Huyton, Liverpool: Peter Hillin

#TheList Peter Hillin, born c. 1971, of Ashbury Road, Huyton, Liverpool L14 8XA – attacked Staffordshire bull terrier Neo with an axe causing horrific head and shoulder injuries

Convicted dog abuser Peter Hillin of Huyton, Liverpool
Hillin attacked his pet dog Neo with this fearsome weapon

Hillin, who claimed to love dogs more than people,  was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal .

He had claimed he only used the handle of the fearsome weapon to strike Neo when the dog attacked his other Staffy, Santos.

But a vet dealing with Neo’s horrific injuries told a court he believed they were consistent with three or four blows with the sharp end of the axe.

Shocked neighbours called police after Neo was left covered in blood from cuts to his head and shoulder.

Convicted dog abuser Peter Hillin of Huyton, Liverpool

Armed officers arrested Hillin at his home  at around 4pm on Sunday, December 3 2017.

Jane Stacey, prosecuting, said: “The reports to police were that there was a man in that road striking a dog with an axe.

“Several neighbours had become involved in this and one lady said when she came out of her house she saw blood on the hands of this defendant and saw an injured dog.”

Ms Stacey said police arrived on the scene and immediately began giving first aid to Neo, who had severe lacerations on his back and head.

Hillin was arrested and was also found to have injuries to his hands, which he was later treated for in hospital.

He told officers he had tried to separate his dogs with his hands but when this failed had grabbed an axe, the “closest thing to hand” and hit Neo with the handle.

Convicted dog abuser Peter Hillin of Huyton, Liverpool

During a trial in April 2018 he told magistrates: “I was trying to stop them killing each other and I quite literally put myself in the way and when that didn’t work, I hit them.”

However the court found Hillin’s account of how the injuries were caused was “inconsistent” and convicted him on the basis he had used the sharp end of the axe.

Ms Stacey said Neo was treated by a vet, who performed surgery to repair a deep 4cm laceration to his head and another deep 4-5cm laceration to his right shoulder.

The vet also found puncture wounds consistent with bites from another dog.

Neo and Santos, who only received minor injuries, both made a full recovery and had been taken into police kennels – costing the taxpayer £2,000 per dog.

Keith Webster, defending, said his client accepted the decision of the court after his trial, said: “It is clear from having heard the evidence of the trial that Peter Hillin did not wake up that morning and decide to injure his dogs.

“What clearly happened, and was common ground through the puncture wounds, is that one dog attacked the other, that’s how this incident started.

“Mr Hillin became involved because he was fearful that one dog was going to kill the other. These were his pets and had been for a number of years.”

Mr Webster said Hillin lived a “rather solitary lifestyle” outside of his job and said: “He loves his dogs more than people, he’s not a people person.”

20 weeks in prison, suspended for two years;  200 hours of unpaid work; £1,100 prosecution costs. Banned from keeping animals for 10 years (expires May 2028).

Liverpool Echo

Leigh, Greater Manchester: Gail and Nicola Bradshaw

#TheList Gail Bradshaw, born 27/08/1953, and daughter Nicola Bradshaw, born 07/08/1988, both of XX Minehead Avenue, Leigh WN7 5QF – failed to seek veterinary treatment for their dogs’ chronic and severe skin conditions

Former magistrate Gail Bradshaw, daughter Nicola and the dogs they left to suffer in agony, Poppy and Holly
Former magistrate Gail Bradshaw, daughter Nicola and the dogs they left to suffer in agony, Poppy and Holly

Gail Bradshaw and daughter Nicola failed to provide proper care for West Highland terriers Poppy and Holly. The dogs had severe skin conditions which led to infection and fur loss. When found, Poppy was wearing a filthy baby jumper that was stuck to her weeping skin.

Speaking about the case, RSPCA inspector Vicki McDonald said: “Poppy was by far the worst. She was the one wearing the child’s jumper. It was filthy, and when we tried to remove it at the vets it had stuck to her skin around her armpits, chest and front legs, where it had been weeping.

“She had been suffering the longest, veterinary evidence of her skin condition goes all the way back to 2014.

“A new treatment plan was put in place in March 2015 and the vet advised that Poppy needed to be brought back seven to 10 days later but that never happened.

“Gail Bradshaw said she didn’t think the vet treatment was working so decided to self treat the condition after seeking advice from the internet and friends instead.

“When Holly started to get similar symptoms in early 2017 she was never taken to the vet. This is despite both dogs having ‘ultimate’ Petplan insurance which could have covered the treatment.

“The severity of the skin conditions and fur loss suffered by these dogs was the worst I’ve seen in my 15-year career. They were in an absolutely shocking state.”

The court had heard how the proceedings had had a “major effect” on the pair with both afraid to go out in public. Nicola Bradshaw had been the subject of online abuse with one message on Facebook stating she should “rot in hell.” [oh, boo hoo].

12-month community orders with an unpaid work requirement of 200 hours each. Banned from keeping pets for five years (expires May 2023).

Wigan Today
Manchester Evening News

Yeovil, Somerset: Graham Anstey

#TheList Graham Lee John Charles Anstey, born 15/10/1974, formerly of Trackside Farm, Yeovil and currently of Spooner Road, Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 –  caught on CCTV kicking a cow before pushing her head into a concrete floor and pulling on her tail.

Heartless livestock worker Graham Anstey formerly of Yeovil, now Wymondham in Norfolk
Heartless livestock worker now lives in Wymondham, Norfolk

The appalling footage showed Anstey spending 30 minutes trying to “violently” move the collapsed animal at an abattoir in Bridport, Dorset, before abandoning her on a ramp.

He pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a cow, failing to record livestock movements and breaching TB disease controls.

Sentence: fined £850 and ordered to pay £2,000 towards prosecution costs.

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