Cosham, Portsmouth: John Ware

#TheList John Ware, born c. 1977, of 1XX Blakemere Crescent, Portsmouth PO6 3SH – caught breeding dogs without a licence

John Ware from Portsmouth admitted illegally breeding dogs
John Ware from Portsmouth admitted illegally breeding dogs

John Ware who has links to the travelling community, pleaded guilty at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court after the case was brought forward by Winchester City Council.

The court heard the council’s environmental protection team investigated after being notified by Havant Borough Council of puppies being bred in the village of Denmead, Hampshire.

Officers obtained a search warrant and when they inspected Ware’s property of Mill Farm, on Widley Walk in Waterlooville, they found a large number of dogs and four litters of puppies in outhouses.

Further evidence revealed at least three other litters had been bred by Ware or born to dogs owned by his relatives and kept at an address in Denmead.

Under current legislation it is an offence for anyone who keeps a breeding establishment for dogs to allow female dogs to give birth to five or more litters within a year.

Jan Warwick, portfolio holder for environmental health and licensing at Winchester City Council, said: ‘We take breeding dogs without a licence seriously and I am pleased to see the council’s legal team achieve another successful prosecution.

‘If we are presented with clear evidence of wrong-doing we as a council will not shy away from taking matters before the courts.’

Ware was disqualified from obtaining a dog breeding licence for 12 months and ordered to pay costs of £4,375. 

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Plains, near Airdrie, North Lanarkshire: Christopher Gorman

#TheList illegal puppy trader Christopher Gorman, born May 1963, of 51 Killearn Crescent, Plains, near Airdrie ML6 7UN – imported puppies from Lithuanian puppy farms before selling them on as ‘home-bred’; kept dogs and puppies in appalling conditions; left puppies to suffer from parvo-virus; caught on camera beating dogs with a stick

Cruel Airdrie puppy farmer, Christopher Gorman, who beat dogs with wooden sticks

In two separate prosecution cases, millionaire landlord Christopher Gorman was convicted of a catalogue of dog cruelty charges. Gorman, who alongside wife Karen Gorman and son Christopher Gorman junior, had faced a drugs investigation (outcome unknown), had been on the Scottish SPCA’s radar for years for his antics.

First conviction

Gorman’s first conviction came on 31 May 2017  following a Scottish SPCA raid on his property in the village of Plains, near Airdrie.

Animal welfare officers found dozens of puppies and dogs with open wounds living in their own faeces and suffering from health problems such as vomiting, diarrhoea and cherry eye.

Cruel Airdrie puppy farmer, Christopher Gorman, who beat dogs with wooden sticks

One dog was so ill vets had to put it down almost immediately.

The court heard that Gorman bought puppies from farms in Lithuania and England before selling them on to unsuspecting buyers.  He was caught after complaints about the conditions of the animals triggered the Scottish SPCA investigation.

Cruel Airdrie puppy farmer, Christopher Gorman, who beat dogs with wooden sticks

Welfare officers made repeated visits to Gorman’s home and removed dogs from the premises but the court heard how he continued to buy and sell of his own accord.

In May 2017 he was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to 45 dogs, trading without a license, exposing the same animals to unsatisfactory conditions and failing to provide necessary nutrition for them.

Cruel Airdrie puppy farmer, Christopher Gorman, who beat dogs with wooden sticks

The businessman, who owns a raft of properties valued at a total of £1.2m, had denied 11 charges of failing to properly care for the animals, mainly French bulldogs, between June 2015 and January 2016.

Despite his denial those dogs will be the last to live under his roof until at least 2027, after Sheriff Derek O’Carroll ruled Gorman is “an unsuitable person to look after any animal whatsoever.”

Defence advocate Lewis Kennedy said in mitigation: “His marriage broke down in 2015 and relations were still strained on his wife’s return in January 2016.

“That distraction led to a loss of focus from Mr Gorman.

“This was not callous behaviour but may be categorised as reckless conduct by someone who ended up well out of his depth.

“He is able to pay a significant monetary penalty and a fine is a realistic sentence given the economic background of his extensive property portfolio.”

Commenting on the investigation, an undercover Scottish SPCA officer said, “Gorman has clearly shown he has no remorse for what he’s done. He did not have a licence to sell dogs but continued to do so over a long period of time.

“The conditions were not appropriate for the number of dogs being kept and bred, and posed serious hygiene concerns, specifically the ability to disinfect and prevent the spread of infection and disease.

“There were faeces all over the yard and inside the house and this would have increased the risk of spread of disease, worms and infection.

“It’s clear from his disregard that his priority was money making, not the welfare of the dogs in his care.”

Sentencing Gorman, Sheriff O’Carroll told him: “You acquired a large number of dogs and puppies and used your home and garden to keep these dogs in an entirely unsuitable and unhygienic environment.

“You persisted in keeping them in such conditions ignoring expert advice from the SSPCA and a vet.

“You are poorly qualified to give treatment to the dogs and as a result many were caused unnecessary suffering.

“Throughout these lengthy proceedings you have denied any wrongdoing and responsibility despite expert evidence to the contrary.

“You blamed everybody but yourself for the conditions of the dogs and the puppies.”

Gorman now faces a proceeds of crime probe by prosecutors who believe he has profited from dealing in animal misery.

He also reportedly faces a six-figure tax demand from HMRC.

For the first conviction Gorman was fined £500 and banned from keeping animals for 10 years for his actions. He also received a six-month tagging order. 

Daily Record 24/07/2017
Court Judgement

Second conviction

In September 2017 Gorman was back in court to face charges of keeping puppies and dogs in appalling conditions and beating them with wooden sticks. The latest charges related to 11 mastiff dogs whom he had kept in filthy conditions in the back garden of his house.

Gorman was found guilty of allowing the death of a puppy in his care and repeatedly striking dogs with a large piece of wood.

The offences happened in June 2016, at Gorman’s home.

Airdrie Sheriff Court heard that on 3 June 2016, a witness heard a large pack of dogs barking aggressively in the rear garden of his home.

The witness filmed Gorman repeatedly striking the dogs on the body with a piece of wood and then contacted the Scottish SPCA, which was granted permission to carry out a search of the premises.

A large number of dogs were found in the garden with no form of segregation. The conditions were described as filthy, with large quantities of faecal matter over a significant area of the rear garden.

During the search, two mastiff puppies were found lying beneath a radiator in a room next to the kitchen.

One of the puppies was dead and the other had to be put down. A post-mortem examination concluded that one of them had died from canine parvovirus.

Sara Shaw, head of the wildlife and environmental crime unit, said: “This was a case of widespread and indiscriminate neglect and the dogs in Gorman’s care were caused terrible and unnecessary suffering with Gorman failing to provide them with a suitable environment or adequate care.

“We expect the highest standards of commercial dog breeders and are committed to working with the Scottish SPCA and the police to ensure that those who do not meet these standards are held to account.”

An undercover Scottish SPCA Inspector said Gorman had a “long history” of maltreating dogs in his care.

“This case has highlighted his ongoing cruelty and we’re delighted that he has been dealt with by the courts”, he said.

“The mastiff-type puppies were suffering from parvo virus which is an excruciatingly debilitating illness which can, in some cases, result in death.

“To not seek veterinary treatment for these pups despite their obvious distress shows Gorman’s priorities lay entirely in the profit that could be gained from selling on puppies to naive new owners, rather than in the welfare of the dogs.”

Sentencing (October 2017): fined £2600. Banned from keeping animals for life.

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Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, Wirral: Michelle Woods

#TheList Michelle Woods, born 08/12/1986, of Woodward Road, Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, Wirral, Merseyside CH42 – left her pet dog to suffer with an untreated tumour the size of a child’s football

Convicted dog abuser Michelle Woods and her helpless victim Sasha
Convicted dog abuser Michelle Woods and her helpless victim Sasha

Woods pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Staffordshire bull terrier Sasha and failing to meet the dog’s needs.

The RSPCA was contacted by a member of the public concerned that Sasha had not received treatment for tumours on her body.

An inspector visited Woods’ home in Woodward Road and, looking through the window, saw Sasha lying on the sofa.

But the full extent of her suffering was initially hidden.

Sadly, she was later put to sleep to end her suffering.

Michelle Woods of Birkenhead failed to get treatment for dog's football-sized tumour

RSPCA inspector Naomi Norris said: “Sasha’s tumours were so large that it is no surprise that she couldn’t move off the sofa.

“The largest tumour on the underside of her body was the size of a child’s football, and she had another two by her genitals which were the size of golf balls – both of which had become ulcerated.

“She was clearly in a lot of pain and very uncomfortable.

“We took her to a vet and they believed she had been suffering with these tumours for months.

“This was clearly a case of prolonged neglect.

“Sadly, as she was so poorly, the vet made the decision that the kindest thing to do was to put her to sleep to end her suffering.”

Michelle Woods of Birkenhead failed to get treatment for dog's football-sized tumour

In court, it was said that Woods did not get Sasha the treatment she needed because of financial reasons.

Insp Norris added: “Pet-owners have a legal responsibility to seek veterinary treatment for their animals when they require it.

“There are many organisations out there who can help if there are financial issues.

“It simply isn’t acceptable to leave an animal to suffer.”

18-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months; 120 hours of unpaid work; costs and charges of £1135.  Five-year ban on keeping animals.

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Houghton-Le-Spring, Tyne and Wear: Kenneth Kieron Wade

#Thelist Kenneth Kieron Wade, born 22.08.1995, of 10 Coalbank Road, Hetton-le-Hole, Houghton-le-Spring DH5 0EG – for cruelty involving four so-called ‘working’ dogs

Kieron Wade treated his dogs appallingly
Kieron Wade treated his four dogs appallingly.

Kenneth Kieron Wade, who goes by the name Kieron Wade, admitted causing suffering and failing to meet the needs of two terrier-type dogs and two lurcher-type dogs.

Conditions at Kieron Wade's home

The dogs were discovered when a warrant was executed at Wade’s home on Coalbank Road in April 2017.

Terrier Musto had suffered severe injuries to his face and jaw consistent with being used for hunting.
Terrier Musto had suffered severe injuries to his face and jaw consistent with being used for hunting.

One of the dogs – terrier ‘Musto’ – had severe injuries to his face and jaw consistent with having been used for hunting and the dogs were all living in ‘disgusting’ conditions.

The conditions in which Kieron Wade kept his dogs were foul and unhygienic.
The conditions in which Kieron Wade kept his dogs were foul and unhygienic.

RSPCA chief inspector Mark Gent said: “These dogs were living in absolute filth. Three of them were confined to a pen which was covered in diarrhoea, some of which had gone mouldy, and was swimming in urine. It smelled horrendous.

“One of these was Musto whose injuries were terrible. Most of his lower jaw was missing and he was struggling to eat as a result. He has had to have an operation but happily has since put on weight and is showing no signs of pain.

“The fourth dog had a kennel in the yard where there was evidence he was tethered some of the time. Again, there was faeces everywhere and the dog had recently been sick. It was disgusting.”

The two terrier type dogs were signed over to the RSPCA and have been happily rehomed. The two lurcher type dogs will now pass into RSPCA care and efforts will be made to find new homes.

Sentencing: 12 weeks in jail, suspended for 12 months. 15 days of rehabilitation activity. 150 hours of unpaid work; total costs and charges of £415. Disqualified from keeping animals for 10 years.

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Great Yarmouth, Norfolk: Robert J Loombe

#TheList Robert J Loombe, aged 46 at date of offence, of 66A New College Close, Great Yarmouth NR31 7DF – captured on camera dragging a 5wo puppy along the pavement when she was too tired to walk

Dog abuser Robert Loombe of Great Yarmouth

Backyard breeder Loombe was caught on camera pulling the tiny dog named Fatsy on her lead as her stomach rubbed along the ground.

Eye-witness Jade Barker was so upset that she filmed Loombe as he walked past with his two other dogs in Gorleston near Great Yarmouth. She claimed that he reacted angrily and swore at passers-by who urged him to stop dragging along his pet.

Miss Barker later handed the distressing footage to police who tracked down heavily tattooed Loombe at his nearby home and charged him with cruelty.

Speaking to the Metro, Miss Barker said: ‘I saw him dragging this poor little puppy behind him. I said that he needed to pick the puppy up and he told me to fuck off.

‘So I just carried on walking and then saw him still dragging it across the road so its face collided with the high kerb.

‘I just thought it was disgusting so I stood at the side of the Co-op and filmed him for 11 seconds. I was so upset that I was crying my eyes out.

‘He must have been dragging it on the lead for more than 60 yards. It was the cruellest thing I had ever seen.

‘The puppy was shaking and grunting and obviously very distressed. You could see that it didn’t like it and was getting hurt.

‘Five other people came up to him, saying he needed to pick the dog up and he responded with a load of abuse.

‘He must have known he was doing something wrong, but he was shouting at people.

‘He even said that he that he had been pulling it along since he left his house. He said, “You have got to teach it. You have to be cruel to be kind”.

‘The puppy was so young that it should not even have been out of the house, let alone dragged along the ground.’

Miss Barker said she was outraged that Loombe had not been banned by magistrates from keeping any dogs. She said: ‘He had two other dogs with him and it turned out that the puppy came from a litter of seven which he had at his house.

‘His sentencing is a joke. He should have been banned from having any animal. How can any dog be safe with him?

‘I am disgusted with his penalty. The justice system has let him off really lightly. I was told that the police took all his other dogs away – but now it looks like he might get them back.’

Loombe responded to the case on Facebook in this post:

Image may contain: text

£300 fine; deprivation order in relation to the puppy.


Swainswick, Bath: Fraser Paul Grant

#TheList Fraser Paul Grant, born 03/06/1989, of Pitlands Farm, Gloucester Road, Swainswick, Bath BA1 8BH – killed a Jack Russell terrier dog by kicking him repeatedly while wearing steel toe-capped boots

Company director Fraser Paul Grant and Patch who lost his life after Grant launched a violent attack in retaliation against his girlfriend

Grant, a company director who runs a vehicle towing business named Bath Recovery Limited, kicked his girlfriend’s pet dog to death while wearing steel toe-capped boots after the couple rowed.

CCTV captured the moment the thug kicked the Jack Russell, who was named Patch, several feet into the air and ruptured the animal’s liver. The little dog died from his injuries a short time later.

Grant had initially pleaded not guilty, claiming he acted in self-defence against a dog, who was described in court as happy, friendly but scared of Grant.

He said Patch was spinning around and attacked his ankles and legs, causing him to fend him off with his boots. He said he picked the dog up but was bitten in the face. However, CCTV footage clearly shows the dog on the ground in front of Grant when he begins his vicious assault.

Even Grant’s own lawyer conceded that “nothing that the dog did when on the ground justifies what was done to him”.

Patch died from a ruptured liver after being attacked by violent thug Fraser Grant in retaliation against the dog's owner
Patch was described in court as a happy and friendly dog, but he was scared of Grant.

A post-mortem on Patch concluded that the dog’s liver was ruptured and that “in all probability Patch died as a result of blood loss from the liver”. He had suffered blunt trauma to his body caused by the force of the kicks and impact of landing.

“Patch would have suffered pain, injury and distress as a result of the injury he received.”

In a personal impact statement Patch’s heartbroken owner Beth Davies told the court how the death of her beloved dog, whom she had had since he was a puppy, and the trial had taken a huge toll on her physical and mental health.

She said she had been on a long course of prescribed medication for depression and anxiety, as well as other health issues that the stress of the ongoing trial “exacerbated”.

Beth also revealed that she has moved away from her family and friends because being in such close proximity to Grant and his family was a “continual source of distress”.

She may look like a Barbie doll (with as many brain cells) but beautician Tina Mccolgan (owner of Mulberry House – Hair & Beauty in Corsham) is as nasty a piece of work as the man she’s defending

She had, she said, been subjected to verbal abuse and taunts on social media from Grant’s family and friends. In her words: “The response from some quarters was that Patch was ‘just a dog’; such a callous and brutal act by Fraser was treated by some of them as nothing more than a joke.

“Although I tried to ignore the comments that were at best insensitive and at worst provocative and cruel, they seriously aggravated the pain I was in.”

The statement from Miss Davies also said the defence mounted by Grant “unnecessarily prolonged the trial” and “cruelly misrepresented” Patch as an aggressive dog.

She called Grant’s late guilty plea “a huge waste of everyone’s time” and said it also resulted in a four-month delay in being able to get Patch’s ashes back.

Miss Davies concluded her statement by saying how grateful she was to the RSPCA.

Sentencing: 18-month suspended jail sentence; 100 hours of unpaid work; costs of £2,700 and £300 in compensation to Miss Davies. No ban was imposed and Grant was allowed to keep his own dog, Storm.

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Accrington, Lancashire: Jamie Birtwistle

#TheList Jamie Birtwistle, born 31/05/1986, of Nuttall Street, Accrington BB5 2HL – left a dog and cat to starve to death and hid their bodies in a cupboard in his home.

Jamie Birtwistle from Accrington allowed his dog and cat to starve to deathBirtwistle pleaded guilty to failing to ensure the welfare of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Bella (pictured) and a cat called Storm by providing them with adequate food.

When new tenants arrived at the property as Birtwistle was moving out, he told them not to go in the cupboard. The tenants ignored the warning and contacted the RSPCA and police after finding the dead animals

Birtwistle admitted to not feeding the animals enough and only doing it ‘every other day’. Although he was aware they were losing weight he did nothing to address this.

The new tenants found 30 portions of cat food and a tin of dog food in the property.

Laura Haywood, defending, said it was a ‘very sad set of circumstances’.

She told the court: “The defendant never set out to intentionally cause harm to these animals.

“The issue seems to be when his girlfriend moved out of the premises.

“He does have mental health issues and has been to his doctor who has referred him to The Mount in Accrington.

“He is also on medication. He describes himself as hearing voices.

“He does understand the reason why they died and that’s due to him failing to feed them. He understands that he should have sought help.”

Miss Haywood said Birtwistle ‘had monetary issues at the time’ and is in receipt of benefits.

Career criminal Birtwistle has multiple previous convictions including for violence against women.

Jailed for 12 weeks. Banned from keeping any animal for five years (expires October 2022).

Lancashire Telegraph

Previous conviction:
Accrington Observer


Tyninghame, East Lothian: James Warner

#TheList James Warner, born c. 1954 , of 5 Kirklandhill, Tyninghame, Dunbar EH42 1HX – tied his poorly dog in a pillowcase and left her behind a cement works

Cruel James Warner tied Lily in a pillow case and dumped her at a cement works. She was discovered barely alive and had to be put to sleep.
Cruel James Warner tied Lily in a pillow case and dumped her at a cement works. She was discovered barely alive and had to be put to sleep.

James Warner admitted abandoning terrier-type dog Lily, who sadly had to be put to sleep. He was prosecuted following a Scottish SPCA investigation.

After accepting a plea bargain Warner was given a £600 fine, but not banned from keeping animals.

Cruel James Warner tied Lily in a pillow case and dumped her at a cement works. She was discovered barely alive and had to be put to sleep.

Commenting on the investigation and court case, Scottish SPCA inspector Stephanie McCrossan said: “Whilst we respect that Warner has been dealt with by the courts, the outcome is particularly disappointing.

“Warner admitted at interview that he believed the dog, Lily, was dead, but was not entirely sure when he deliberately dumped her inside a pillowcase not far from his place of work.

“As can clearly be seen from the photographs Lily was in desperate need of treatment and was suffering from a number of chronic skin conditions which I believe would have been causing her considerable pain and discomfort.

“When I realised that Lily would have been trapped, alive inside that pillowcase for a number of days I felt sick.

“I lost sleep over this case and to find that he accepted a plea bargain and only received a £600 fine without a ban has been a heavy blow.

“This case really highlights our push for tougher and more consistent sentencing.

“There is no excuse for animal cruelty and more animals like Lily are suffering needlessly.”

Sentencing: £600 fine. No ban on keeping animals was imposed by the court.

East Lothian Courier
Scottish SPCA News

Minster, Thanet, Kent: Lewis Fox

#TheList Lewis Robert Fox, born 29/03/1995, of Southsea Avenue, Minster, Kent ME12 2LU – tortured and killed four hamsters and two rats

Lewis Fox of Minster, Kent, UK, tortured and killed hamsters to torment his girlfriend

Father-of-one Lewis Fox killed four hamsters, including three called Beano, Bud and Gizmo, and two rats. He repeatedly threw one defenceless hamster against a wall until she died, strangled another with a phone cable lead and squeezed the life out of a third.

A court heard Fox boasted of setting fire to a fourth hamster after she bit him. The next time his teenage girlfriend, Jessica Bradbrook, saw the animal, her fur was scorched and her toes had been burnt off with a lighter.

Miss Bradbrook had bought the first hamster after she and Fox discussed having a baby together. She wanted to see if he was capable of caring for an animal before trusting him with a child.

But within a week he had killed the rodent because he believed the animal ‘preferred’ her to him.

Lewis Fox of Minster, Kent, UK, tortured and killed hamsters to torment his girlfriend

In March 2016 the scaffolder killed another hamster and sent text messages containing images of her dead body to Miss Bradbrook.

Fox later told police he had no feelings ‘for anything or anyone’, and did not even love his mother.

Fox admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal between January 1, 2015, and November 7, 2016.

He also pleaded guilty to engaging in controlling and coercive behaviour in an intimate relationship between December 30, 2015, and November 25, 2016.

This involved him burning her with a cigarette, holding a knife to her throat, pinning her down on the bed and putting his hands around her neck.

Lewis Fox of Minster, Kent, UK, tortured and killed hamsters to torment his girlfriend
Fox has a distinctive tattoo of a fox on his chest.

Fox also accused her of cheating while he dated other women, verbally abused her, monitored her social media accounts, told her how to dress and flirted with her friends.

“He spat in her face on many occasions but perhaps most disgustingly of all, she describes how he would pick his nose and then the bloody contents on his finger would be wiped into her hair,” said Mr Wright.

A previous court hearing was told Fox’s mother reported his behaviour to police after the couple broke up in November 2016.

A psychiatric report presented to the court diagnosed Fox with a personality disorder with left him with “callous unconcern” for others and a disregard for social norms and rules.

Jailing Fox, who also suffers from ADHD and has a history of substance abuse, Judge Julian Smith said prison was inevitable for such ‘persistent aggression and cruel behaviour’.

He added the sentence was ‘relatively moderate’ considering the impact of his offending but reflected Fox’s mental health problems.

“It was a relationship in which you quickly became controlling and undermining. You used violence and force upon her, blaming her for the injuries you caused,” he told Fox.

“You were cruel and contemptuous of her in your conduct towards her. It was distressing, it was debilitating in its effect upon her.”

Lewis Fox of Minster, Kent, UK, tortured and killed hamsters to torment his girlfriend

Referring to the pet rodents, Judge Smith continued: “You killed them all, in various ways, each characterised by cruelty.

“It was distressing to Miss Bradbrook. You were cruel to those creatures, you were cruel to your partner.

“It is apparent you struggle to see what you have done wrong, why it is an issue. It’s just what you do.

“It’s not an excuse, it’s a worry. Your persistent aggression and cruel behaviour causes this court and the doctor that interviewed you real concern for the future.”

Fox, who has a fox tattoo on his chest, told his mother and girlfriend from the court dock that he loved them.

The couple met in December 2014 and throughout their relationship Miss Bradbrook suffered bruising from Fox pinning her down, kicking or punching her.

“If he did anything to her he would tell her it was her fault and it was she who would have to apologise. He would then tell her to forget it had ever happened,” said Mr Wright.

The court heard that on her 18th birthday in July 2015, Fox verbally abused Miss Bradbrook, threw her cake on the floor and then kicked her out of his house.

He also ‘borrowed’ £1,580 from a gift of £4,000 given to her by her father which he had saved since she was born. The money was never repaid.

In one violent incident Fox put his hand around her throat while gripping a hamster in his other hand and threatening to kill it.

Describing an occasion when she woke at 4am to find Fox with his hands around her throat, the prosecutor told the court: “She couldn’t breathe and thought she might die. He told her it would be so easy to snap her neck.”

When arrested and interviewed, he claimed he threw one hamster against a wall to kill it because it had suffered a broken leg after dropping it.

“He said the text messages (of another dead hamster) were attention-seeking, to make her feel bad that he couldn’t control her,” added Mr Wright.

“He described it as a ‘f*-up relationship. He continually stated they were just as bad as each other.

“He said he doesn’t have any feelings for anything or anyone. He said he once loved Jessica but now felt nothing, not even love for his own mother.”

Craig Evans, defending, said Fox, who has one previous conviction for a drug offence, had to give up his job because of suicidal and self-harming tendencies.

He added his family had done all they could to support Fox but he had failed to take advantage of the assistance offered by them and various organisations.

Sentencing: 14 months in jail. Banned indefinitely from keeping an animal.