh Sullivan's dog is believed to be the one he and his cruel sidekick, Levi Williams, set on a helpless elderly cat
Josh Sullivan’s dog is believed to be the one he and his cruel sidekick, Levi Williams, set on a helpless elderly cat

Sully’s owners became concerned after their pet had been missing from their home for a number of days.

They checked their CCTV camera for clues about Sully’s whereabouts and were shocked to witness his shocking ordeal at the hands of cruel teenagers Williams and Sullivan and the dog they had evidently trained to kill other animals.

In the footage Williams is seen hitting Sully with a stick to coax him out from underneath a car. As Sully runs out, Sullivan releases the dog he had been holding by the collar. The dog chases Sully, quickly catches him and mauls him to death.

Cat killer Josh Sullivan, who like his accomplice Levi Williams lives on the notorious Gurnos Estate
Cat killer Josh Sullivan, who like his accomplice Levi Williams lives on the notorious Gurnos Estate

Sullivan picks up Sully’s limp body and parades it as he walks along the street. Finally he callously tosses the mutilated cat into the bushes.

Cat killers Levi Williams and Josh Sullivan from Merthyr Tydfil

RSPCA inspector Gemma Cooper said: “The shock and horror I felt when I first witnessed this CCTV footage has remained with me.

“This was a disturbing, harrowing and deeply sinister attack which would have caused immense suffering to poor Sully.

“It is frightening to think two children would set out to do something so deliberately cruel. It appears the dog had been trained to kill like this.

“We know most people across Merthyr and beyond will be disgusted by the treatment of an innocent, defenceless cat in this way.

“This was a premeditated attack, seemingly done for the boys’ fun and pleasure, for which the RSPCA had to seek justice.

“The actions of these individuals has left a family broken and without their beloved pet cat and family member of 13 years.”

Sully’s owner – who wishes to remain anonymous – added: ‘We are absolutely heartbroken.

“Sully was so happy, and was a member of our family. His killing by these cruel people brings shame to Merthyr Tydfil. This was a heinous act.

“He was well-known and popular in the local area – always sitting on the path he’d get petted and fussed by people walking along the lane and regular dog walkers all knew him.

“He’d regularly sneak into a neighboring dental practice, and make friends with patients in the waiting room. Sully was a real character and was loved by all who met him. He was harmless and had never hurt anyone.

“We all miss him so, so much. It was so strange for Sully to be missing. He’d gone to follow family members to the local park and was out and about as usual – but didn’t come home that day.

“We started to get worried, so I checked our CCTV cameras – and saw these boys walking with a dog and that’s when it all happened.

“It was horrifying to watch. I was screaming at the screen for Sully to run for his life but the dog was just too fast for him.

“What I witnessed that day will never leave me – it was like watching one of my children being attacked.

“Sully was 13 years old and was one of our family members who spent every night curled up on our children’s beds and his senseless killing has affected them deeply.

“Telling my wife and children he was dead was so, so hard. I will never forget watching the offenders revel in what they did, and will never forgive them for what they have done to us.

“They threw poor Sully’s body into the bushes like a piece of junk; and I had to go and get the body, and get him cremated, to get some dignity for him.

“It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.”

12-month referral order to the youth offending team, £300 costs. Disqualified from keeping any animal for 10 years (expires September 2028).

Daily Mail

Kingston upon Hull: Craig Paul Precious

#TheList Craig Paul Precious, of 31 Ellerby Grove, Hull HU9 3PR – allowed his lurcher dog to kill a cat

Lamping fan Craig Paul Precious from Hull let his lurcher dog kill this cat
Lamping fan Craig Paul Precious from Hull let his lurcher dog attack and kill this cat

Precious, who apparently enjoys persecuting nocturnal animals (also known as lamping) in his spare time, failed to control the grey lurcher who attacked two cats who were sitting in a garden in a residential street.

One managed to get away but a black and white cat died as a result of the injuries inflicted upon her.

The dog was not on a lead at the time and CCTV subsequently showed Precious decided against putting the animal on a lead, even after he had seen what had happened to the cat.

Precious admitted failing to control the animal in the attack.

Irresponsible dog owner Craig Paul Precious from Hull
Irresponsible dog owner Craig Paul Precious

Reviewing the CCTV footage, RSPCA inspector Laura Barber said: “Two cats can be seen in the CCTV footage sitting in a garden. A grey lurcher runs into view from the street and into the garden and attacks one of the cats.

“Fortunately the other one gets away.

“Precious comes into view with another lurcher on a lead and he goes into the garden to take a look at what’s happened.

“After a few moments he leaves the garden and walks away. Even after the incident the grey lurcher isn’t put on a lead and continues to run in and out of people’s gardens.”

The court heard a similar incident had happened before, but in mitigation Precious denied it and said the incident had been an accident and he wanted to apologise.

Sentencing: 12-month community order including 100 hours of unpaid work; total of £385 costs and charges. Banned from keeping dogs for five years.  

Hull Daily Mail

Preston, Lancashire: Suzzana ‘Sue’ Taylor, daughter Grace Taylor, and boyfriend Andrew Lomas

#TheList Suzzana ‘Sue’ Taylor (aka Sue Edge), 48, daughter Grace Taylor, 18, both of Fir Trees Farm, Harbour Lane, Salwick, Preston PR4 0ZJ and ex boyfriend Andrew Lomas, born 22/05/1975, of Central Drive, Blackpool – for the abuse  of beach donkeys and neglect of Pomeranian dogs

RSPCA prosecution of Suzzana Taylor, Grace Taylor and Andrew Lomas for animal cruelty
Sue Taylor and daughter Grace Taylor and some of their abused animals. Sadly no photo of callous Andrew Lomas, who has a violent past, is available

The RSPCA have released footage showing appalling cruelty being inflicted on a herd of beach donkeys housed at Fir Trees Farm in Salwick, near Preston.

Covertly-filmed videos showed how donkeys were punched in the face, with one, Bruce, targeted for a running kung-fu style dropkick.

Abusers Suzzana Taylor, daughter Grace Taylor and Suzzana’s ex-partner Andrew Lomas, have now been convicted of cruelty after a two-week trial.

The trio were living together at Fir Trees Farm when it was raided by police, RSPCA inspectors, vets, and council enforcement officers in September 2017.

Carmel Wilde, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said the cruelty was brought to the attention of authorities by the neighbours who secretly filmed the Taylors and Lomas in action. They released the footage to the RSPCA after moving from the area.

Donkeys Bethany, who was very underweight, and Floppy, who had an untreated sarcoid growth, were put down.

Both Taylors had licences, issued by Blackpool Council, to have donkeys on the beach and give rides to children and, earlier in the year, the animals passed an annual inspection by a council-employed vet.

RSPCA prosecution of Suzzana Taylor, Grace Taylor and Andrew Lomas for animal cruelty involving dogs and donkeys
Sue Taylor with one of her donkeys.

Ms Wilde said: “The videos show on different dates the donkeys suffering violent abuse; being kicked punched,whipped and hit with sticks.”

“One was given a flying kick.

“On the day of the raid on the farm, the animals were found in a concrete yard where the floor was covered in their urine and droppings.

“Their bedding was wet and soiled.

“The vets’ evidence reveals that they believed the donkeys had suffered abuse over a long period and were living in fear of pain.”

Convicted animal abusers and backyard breeders Suzzana Taylor and Andrew Lomas from Lancashire, UK
Suzzana Taylor with Andrew Lomas

The court heard how  16 Pomeranian dogs were also in a wet and dirty area. They had no fresh drinking water. One had a painful and untreated bite, and the others had matted hair and running eyes.

RSPCA Inspector Amy McIntosh, who led the investigation, said: “The footage of the donkeys being assaulted is shocking and appalling particularly the flying kick on the donkey Bruce.

“Their terrible treatment is compounded by the fact the people inflicting it were making money from them.

“These donkeys are such lovely, docile and friendly animals whose wonderful nature was evident in the fact that they were being worked with children on the beach every day.

“They were being presented to the public as being well looked after but behind the scenes were being cruelly treated and abused and the conditions they were living in were filthy.

“Then there were the dogs, fluffy little Pomeranians, who were living in wet and muddy conditions without adequate shelter, and had untreated bite wounds from where they’d been fighting with each other.

“Sadly two of the donkeys had to be put to sleep on the advice on a specialist equine veterinary surgeon, but all of the remaining animals are now enjoying great lives, and those not previously signed over will now be able to be permanently adopted”.

Hannah Bryer, head of welfare at The Donkey Sanctuary, added: “Cases like these are extremely distressing and highlight the terrible abuse some donkeys continue to face in Great Britain today.

“There is simply no excuse for any animal to be subjected to physical abuse. Owning donkeys is a hugely rewarding experience and a wonderful privilege, however, they require caring and compassionate management to ensure they lead healthy and enriched lives.

“The footage, in this case, shows a series of brutal and needless attacks on the donkeys. This cruel and callous behaviour is unacceptable in any arena but is made worse by the fact that the perpetrators were the very humans who should have been safeguarding their welfare during their working life.

“Donkeys are incredibly stoic animals so by their nature, they often hide the true extent of their suffering, however, there can be no doubt that the violence inflicted on these donkeys caused them fear and distress.

“Happily with the support of vets, farriers and grooms, the condition of these donkeys has improved, but they will need ongoing care and treatment”.

A former neighbour of the Taylors said: “My wife and I would view footage from our security cameras on a daily basis and, afterwards, we vowed we would reveal the evidence after we found somewhere else to live.”

Animal abuser Andrew Lomas
Andrew Lomas

Lomas, who did not give evidence at court, had been refused a donkey licence, while the Taylors’ licences have been suspended.

The Taylors have now given up the lease on the farm and now live in a horsebox parked on the yard. They continue to deny the offences, probation officer Brian Weatherington said.

Grace Taylor was given a community order with 30 days’ rehabilitation and must do 150 hours of unpaid work. She must also pay £500 costs. She was banned from keeping any animal for three years.

Suzzana Taylor was given a 14-week jail term, suspended for a year. She must pay £500 costs. She also got a three-year order banning her from owning animals. 

Lomas, who has previous convictions for violence, was given 14 weeks’ jail, suspended for a year. He must do 150 hours of unpaid work and must pay £500 costs. He was disqualified from keeping animals for three years. 

Blackpool Gazette

Leeds: Adrian Appleyard and Karl Harwood

#TheList Adrian Appleyard, born January 1977, of Springhead Road, Rothwell, Leeds LS26 0EX, and Karl Harwood, born 1978, of Ivy Gardens, Bramley, Leeds LS13 2NH – neglected three dogs used to guard a building site.

Karl Harwood
Karl Harwood

Appleyard and Harwood were found guilty in their absence of mistreating and failing to ensure the welfare of an Anatolian shepherd dog called Athena and two Caucasian shepherd dogs called Koda and Sasha.

One of the three dogs abandoned in appalling conditions at a building site by irresponsible security business owner Adrian Appleyard and his employee Karl Harwood.
One of the three dogs abandoned in appalling conditions at a building site by irresponsible security business owner Adrian Appleyard and his employee Karl Harwood.

The dogs were kept as guard dogs on a building site on Hollin Busk Lane, Deepcar, Sheffield and were left unattended between January 20 and January 23, 2018, prompting RSPCA inspectors to visit the site.

Insp Kim Greaves told the court the dogs had been left in three shelters but the roof of one covering two of the dogs – Koda and Sasha – had blown off, leaving them exposed to ‘bitterly’ cold conditions and snow.

Despite freezing weather the dogs had no shelter and hadn’t been fed for several days.

She said she first visited the site on Friday, January 19, following a call from a member of the public and when she returned on Monday, January 22, the set-up was exactly the same, with tape seals placed on the gates of the compounds by inspectors still in place.

Insp Greaves said: “The dog at the front (Athena) was brighter in herself but that’s probably because we had been able to get food and water to her but the other two dogs, because I know the breed, we would expect them to be alert and guarding the site but they weren’t.”

Insp Greaves said she could see Athena’s ribs quite clearly, indicating she was malnourished, and added that she thought the dogs had suffered a ‘prolonged period of neglect’.

Another of the dogs abandoned at a building site by Adrian Appleyard and Karl Harwood.
Another of the dogs abandoned at a building site by Adrian Appleyard and Karl Harwood.

Fellow RSPCA inspector Jenny Ronksley said she visited the site on Saturday, January 20 and Sunday, January 21 and left business cards at the site requesting the owners contact her, which they didn’t.

Dr Jenny Turner, a veterinary surgeon at Springfield Vets, also attended the site and said that the housing and nutritional supplies for the dogs were unsuitable.

Prosecutor Philip Brown said: “She believed that the period of suffering would been for at least four to six weeks but probably longer. They had suffered either a variable shortage of food over several weeks or starved entirely for a period of days.”

The prosecutor also told the court that Koda had developed ‘behavioural difficulties’ and that a vet had decided it was in the dog’s best interests to carry out euthanasia.

Appleyard – 150 hours of unpaid work. Banned from keeping any animal for five years. Deprivation order for the two surviving dogs, Athena and Sasha.
Harwood – 120 hours of unpaid work. No ban.

The Star

Ipswich, Suffolk: David Woods and Christina Wright

#TheList David Charles Woods, born 05/07/1977, of Burns Road, Ipswich and Christina Marie Wright, born 13/12/1981, of Bonnington Road, Ipswich  – allowed Staffies Alena and Scooby to become emaciated and chronically undernourished

Christina Wright and David Woods
Christina Wright and David Woods

David Woods admitted causing unnecessary suffering by failing to address the condition of his dogs between December 14, 2017 and January 14, 2018.

Woods, who has a history of violence, allegedly threw one of the dogs against a wall when police visited his previous address in Bonnington Road on January 14, 2018 in connection with an assault.

Officers called the RSPCA with concerns for three dogs inside the property shared by Woods and his then partner, Christina Wright.

Wright admitted causing the suffering of a third Staffordshire bull terrier, which she owned, but for which the pair shared responsibility.

Prosecutor Hugh Rowland told the court that Scooby was found locked in a dark, dirty, cramped and cold conservatory.

David Woods’ dog Scooby was severely emaciated when rescued

“There was an evident lack of suitable diet,” added Mr Rowland, who explained the other dog was also severely underweight, with poor teeth, dry and scaly ears, overgrown nails, a coat containing flea dirt, a lump on the chest, three mammary masses and a hernia on the left side.

Scooby has gained weight since being in the care of the RSPCA.
Scooby has gained weight since being in the care of the RSPCA.

“In the vet’s opinion, they were subject to malnutrition and emaciation, had poor skin and coat, and were chronically undernourished,” he said.

Woods' other dog Alena was also in a very poor condition when rescued.
Woods’ other dog Alena was also in a very poor condition when rescued.
Alena after receiving RSPCA treatment
Happily she too has recovered well in the care of the RSPCA.

Woods, who communicates through sign language, claimed the dogs were fed twice daily, but that both had suffered recent bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea.

He said the lump on one of the dogs “grew quickly” and that the hernia was the result of breeding.

Mark Holt, mitigating, said Woods denied throwing a dog against a wall and claimed to have sought veterinary help.

“His lack of speech and hearing made it difficult,” said Mr Holt.

“Lack of finance meant he could not secure private veterinary care, or through charity, he says.

“He accepts he took his eye off the ball but maintains the dogs were ill in preceding days and weeks. There is no suggestion of deliberate harm.”

Woods: total of £845 fine and costs; ban on keeping animals (duration unspecified in article).

Wright: conditional discharge; £100 contribution towards costs; disqualified from keeping dogs (duration unspecified in article)

Source: East Anglian Daily Times (article removed)

Wigan, Greater Manchester: Kelly Marie Hare

#TheList Kelly Marie Hare, born 27/03/1985, of Canberra Road, Wigan WN5 0EG – allowed Cavalier King Charles spaniel Bieber to starve to death.

Dog killer Kelly Marie Hare from Wigan and her victim, sweet spaniel Bieber
The RSPCA said Kelly Hare’s spaniel Bieber would have suffered ‘for at least three weeks’ before he passed away,

Hare appeared before Wigan Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 18/09/2018.

She pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Bieber by failing to investigate and address the causes of his poor body condition and weight loss, between 20 March and 10 April 2018.

Bieber, the dog starved to death by Kelly Marie Hare of 2 Canberra Road, Wigan

RSPCA inspector Claire Fisher said: “One of our officers attended Hare’s house after a call from a concerned member of the public and saw Bieber dead in a shed in her rubbish-strewn back garden.

“I arrived 36 minutes later and Bieber’s body was gone.

“We found Hare at a neighbouring house and she told us that she had no idea that her dog was dead or where his body was, but the following day I got a call from a police officer who had attended a disturbance and said they thought they knew where Bieber had been buried.

“We went straight to the address, which was connected to Hare, and Bieber was exhumed from a freshly dug grave.

“He was extremely emaciated and a post mortem found he had ingested some kind of wipe, possibly a baby wipe or cleaning wipe of some kind, which was a huge 30cm x 12cm in size. He had been dead for at least a week.”

Dog killer Kelly Marie Hare from Wigan

“Despite five appointments being made to interview Hare, she didn’t show up so we don’t know exactly what happened to Bieber in the weeks or months before his death, but expert opinion is that tragically he suffered for at least three weeks before he died,” said Inspector Fisher.

12-month community order including 220 hours of unpaid work. Total of £485 costs and surcharge. Banned from keeping animals for ten years (expires September 2028).

Manchester Evening News

Weymouth, Dorset: Richard Thomas Hansford

#TheList Richard Thomas Hansford, aged 67, of 70 Mount Skippet Way, Dorchester DT2 8TP – caused suffering to chickens and pigs he kept on a smallholding

Dorset smallholder Richard Thomas Hansford neglected chickens and pigs

Hansford pleaded guilty to four offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and the Welfare of Farmed Animals (England) Regulations 2007.

The offences related to four chickens kept on a small patch of land at Lewell near Dorchester.

In February 2017, Dorset County Council’s trading standards service received a complaint about Hansford’s chickens and visited the land he kept them on just outside Dorchester.

They found the chickens in a large, muddy pen with no coop or place that the chickens could be protected from predators or the weather.

At the time of the visit the weather was bitterly cold which meant that any water left out for them was frozen.

The available water was not clean as all the containers had green algae growing in them.

The court heard that Hansford had received numerous visits and advice on how to care for his animals over a ten-year period but had continued to ignore this.

In January 2017 Hansford had signed a formal caution for almost identical charges relating to pigs he also kept on the land.

In mitigation, Hansford stated that he had been a gamekeeper for 19 years and had done his best to look after his animals.

He told the court he had suffered from depression for several years.

Sentencing him, the chair of the Magistrates said that Mr Hansford had caused distress to the animals for a significant period and that this was compounded by not adhering to the advice given to him by Trading Standards.

Ordered to pay £530. Banned from keeping poultry and pigs for 10 years 

Wessex FM

St Helen Auckland, Co Durham: Frankie Williams

#TheList Frankie Williams, aged 26, of Melrose Drive, St Helen Auckland was  found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a lurcher named Rocky after an RSPCA investigation

Vile dog abuser Frankie Williams from St Helen Auckland, Co Durham, and victim Rocky, who was in an appalling condition when rescued.
Vile dog abuser Frankie Williams from St Helen Auckland, Co Durham, and victim Rocky, who was in an appalling condition when rescued.

Williams was convicted of failing to provide Rocky – a male white and tan lurcher – with adequate nutrition for his needs contrary to the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Williams had placed an online advertisement offering Rocky free to a good home. Concerned by the picture of an underweight dog, a member of the public collected Rocky and contacted the RSPCA, before taking him to Happier Days for Strays in Sunderland.

RSPCA inspector Stephanie Baines said: “Rocky was in a shocking state. He was extremely thin with his bones visible through his skin. He had very little muscle and had pressure sores on all four legs and his shoulder blades. Rocky was weak, lethargic, shook when standing up and was unsteady on his feet when walking.”

Rocky was found to weigh just 14.15kg; a dog of his type is expected to weigh between 25kg and 28kg.

Blood test results revealed it was unlikely he was underweight due to any underlying medical conditions.

Rocky has since found a new home.

12-month conditional discharge,  £700 costs and a £20 victim surcharge. NO BAN.

Northern Echo

Rotherham, South Yorkshire: Julie Lorraine Mellard

#TheList Julie Lorraine Mellard, aged 62, of 3 Crescent End, Rotherham S66 9LS – neglected nine pet cats

Animal abuser Julie Mellard from Rotherham
Animal abuser Julie Mellard from Rotherham

Hobby dog and cat trader/backyard breeder Julie Lorraine Mellard pleaded guilty to one count of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal, by failing to clip the nails of two cats between March and June 2018, allowing them to ingrow.

Mellard also admitted one count failing to ensure the needs of an animal, in that she failed to provide nine cats with a suitable living environment.

40 hours of unpaid work; £300 costs. Five-year ban on keeping cats.

Rotherham Advertiser