Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne: Jill McMahon

#TheList Jill McMahon, born c. 1968, of Denmark Street, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 – beat, kicked and punched her elderly Jack Russell terrier, Maggie, in the middle of the street

Convicted dog abuser Jill McMahon from Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne

In an appalling episode of cruelty Jill McMahon dangled the helpless 12yo dog in the air by her lead, which was around her neck, and attacked her in front of horrified onlookers.

McMahon was seen to repeatedly hit and punch the elderly dog in the face and neck with such force she “nearly fell over” before kicking it in the stomach.

But, the violence didn’t end there and when the terrified animal finally managed to slip her lead as she dangled in the air by her neck, McMahon pinned her to the ground and continued the attack.

The drunk brute was eventually stopped when a shocked witness called the police and she was arrested.

Magistrates described McMahon’s actions as “intolerable” after she pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Anna Barker, prosecuting, said: “The witness saw the defendant sitting on the curb with a dog on a lead.

“The witness described the defendant suddenly hitting the dog with an open hand a couple of times. She then punched the dog with full force to the lower neck.

“The defendant then got up to walk away but she then kicked the dog in the stomach. She then lifted it up off the ground by its lead and she hit it three or four times with such force, she nearly fell over.

“There are further kicks then the dog managed to slip its collar but the defendant pinned it to the floor and hit it to the face two or three times.”

A shocked onlooker was driving passed when he saw the attack but couldn’t intervene as he had a child in the car, so instead he phoned the police.

The court heard officers arrived and arrested McMahon and Maggie was taken to a vets, where she was found to have swelling and was given intravenous painkillers.

Sadly, the dog later died but due to an infection and not the injuries caused in the attack.

In interview, McMahon told officers she was so drunk she had no memory of the incident.

Neil Connell, mitigating, said McMahon had suffered abuse throughout her childhood and as an adult and also had a drug and alcohol problem.

He said: “She has no recollection of the offence and I know because I have represented her throughout these proceedings and she has found it difficult to come to terms with the suggestion she was capable of treating Maggie in the way that has been described.

“She loved the dog dearly and I know from being at court on the last occasion when she learned of the passing of Maggie and the effect that had one her. She was so distressed the case had to be adjourned.”

Jailed for 16 weeks; £500 costs. Banned from keeping animals for five years (expires June 2022).


Paisley, Renfrewshire: Alexander David Arrol

#TheList: Alexander David Arrol (DoB 23/06/1988) of Waverley Road, Paisley, Renfrewshire – threw a Jack Russell terrier named Max from the window of a second-floor flat, causing him to have a leg amputated

Twisted Alexander Arrol and his victim Max as a puppy
Twisted thug Alexander Arrol and his victim Max as a puppy

The court heard that Arrol had been asked to leave a party a short time before launching his callous attack on the helpless dog. Max was taken for treatment to a local vet where he was found to have head trauma and wasn’t able to support weight on his right hind leg. The leg later had to be amputated.

Arrol pleaded guilty to causing the dog unnecessary suffering, in breach of the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006, by throwing him through the window to his severe injury on February 27, 2017.

He also admitted a charge of culpably and recklessly breaking the window and throwing a television set and other unspecified items onto the street below.

Arrol’s lawyer told the court that his client – a career criminal with 55 previous convictions  – suffered from anxiety and depression.

Sentence: Arrol was jailed for 10 months for the offences, reduced from a year as he admitted his guilt.

The Gazette 28/05/2017

Motherwell, North Lanarkshire: Keith Ross

#TheList Keith Ross, Highfield Crescent, Motherwell –  kept reptiles, including king cobra, rattlesnake and vipers, in his one-bedroom flat in appalling conditions.

Animal abuser and sexual deviant Keith Ross from Motherwell
Animal abuser and sexual deviant Keith Ross from Motherwell

Ross admitted animal neglect after keeping the creatures in his small apartment for six years.

Ross previously ran ‘Keith’s Reptile Parties’ where he charged £80 per hour for attending children’s events with a number of his animals, including the lizards and snakes.

Ross also had turtles, a polecat and a hawk at his flat.

Shotton, Deeside: Debra Teresa Peet

#TheList Debra Teresa Peet, born 24/10/1962, of PoplarAvenue, Shotton, Deeside CH5 – abandoned a terrier dog and left him to starve to death.

Terrier Benji was left to starve to death in an abandoned property by cruel Debra Peet of Shotton, Flintshire
Terrier Benji was left to starve to death in an abandoned property by cruel Debra Peet of Shotton, Flintshire

Peet admitted causing the dog – named Benji – to suffer unnecessarily, with an RSPCA inspector expressing sadness at her “shocking disregard for a fellow living creature”.

Shocking images show the collapsed terrier dog, with bones visible across his skin. He had starved to death, falling amid a pile of rubbish inside the Deeside property. Dog excrement was all over the floor of the house.

The body of the dog was found at the property by police after the defendant had moved out, with the RSPCA contacted to investigate in November. Benji had not been tended to for a number of weeks.

In all, the defendant pleaded guilty to three Animal Welfare Act offences, including a failure to meet Benji’s needs, and causing him to suffer unnecessarily.

Terrier Benji was left to starve to death in an abandoned property by cruel Debra Peet of Shotton, Flintshire
Benji died a slow and painful death after being abandoned by his callous owner Debra Peet

RSPCA inspector Tim Jones said:

“Benji’s death is so tragic, and was caused because his owner showed such shocking disregard for a fellow living creature. The suffering must have been severe.

”Veterinary inspection found this poor dog was malnourished, emaciated and was weighing only 3.3kg.

“Owning a dog like Benji is a privilege, and it is heartbreaking to think what he went through after being left to die.”

Sentencing: three-month tagged curfew; eight month community order with rehabilitation; total of £285 costs and charges. Banned from keeping animals for just 10 years (expires June 2027).

North Wales Live

Dewsbury, West Yorkshire: Michael Smith and Gwen Kerr

#TheList Michael Smith, born c. 1953, of Princess Road, Chickenley, Dewsbury WF12 8RA, and Gwen Kerr, born c. 1962, of Queen Street, Chickenley – convicted of charges relating to sexual intercourse with a bull mastiff dog named Tank

Pervert Michael Smith was found guilty of encouraging girlfriend Gwen Kerr to have sex with bull mastiff
Pervert Michael Smith was found guilty of encouraging girlfriend Gwen Kerr to have sex with bull mastiff

In two separate four-minute videos Michael Smith filmed Gwen Kerr having sex with his dog – but the deviant pair walked free from court as the judge warned them ‘don’t do it again’.

Leeds Crown Court heard Smith “used and abused” Kerr before taking the video to social services in May 2016, claiming he was concerned for her welfare.

The jury heard Smith told the social worker he was worried about Kerr saying a drug dealer had been giving her amphetamines and she had been put to work as sex worker. She told him she would have to report the footage to the police. Smith denied he made two films and said he did not know how more footage got on the camcorder.

Smith denied aiding and abetting, counselling or procuring intercourse with an animal and a second charge of possessing extreme pornographic images, but was found guilty by jury after trial.

Pervert Michael Smith was found guilty of encouraging girlfriend Gwen Kerr to have sex with bull mastiff

Kerr pleaded guilty to having sex with an animal.

Mark McKone, prosecuting, said: “This defendant (Kerr) effectively had sexual intercourse with a dog. Mr Smith took a video film of that dog.”

He added: “In respect of extreme pornographic images this offence carries a maximum of two years in prison.”

Mr McKone said that Smith had 10 previous convictions for 40 offences, although none of a similar nature.

Sentencing the pair, James Spencer QC said: “I’m quite satisfied that you, Michael Smith, used and abused your girlfriend Gwen Kerr to be involved in the activity.

“I am sentencing you to a 12 months’ custodial sentence, suspended for 12 months.

“Gwen Kerr, I am conditionally discharging you for 12 months. Don’t do it again.”

Smith was also told to pay a £115 surcharge and Kerr a £20 surcharge.

The Sun

Accrington, Lancashire: Catherine Allsager and Malcolm Ogden

#TheList Catherine Allsager (DoB 14/08/1979) of Richmond Street, Accrington, and Malcolm Ogden, aged 58 at date of conviction, of Frederick Street, Accrington – left cats and dogs in ‘horrendous’ conditions at their homes surrounded by faeces, urine and rubbish.

Catherine Allsager and Malcolm Ogden, convicted animal abusers from Accrington

RSPCA and police raided the properties of Catherine Allsager and Malcolm Ogden in Accrington after a ‘disturbing’ picture was sent to the authorities of a dead dog at Ogden’s home.

Officers executed a warrant at his house on Frederick Street and found it was ‘disgusting’ with ‘horrendous smells, rubbish, faeces and urine’, Blackburn Magistrates Court heard.

Chris Wyatt, prosecuting, said there was a ‘trail of faeces from the front door to Ogden’s car’ and that four dogs were found inside in an ‘awful state’.

The court heard that cat litter trays were filled with faeces which had ‘turned white’ and that dog faeces ‘inches high’ were strewn on the floor.

The dogs also had no access to water and the bathroom was ‘covered in faeces and smelled horrendous’.

Mr Wyatt said the RSPCA were later alerted by concerned Manchester Dog’s Home staff after five dead cats had been taken for cremation by Allsager.

The court heard that the cats smelt of urine and had lesions on their paws, legs and belly.

Another of Allsager’s cats had also been taken to a veterinary practice for treatment after it was ‘screaming in pain because there was something wrong with its joints’.

The RSPCA executed a warrant at Allsager’s then home on Elizabeth Street on October 19, 2016 and found urine and faeces on the floor and a ‘strong smell of ammonia’.

Mr Wyatt said 10 cats and six dogs found inside with two of the dogs left in crates and another four dogs loose in the kitchen.

One of the dogs was drinking urine off the floor and numerous fly-strips were found with dead flies, the court heard.

The court was told that one of the cats had puncture wounds and another had swelling to the right side of the jaw.

When Ogden was arrested and interviewed he admitted the dead dog on the picture was his and said that two of the four dogs living with him were Allsager’s.

He said he also had to live in those conditions and was ‘trying to clean the house’.

Allsager told officers that she had sent the picture of the dead dog and had taken one of her cats to the vets after it developed a high temperature.

Ogden pleaded guilty to two counts of failing to ensure the needs of an animal.

Allsager pleaded guilty to five counts of failing to ensure the needs of an animal and two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to animals.

Allsager – six-week suspended prison sentence; 35 days of rehabilitation activities; banned from keeping animals for life.

Ogden – 10-month community order with 20 days’ rehabilitation activity requirement; fine of £100 plus costs/charges of £385; banned from keeping dogs or cats for five years (expires June 2022).

Daily Mail
Lancashire Telegraph

Langport, Somerset: Neil Duncan Harper

#TheList Neil Duncan Harper, born September 1978, currently of Montacute and previously of Parksey Park, Pitney, Langport, Somerset – left two horses and a foal to become so emaciated the mare could no longer produce milk

Neil Duncan Harper was banned from owning horses for life following conviction of three counts of cruelty
Neil Duncan Harper was banned from owning horses for life following conviction of three counts of cruelty

Harper, who is originally from Uckfield, East Sussex, was found guilty of three counts of causing unnecessary suffering to three horses.

He was found to have failed to investigate and address the cause of grey gelding Aramis’ weight loss, failed to ensure six-week-old colt Tristan had received adequate nutrition and failed to investigate or address the poor condition of his dam Meggy.

The RSPCA was called by members of the public concerned for the horses’ welfare.

Inspector Marie Griffiths said: “It was heartbreaking to see horses so extremely thin and undernourished and particularly upsetting to find that Meggy had suffered such weight loss that she was physically unable to produce milk to nourish her young foal.

“To let these horses get into such a shocking state is inexcusable. Aramis had been left to suffer so badly, he sadly passed away, but thankfully both Meggy and her foal Tristan have made a brilliant recovery and I hope that they will now go on to live out their days in wonderful, loving homes.”

Harper had pleaded not guilty at an earlier hearing, saying he felt he had done all he could to care for his animals.

Meggy and Tristan, who were seized by police and given into the RSPCA’s care at the time they were found, have been signed over to the charity and will be rehomed.

Fined £400 and ordered to pay £1,000 court costs. Banned from owning horses for life.

Horse and Hound

Torry, Aberdeen: William Duguid

#TheList William Duguid (DoB 15/11/1990) of 4 Tullos Circle, Aberdeen AB11 8HD – caught hitting his pet dog with a chain and kicking her to her body

William Duguid
One of life’s eternal losers: druggie animal-abusing William Duguid of Tullos Circle, Aberdeen whose pet dog lost her life for being the ‘wrong’ breed

Duguid was told to stop by a concerned neighbour when he was lashing out at the pitbull terrier in a pub car park in Aberdeen in May 2016.

The dog, which is an illegal breed to keep in the UK, had earlier bitten a member of the public, and a drugged-up Duguid was hitting the pet as a reaction to the earlier incident.

Dugid, who has been in trouble with the law repeatedly, appeared at Aberdeen Sheriff Court in June 2017 where he admitted possessing a “dangerous dog” and causing her to suffer unnecessary harm.

Fiscal depute Colin Neilson said: “A woman looked out of her window and saw the accused with a dog.

“He seemed to be hitting the dog with a chain. She told him to stop. He was disagreeable to this. He was also seen repeatedly kicking the dog to the body.

“She contacted police. CCTV footage was seen which showed him making as kicking motion towards the dog.”

Representing Duguid, defence agent Ian McGregor said: “Something had happened before with the dog. He is somewhat hazy with regards to the events. He had taken various substances that day.

“He has owned this dog for a period of nine years and there have been no other incidents. He has always taken the dog to the vet when it needed to go.

“He reacted to an incident earlier in the day when the dog had bitten a member of the public. That happened about ten minutes before.”

Sheriff Graham Buchanan told Duguid: “I am required by law to order the destruction of the dog, which is a breed that is illegal in this country.”

Sentence: £750 fine; banned from keeping animals for five years (expires June 2022).

Press and Journal

Cardiff: Owain Dinnick

#TheList Owain Dinnick (DoB 07/03/1986), of Newport Road, Rumney in Cardiff – allowed crossbreed dog George to become emaciated

Dog abuser Owain Dinnick, Cardiff
Dog abuser Owain Dinnick of Newport Road, Cardiff

Dinnick pleaded guilty to an Animal Welfare Act offence at ​Cardiff and the Vale Magistrates Court on 10 May 2017. RSPCA Cymru investigated, after receiving reports of a dog being kept in a Cardiff flat, who appeared very hungry.

The dog was collected by a local authority dog warden in December 2016, at which time his ribs, spine and hips were visible, he was covered in urine, had sores on his front legs and scabs on his tail.

Speaking after the case, RSPCA inspector Selina Chan said: “This poor dog must have been so hungry, and been through such a difficult time. Bones were visible across his skin, and he had nasty sores and scabs on his coat.

“Sadly, the lack of action, care and attention from the owner caused the dog to suffer unnecessarily. His suffering could have been avoided had the owner acted responsibly.

“Owning a dog is a privilege, and this case is another example as to the necessary action the RSPCA will take when an animal is treated in this way.

“Fortunately, George gained weight and improved dramatically once in RSPCA care”.

Sentence: 80 hours of unpaid work over 12 months; total costs and charges of £802.20; disqualified from keeping dogs for 5 years (expires June 2023).

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Huddersfield, West Yorkshire: Susan Harling

#TheList Susan Harling, born c. 1959, of Spring Grove Street, Huddersfield HD1 4BP – breached a court order given in June 2016 banning her from keeping animals

Discharged conditionally for 12 months. Banned from keeping or participating in keeping animals for four years. Ordered to pay a £20 surcharge and £30 costs.

Previous (June 2016)
Animal cruelty. Ordered to pay £300 costs and banned from keeping animals for five years.

ExaminerLive 01/06/2017