Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, Wirral: Michelle Woods

#TheList Michelle Woods, born 08/12/1986, of Woodward Road, Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, Wirral, Merseyside CH42 – left her pet dog to suffer with an untreated tumour the size of a child’s football

Convicted dog abuser Michelle Woods and her helpless victim Sasha
Convicted dog abuser Michelle Woods and her helpless victim Sasha

Woods pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Staffordshire bull terrier Sasha and failing to meet the dog’s needs.

The RSPCA was contacted by a member of the public concerned that Sasha had not received treatment for tumours on her body.

An inspector visited Woods’ home in Woodward Road and, looking through the window, saw Sasha lying on the sofa.

But the full extent of her suffering was initially hidden.

Sadly, she was later put to sleep to end her suffering.

Michelle Woods of Birkenhead failed to get treatment for dog's football-sized tumour

RSPCA inspector Naomi Norris said: “Sasha’s tumours were so large that it is no surprise that she couldn’t move off the sofa.

“The largest tumour on the underside of her body was the size of a child’s football, and she had another two by her genitals which were the size of golf balls – both of which had become ulcerated.

“She was clearly in a lot of pain and very uncomfortable.

“We took her to a vet and they believed she had been suffering with these tumours for months.

“This was clearly a case of prolonged neglect.

“Sadly, as she was so poorly, the vet made the decision that the kindest thing to do was to put her to sleep to end her suffering.”

Michelle Woods of Birkenhead failed to get treatment for dog's football-sized tumour

In court, it was said that Woods did not get Sasha the treatment she needed because of financial reasons.

Insp Norris added: “Pet-owners have a legal responsibility to seek veterinary treatment for their animals when they require it.

“There are many organisations out there who can help if there are financial issues.

“It simply isn’t acceptable to leave an animal to suffer.”

18-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months; 120 hours of unpaid work; costs and charges of £1135.  Five-year ban on keeping animals.

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Great Yarmouth, Norfolk: Robert J Loombe

#TheList Robert J Loombe, aged 46 at date of offence, of 66A New College Close, Great Yarmouth NR31 7DF – captured on camera dragging a 5wo puppy along the pavement when she was too tired to walk

Dog abuser Robert Loombe of Great Yarmouth

Backyard breeder Loombe was caught on camera pulling the tiny dog named Fatsy on her lead as her stomach rubbed along the ground.

Eye-witness Jade Barker was so upset that she filmed Loombe as he walked past with his two other dogs in Gorleston near Great Yarmouth. She claimed that he reacted angrily and swore at passers-by who urged him to stop dragging along his pet.

Miss Barker later handed the distressing footage to police who tracked down heavily tattooed Loombe at his nearby home and charged him with cruelty.

Speaking to the Metro, Miss Barker said: ‘I saw him dragging this poor little puppy behind him. I said that he needed to pick the puppy up and he told me to fuck off.

‘So I just carried on walking and then saw him still dragging it across the road so its face collided with the high kerb.

‘I just thought it was disgusting so I stood at the side of the Co-op and filmed him for 11 seconds. I was so upset that I was crying my eyes out.

‘He must have been dragging it on the lead for more than 60 yards. It was the cruellest thing I had ever seen.

‘The puppy was shaking and grunting and obviously very distressed. You could see that it didn’t like it and was getting hurt.

‘Five other people came up to him, saying he needed to pick the dog up and he responded with a load of abuse.

‘He must have known he was doing something wrong, but he was shouting at people.

‘He even said that he that he had been pulling it along since he left his house. He said, “You have got to teach it. You have to be cruel to be kind”.

‘The puppy was so young that it should not even have been out of the house, let alone dragged along the ground.’

Miss Barker said she was outraged that Loombe had not been banned by magistrates from keeping any dogs. She said: ‘He had two other dogs with him and it turned out that the puppy came from a litter of seven which he had at his house.

‘His sentencing is a joke. He should have been banned from having any animal. How can any dog be safe with him?

‘I am disgusted with his penalty. The justice system has let him off really lightly. I was told that the police took all his other dogs away – but now it looks like he might get them back.’

Loombe responded to the case on Facebook in this post:

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£300 fine; deprivation order in relation to the puppy.


Accrington, Lancashire: Jamie Birtwistle

#TheList Jamie Birtwistle, born 31/05/1986, of Nuttall Street, Accrington BB5 2HL – left a dog and cat to starve to death and hid their bodies in a cupboard in his home.

Jamie Birtwistle from Accrington allowed his dog and cat to starve to deathBirtwistle pleaded guilty to failing to ensure the welfare of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Bella (pictured) and a cat called Storm by providing them with adequate food.

When new tenants arrived at the property as Birtwistle was moving out, he told them not to go in the cupboard. The tenants ignored the warning and contacted the RSPCA and police after finding the dead animals

Birtwistle admitted to not feeding the animals enough and only doing it ‘every other day’. Although he was aware they were losing weight he did nothing to address this.

The new tenants found 30 portions of cat food and a tin of dog food in the property.

Laura Haywood, defending, said it was a ‘very sad set of circumstances’.

She told the court: “The defendant never set out to intentionally cause harm to these animals.

“The issue seems to be when his girlfriend moved out of the premises.

“He does have mental health issues and has been to his doctor who has referred him to The Mount in Accrington.

“He is also on medication. He describes himself as hearing voices.

“He does understand the reason why they died and that’s due to him failing to feed them. He understands that he should have sought help.”

Miss Haywood said Birtwistle ‘had monetary issues at the time’ and is in receipt of benefits.

Career criminal Birtwistle has multiple previous convictions including for violence against women.

Jailed for 12 weeks. Banned from keeping any animal for five years (expires October 2022).

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Previous conviction:
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