Haslingden, Lancashire: Jonathon Eugene Meynell

#TheList Jonathon ‘Jonny’ Eugene Meynell, born 26/07/1990, formerly of Cedar Avenue, Haslingden, Rossendale, Lancashire and more recently of Rifle Street, Haslingden – kicked his pet dog nine times and swore at her repeatedly

Jonathon Meynell of Haslingden is heard to tell Coco the Rottweiler "do you want a kicking today or what?" before kicking her nine times to the head and body
Jonathon Meynell of Haslingden is heard to tell Coco the Rottweiler “do you want a kicking today or what?” before kicking her nine times to the head and body

Meynell pleaded guilty to kicking and shouting at his rottweiler Coco as he took her for a walk

The incident happened on August 28 2017 where he can be seen kicking the black and tan Rottweiler dog and shouting and swearing at her in an intimidating manner causing her to suffer physically and mentally.

RSPCA inspector Kat Newman said: “The footage shows Meynell walking down the street with Coco who is off the lead and stopping and sniffing as she goes.

“It’s clear that he is in a temper and is shouting and swearing.

“He can be heard to say ‘do you want a kicking today or what? Is that what you’re after?’ before approaching her and kicking her nine times to the head and body.

“She cries out every time he kicks her. It’s really horrible to watch.”

Coco was taken into possession by police on veterinary advice after the RSPCA was contacted and provided with the footage.

Abused Rottweiler Coco has recovered from her ordeal at the hands of violent thug Jonathon Meynell.
Abused Rottweiler was renamed Lola and made available for rehoming.

She was signed over at the first court hearing and is now in the care of an RSPCA animal centre where she has been renamed ‘Lola’ and will be up for rehoming soon.

“There can never be any excuse for behaving this way towards an animal,” said inspector Newman.

Sentencing: six weeks in prison suspended for 12 months; £115 victim surcharge. Disqualified from keeping any animals for life. 

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Roughton, Norwich: Rosemary Fabb

#TheList puppy farmer Rosemary Fabb, born c. 1941, of Fern Bank, Carr Lane, Roughton, Norwich NR11 8PG – admitted 17 charges relating to breeding puppies without a licence at her home.

Rosemary Fabb kept dogs and puppies in cold conditions and without food and water, at her illegal Norfolk puppy farm
Rosemary Fabb kept dogs and puppies in cold conditions and without food and water, at her illegal Norfolk puppy farm

The charges against Rosemary Fabb included causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Fabb had bred dogs at the site with a licence up until 2014, but failed to get it renewed.

Vets were called to the puppy farm by North Norfolk District Council last February and they found dogs kept in facilities which were out-of-date following changes to legislation.

Animals were discovered unvaccinated, with ear infections, dental disease and matted hair covered in faeces and sawdust.

The prosecutor, Lynne Shirley told the court that Fabb had threatened an inspector saying “I know the mafia, and she’d [the inspector] better look out”.

The court heard that over the years Mrs Fabb had signed over 30 dogs to the RSPCA but by January 2018 she still had 10 animals, mainly toy poodles, that she was breeding.

Rosemary Fabb kept dogs and puppies in cold conditions and without food and water, at her illegal Norfolk puppy farmRosemary Fabb kept dogs and puppies in cold conditions and without food and water, at her illegal Norfolk puppy farm

All the dogs found have been re-homed by the RSPCA.

In 2016, Fabb was banned for five years,  alongside son Ben Fabb, from running a riding stable after she was prosecuted for not having a licence to run the Fern Bank Riding School.

Sentencing: 22 weeks jail, suspended for two years due to Fabb’s age and infirmity.  Ordered to pay £12,731 in costs within a month. Disqualified from keeping and breeding animals until further notice .

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Middlesbrough: Stephen Dixon

#TheList alcoholic Stephen Dixon, born c. 1961, of Meath Street, Middlesbrough TS1 – starved his dog and left her outside overnight as a punishment when she ‘misbehaved’

Emaciated Staffordshire bull terrier Meeka was starved and left outside by her cruel owner, alcoholic Stephen Dixon from Middlesbrough
Emaciated Staffordshire bull terrier Meeka was starved and left outside by her cruel owner, alcoholic Stephen Dixon from Middlesbrough

Stephen Dixon allowed his Staffordshire Bull terrier, Meeka, to become “emaciated” and full of sores as he battled alcohol addiction.

Dixon  pleaded guilty to three counts of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal between October 29 and November 26, 2017.

John Ellwood, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA called the case “worrying.”

“The RSPCA visited his home after a complaint that his dog had been left unattended”, he said.

“Meeka was confined in a small yard full of faeces and a broken door which appeared to have broken glass on top of it.

“The dog was clearly emaciated and had sores on all four legs.

“When interviewed the defendant said he would punish the dog by not feeding it.”

He added: “When confronted about the dog being thin he said he was an alcoholic and knew she was skinny.

“Meeka was very hungry and when fed she ate ravenously, licking the bowl clean within seconds and was clearly very thirsty.”

Mr Ellwood added that the dog had been left outside for at least two days on occasions.

Dixon’s lawyer said his client was “extremely ashamed of himself” and was receiving treatment for alcohol addiction.

Meeka has recovered from her ordeal and has been rehomed.

Meeka has since been nursed back to health and re-homed.

Chair of the bench, Carole Freeman-Dunn, said it was a “very disturbing case.”

Sentencing: 12 week prison sentence suspended for 12 months; £415 costs; 15 rehabilitation activity days. Banned from keeping animals for 10 years. 


Hemlington, Middlesbrough: Eugene Stanley Crooks

#TheList Eugene Stanley Crooks, born 1945, of 29 Elmstone Gardens, Hemlington, Middlesbrough TS8 9EL – left his elderly dog to become emaciated, flea-infested, with rotten teeth and in a state of constant pain

Convicted dog abuser Eugene Stanley Crooks from Middlesbrough

Eugene Stanley Crooks neglected his 16-year-old dog Barney while ‘failing to notice his condition’. He admitted to an RSPCA officer that he only fed him Weetabix on a morning and a small tray of dog food at night.

Crooks pleaded guilty to four counts of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal at Teesside Magistrates’ Court.

John Ellwood, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, told the court that Barney suffered between August and November 2017.

He said: “On November 13, the RSPCA went to Crooks’ home.

“The premises smelt strongly of urine but also that typical smell associated with infection.

“He had apparently been fed on Weetabix with a small tray of dog food on an evening. There was no clinical reason why the dog should be underweight.

“He had been starved.”

After the RSPCA took Barney in, he was found to have “severe dental disease” that was extremely painful to him and a number of his teeth had to be removed as a result.

He also had chronic arthritis and an untreated skin disease, which may have been caused by chronic flea infestation. There were also visible fleas on him.

Mr Ellwood added: “He was anaemic as a result of blood loss.

“The suffering in this case is extreme and the neglect prolonged.”

Barney had to be put down by a vet after his kidneys failed not long after being rescued.

Before sentencing, chair of the bench, Carole Freeman-Dunn, said: “We are dealing with a faithful friend you had for many years. In his later years, you let him down.”

Sentencing: Ordered to pay £300. Banned from keeping animals – excluding cats – for at least 10 years.


Ashbourne, Derbyshire: Mark Barber

#TheList Mark Barber, born 08/06/1977, of The Waterings Farm, Blore, Ashbourne DE6 2BT – for leaving two donkeys to suffer in agony with overgrown hooves

Mark Barber and abused donkeys Jessica and Jasmine.

Farmer Mark Barber pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the two jennys, at Derby Magistrates’ Court on 15 February 2018. He admitted failing to seek vital treatment for the pair.

The RSPCA and the Donkey Sanctuary found the animals, Jessica and Jasmine, with hooves so overgrown they were unable to walk normally.

Close-up of one of the donkey's overgrown hooves.

“These two beautiful donkeys were left to suffer because Mr Barber failed to arrange veterinary or farrier treatment,” said RSPCA inspector Charlotte Melvin,

“After a concerned member of the public called us about the state of two donkeys they’d seen on the Barbers’ farm, I called Hannah Bryer, head of welfare at the Donkey Sanctuary, to help and when we arrived we were shocked at what we saw.

“Both donkeys, Jessica and Jasmine, were out in a field and their hooves were so long we could barely coax them to take a few steps – they were in agony.

“Mr Barber had left Jessica and Jasmine without any farriery or veterinary care for a really long time, even though it was clear that they were suffering.

“Thankfully, after we called a vet who certified their suffering immediately, Mr Barber signed the donkeys into our care and after carefully loading them into the horsebox, they were taken straight to the Donkey Sanctuary to receive the expert care they so desperately needed.”

The pair were taken to the Donkey Sanctuary in Buxton, where Jessica was found to have severe sarcoids on her legs and belly.

Mr Barber was not charged with any offence relating to the sarcoids, but her condition was so serious, a veterinary specialist advised that she would not recover and she was put to sleep.

Jasmine has recovered and is still with the sanctuary in Devon.

Ms Bryer, head of welfare at the Donkey Sanctuary, said: “Cases like this are incredibly sad as they can be so easily avoided.

“We are grateful for the combined efforts of the RSPCA, Derbyshire Police and all involved in investigating this case. The disqualification order serves to protect the welfare of donkeys in the future, but of course the most important outcome is that Jasmine is now fit and well, with a safe and secure future ahead of her.”

Sentencing:  Barber was fined £383 and ordered to pay £500 costs and a £38 victim surcharge. He was also disqualified from keeping donkeys for life.

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Essex/London: puppy dealers Teresa Wade and Victoria Montgomery

#TheList Teresa Wade, born 04/05/1959 of Ship Lane Travellers Site, Aveley, South Ockendon, Essex RM15 4HQ, and Victoria Montgomery, born 05/12/1961 of Marne Road, Dagenham (previously Melford Avenue, Barking, London IG11) – kept dogs and puppies in dire conditions at a puppy farm in Essex.

Cruel and deceitful puppy farmers Teresa Wade (left) and Victoria Montgomery duped customers into thinking their puppies were home bred. The reality was quite different
Cruel and deceitful puppy farmers Teresa Wade (left) and Victoria Montgomery duped customers into thinking their puppies were home bred. The reality was quite different

Wade and Montgomery, who are Irish travellers and part of a notorious gang of puppy dealers with previous convictions, both pleaded guilty partway through a trial for a string of animal welfare offences. The pair admitted keeping dogs and puppies in dirty, unsuitable conditions following an RSPCA  investigation.

The animal charity launched an initiative called Operation Excel to investigate the breeding and selling of puppies in Essex in 2014 after receiving numerous calls from members of the public who had bought puppies that had become extremely sick or, in some cases, even died.

When the RSPCA and police executed a warrant at the Ship Lane travellers site in Essex – and two other residential addresses, one in Essex and one in London – officers found 76 dogs and puppies, including poodles, cocker spaniels and some of the popular designer crossbreed types such as cavachons, cockerpoos and golden doodles.

Cruel and deceitful puppy farmers Teresa Wade (left) and Victoria Montgomery duped customers into thinking their puppies were home bred. The reality was quite different
RSPCA officers found 76 dogs and puppies, including poodles, cocker spaniels, cavachons and cockerpoos at Ship Lane travellers site. The dogs were advertised as being ‘home-reared’, but were actually kept in small cages in dark sheds at the site.

The dogs were seized and placed into the RSPCA’s care and a number of pregnant bitches went on to have 27 puppies in the charity’s centres. Of the 103 dogs in total, four sadly died, but courts ordered for the remaining 99 dogs to be rehomed ahead of the court hearing.

RSPCA inspector Carroll Lamport, who led the investigation, said: “After a number of calls from people who had bought puppies that had fallen ill we became suspicious of a gang who appeared to be selling a large number of puppies.

“The dogs were being bred on an industrial scale at a site in Aveley and were kept in disgusting conditions in makeshift kennels and pens in outbuildings.

“When it was time to sell the puppies – for hundreds of pounds each – they would be moved to two houses being used as front addresses to sell the puppies from. The staged houses to gave the impression that the dogs were much-loved family pets. The reality was far from that.

“These dogs were kept in dark, damp pens covered in filth. They were in terrible conditions, riddled with worms and fleas, with matted, dirty coats. Many of them were extremely poorly with campylobacter and giardia – both serious and potentially deadly parasitic illnesses.”

RSPCA investigations determined that while many of the dogs were being bred on-site, a number of puppies were also being imported from abroad.

“These dogs were being kept in horrendous conditions, it must have been hell for them,” inspector Lamport added.

“Sadly, we lost a few of the pups but, thanks to the wonderful dedication of our animal centre staff and fosterers, the rest have all flourished and are now happy, healthy dogs in loving homes.

“Many of them still carry the scars – both mental and physical – from this part of their life, though. Some have ongoing health problems caused by the conditions they were kept in while others have developed behavioural issues because they were not properly socialised as pups.”

“It’s clear that this gang didn’t have a care in the world for the welfare of these dogs. All they saw when they looked into their dark, sad eyes was a way to make thousands and thousands of pounds.”

Teresa Wade pleaded guilty to three animal welfare offences and was given a five-month prison term, suspended for 11 months. She was also ordered to pay £500 in costs and a £115 victim surcharge. She was disqualified from keeping dogs for 10 years. 

Victoria Montgomery admitted one animal welfare offence and was given a three-month jail term, suspended for 11 months, and was also ordered to pay £500 in costs and a £115 victim surcharge. No ban on keeping animals was imposed by the court.

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Pinxton, Nottingham: farmer David Arfon Davies

#TheList David Arfon Davies, born c. 1959, of Brookhill Hall Farm, Brookhill Lane, Pinxton, Nottingham NG16 6JU – neglected the welfare of animals on his farm

Rottweiler Modlin and horse Tommy have recovered from their ordeal on David Davies' farm in Pinxton, Nottingham
Rottweiler Modlin and horse Tommy have recovered from their ordeal on David Davies’ farm in Pinxton, Nottingham

Davies had denied causing unnecessary suffering at the farm but failed to turn up for his trial and was found guilty at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court in February 2018.

The enquiry began when Davies took a horse, named Tommy, to be castrated, only for experts to decide he was too weak to withstand a general anaesthetic.

Tommy’s ribs and spine were easily seen, he was infected with lice, and was not used to being handled.

The RSPCA was told and visited the farm. Inspector Teresa Potter said a rottweiler was tied to a gate and “hunched over a bucket, adding that the dog’s “demeanour was very dull, you could see all his bones and he was scruffy.”

She went into a barn with a vet where they found two cows lying amid straw. A Swiss red cow was under a rug and had “a horrendous wound to her hip.”

Inspector Potter added: “There was a horrible smell as you lifted the rug. I would describe it as a rotting flesh sort of smell.”

Vet Christine Jamieson said the cow had ulcers the size of “dinner plates and right down to the bone.”

She said: “I think it had been dragged over a concrete surface.”

They only found a sick Friesian cow because it was covered with builder’s bags which began to move.

“It was trying to raise its head when it heard us talking,” said Miss Jamieson.

She believed both had been unable to stand since the previous December and that would have caused internal damage.

“We went down to the house and he said ‘they’re alive’, and carried on and didn’t seem to understand it was inhumane to keep cows like that,” added Miss Jamieson.

The RSPCA’s prosecutor Mr Wright called for the farmer to be banned from owning and keeping any animals. This request was granted by the courts, with the farmer receiving a life ban.

Tommy and Modlin were taken into the care of the RSPCA and made full recoveries.  Sadly the two ill cows found on the farm were euthanised immediately.

David Davies was also given a 26-week prison term, suspended for two years, and must pay £750 towards the costs of the RSPCA. Banned for life from keeping livestock.

Nottingham Post

Ayr: John Poole

#TheList John Poole, born c. 1976, of 9x Paterson Street, Ayr KA8 9HD – battered his pet dog, threw her against a wall and hurled her onto the road in a busy town centre

Twisted John Poole knocked his Golden Retriever Biscuit unconscious during a battering
Twisted John Poole from Ayr knocked his Golden Retriever Biscuit unconscious during a battering

Alcoholic John Poole punched and kicked defenceless golden retriever Biscuit on the head and body and threw her against a wall.

Poole then hurled the animal into the path of oncoming traffic in the seaside town of Ayr.

He was arrested over the incident in January 2018 and held in police custody before appearing in the dock at Ayr Sheriff Court.

Poole admitted causing the dog unnecessary suffering by punching and kicking her on the head and body, throwing her against a wall and into the road, leaving her injured.

He also admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner, by shouting at police officers and threatening them with violence.

Twisted John Poole knocked his Golden Retriever Biscuit unconscious during a battering

Police were called to the scene of the attack around 7pm on January 27, 2018, and Biscuit was rushed to a local vet for treatment.

But it is understood the dog will suffer no lasting damage.

Defence solicitor Mandy Stewart told the court that Poole is an alcoholic who is trying to overcome his addiction while complying with a court order imposed in another case.

She said he had relapsed around Christmas, culminating in him attacking his pet in the manner he admitted.

Jailed for four months for the offence; ordered to relinquish ownership of Biscuit. Banned from keeping animals for four years (expires February 2022).

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In October 2018 Poole was back in court charged with making hoax calls to the emergency services.  The outcome of his latest court case isn’t yet known. He also has at least one previous conviction for violence. Utter waste of space.

Mackworth, Derby: Kieron Hughes

#TheList Kieron Anton Hughes, aka Kieron McAuliffe, born 20/10/1992, of Aldwych, Derby DE22 4FG – left his pet dog starving and locked in a tiny space

Social media image of dog abuser Kieron Hughes

Kieron Hughes, who is a father, pleaded guilty to a string of allegations under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 relating to causing unnecessary suffering to his crossbred dog Tilly.

Starved and neglected dog Tilly, who went on to recover in the care of the RSPCA

These included failing to explore the cause of her poor body condition between September 11 and October 11, 2017, and, on or before October 11, not taking reasonable steps to ensure Tilly’s needs were met, in that she did not have a suitable environment or was not able to exhibit her normal behaviour patterns.

Social media image of dog abuser Kieron Hughes

RSPCA Inspector Sarah Burrows said: “Poor Tilly was very underweight from a lack of food when we found her.

“She was locked in a corner of the house by a baby gate in a tiny space that meant she could barely move around. Her nails were overgrown and she was in a very poor body condition. It was really sad to see a lovely dog like Tilly being kept in this way.

“Tilly was signed over to the RSPCA and it is now hoped she will find a loving forever home.”

Sentencing: 12 weeks in jail, suspended for 12 months; 120 hours of unpaid work; total of £615 in costs and charges. Disqualified from keeping animals for five years, but can appeal after three years, i.e. February 2021.


Boston, Lincolnshire: Jason Charnley

#TheList Jason ‘Jay’ Charnley, born 11/10/1972, of 61 Frampton Place, Boston PE21 8ET – left his elderly pet cat to suffer with numerous health conditions

Jason 'Jay' Charnley aka Jay Maddy
Jay Charnley failed to take his elderly pet cat to the vet.

Charnley’s  three-legged 13-year-old cat, named Dobby,  was found collapsed and emaciated in a garden on Revesby Avenue on 14 August, 2017.

His stomach was swollen ‘like a water balloon’ and he had broken teeth, infected gums and was infested with fleas.

Post mortem examination found he had cancer and his stomach contained 600ml of fluid.

Jay Charnley lives with partner Kerry Maddy, who didn’t face any charges in relation to Dobby.

Owner Jason Charnley – who lives with partner Kerry Maddy and sometimes uses her surname – was convicted of two counts of causing unnecessary suffering.

RSPCA inspector Becky Harper said: “We went out to collect poor Dobby after he was found in someone’s garden and, as he wasn’t wearing a collar or microchipped, put up a lost and found poster asking anyone who might be missing him to call us.

“He was taken straight to a vets where after examination he was put to sleep, such was the extent of his suffering.

“We thought he must be either unowned or a long-term missing-from-home, given the state of him, so it was a surprise when his owner got in touch later that day and said they had last seen him that morning and he rarely left the garden.

“It would have been obvious to anyone that Dobby was suffering. He was skin and bones and his stomach was swollen like a water balloon.”

Sentencing: 12-week custodial sentence; 12-month supervision order; total of £615 charges and costs.Disqualified from keeping all animals for ten years and deprived of any other animals in his care.

Lincolnshire Reporter