Amulree, Perthshire: Heather and Patrick Devaney

#TheList Heather and Patrick Devaney, Amulree, Perthshire – kept two springer spaniel puppies in squalor

Heather and Patrick Devaney guilty of dog abuse
Patrick and Heather Devaney apparently pursued an alternative lifestyle to the detriment of their poor dogssel

The Devaneys were supposed to be looking after their children and pets when they exposed them to disgusting filth as they pursued an “alternative lifestyle.”

The couple admitted there was excrement and urine on the floor, bedding was soiled, old foodstuffs lay around, mould and fungus was growing, and the house was dangerously cluttered.

Heather Devaney admitted that between 21 February and 21 April, 2016, when she was responsible for looking after two springer spaniels, she failed to take reasonable steps to care for them.

In addition, she admitted failing to treat ear and eye infections and permitted the dogs’ coats to remain heavily soiled with excrement and urine.

The court was given graphic details of the starving and filthy conditions her springer spaniels were kept in.

Fiscal depute Craig Donald told Perth Sheriff Court that the “alternative lifestyle” couple’s remote home was found to be in a disgusting condition when the landlord visited to fix a boiler.

Mr Donald said: “On entering, he noted an overpowering smell of faeces in the property. Old foodstuffs and mould were spread around the kitchen.

“The property was cluttered with objects which would be hazardous to children. It was in a squalid condition and that’s what prompted him to send an eviction notice to both accused.

“There were two malnourished springer spaniels. There was excrement covering the floor. The first dog had faecal contamination of the abdomen, legs and tail.

“Both ears were infected. The coat was covered in stale urine. It had overgrown hair and nails. It was apparent the dogs had not been exercised.

“The second animal again was emaciated and had matted ears. Neither of these animals had adequate nutrition for months. They had lived in an environment contaminated with urine and faeces for a prolonged period.

“I would ask the court to take into account in sentencing, the extreme suffering these animals appear to have undergone.”

Sheriff Gillian Wade fined Mrs Devaney £540 in respect of the dog cruelty – but admonished the couple for neglecting the children.

She said: “This is a difficult case. The children were exposed to very extreme conditions of squalor and it almost beggars belief you could allow the property to get into such a condition.”

Sentence: Heather Devaney was fined £540 in respect of dog cruelty and banned from keeping animals for 5 years. The couple was admonished for child cruelty and walked free from court.

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London NW9: Elizabeth Blore and brother Christopher Blore

#TheList serial hoarder Elizabeth Blore, born ca. 1956, of 111A Valley Drive, Kingsbury, London NW9 9NT – breached an ASBO prohibiting her from feeding feral cats

Serial hoarder Elizabeth Blore of Valley Drive, London NW9, was caught breaching an ASBO prohibiting her from feeding cats
Serial hoarder Elizabeth Blore of Valley Drive, London NW9, was caught breaching an ASBO prohibiting her from feeding cats

Elizabeth Blore admitted breaching an ASBO imposed at Willesden Magistrates’ Court on 24 May 2012 prohibiting her from keeping and feeding cats.

Blore and her brother Christopher were evicted in 2012 after neighbours reported a ‘putrid smell’ caused by the piles of cat faeces in the garden and in the house.

They were told not to return to the house as council workers embarked on a three-month fumigation, during which mountains of rubbish was removed.

Serial hoarder Elizabeth Blore of Valley Drive, London NW9, was caught breaching an ASBO prohibiting her from feeding cats

Skeletons of at least 15 dead cats were found rotting under binbags during the clean-up effort.

Martha Godwin, prosecuting, said: ‘Ms Blore is subject to an anti-social behaviour order which prohibits her from feeding or keeping cats.

‘Police offers and animal welfare officers attended her address on 4 May [2017] to see if she was contravening the order.

‘They went into the property and there was excrement from the cats in the living room.

‘An adult cat was found upstairs with one-month-old kittens.

Defending herself, Blore said: ‘The cat was a stray and the kittens were four weeks old.

‘They weren’t weaned and were too small to go in the garden.

‘They have taken the cats away now so I don’t have any cats.’

Total fines and costs of £255. 

The Mirror

Steven Dicker, Edenbridge, Kent

#TheList Steven Dicker (DoB 07/10/1963) of 4 Wellingtonia Way, Edenbridge, Sevenoaks TN8 5RE – stole a 17yo Jack Russell terrier named Lady, battered her with a hammer and dumped her in the park.

Dicker launched a brutal attack on an elderly pet dog he stole from her home
Dicker launched a brutal attack on an elderly pet dog he stole from her home

Dicker was  jailed for 6 months for causing suffering to the elderly dog.

The horrific  incident took place on Wednesday 21 September 2016.

Despite her desperate owners’ social media appeals, Lady was never found.

Dicker  had pleaded guilty to a charge of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, but had denied breaking into a neighbour’s house to steal the dog.

He was found guilty of the second charge after a trial at Sevenoaks Magistrates Court in April 2017 and was sentenced to six months in prison.

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Sleaford, Lincs: Carol Bowditch and Daniel Galloway

#TheList Carol Bowditch (DoB 13/07/1952) and paedophile partner Daniel Galloway, both of Paperchase House, Papermill Lane, Evedon, Sleaford NG34 9PD – participated in bestiality parties involving dogs

Perverted Carol Bowditch, the 64-year-old filmed having sex with three dogs, aided and abetted by her equally depraved partner Daniel Galloway
Perverted Carol Bowditch, the pensioner filmed having sex with three dogs, aided and abetted by her equally depraved partner Daniel Galloway

Carol Bowditch was filmed having sex with a St Bernard, a black labrador and an Alsatian, claiming later she did not realise that it was illegal.

Her sick activities were exposed as a result of an RAF Police investigation which centred on a man identified as organising a bizarre sex party .

Owners watched their dogs having sex with women, who then had sex with the men.

Details of the event were later posted on an internet forum specialising in bestiality.

The investigation led police to search the home shared by Bowditch and Galloway where they found a DVD and USB stick.

The seized devices included an eight minute video of Bowditch engaging in sex with a St Bernard dog named Oscar and still images of child pornography.

When Galloway was questioned by police he admitted aiding Bowditch to have sex with dogs and named two of the animals as “Badger” and “Rocky”.. He was also caught with over 12,000 indecent images of children as well as 191 extreme images of Bowditch having sex with dogs.

James Gray, in mitigation, said both Bowditch and Galloway had suffered considerable public humiliation.

Sentence: Bowditch – 12-month community order. Galloway – 12 months in jail. He must register as a sex offender for ten years and was made the subject of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

The Mirror 10/04/17
The Mirror 16/05/17


Redfield, Bristol: Steven David Arnold

#TheList Steven David Arnold, born 29/04/1973, of 420 Whitehall Road, Bristol BS5 7BU – left his pet dog, Layla, to starve to death in an empty house for months

Steven Arnold from Bristol left Staffy Layla to starve to death over several months
Steven Arnold from Bristol left Staffy Layla to starve to death over several months

Evidence showed Arnold had neglected Staffy Layla to the point she was forced to drink water from a toilet shortly before her death.

Arnold admitted to three offences of causing unnecessary suffering to Layla and was sentenced at Bristol Magistrates Court on Friday, May 5, 2017.

Layla was discovered by council workers after they went to a house in Sarum Crescent, Southmead on December 7, 2016.

They found her skinny, decomposing body, with bedding wrapped around a leg and her abdomen, resulting in gangrene setting in.

Veterinary evidence highlighted how she suffered prolonged neglect over a significant period of time.

The court also heard Layla had no food or water in the lead up to her death and that she had had drank all the water from the toilet.

There was also evidence she had made desperate attempts to try and escape from the house before her death.

Arnold originally denied Layla was his, saying he did not recognise the dog depicted in the pictures.

He told RSPCA inspectors he had owned a similar dog, but that she had died of natural causes and buried her.

But after being shown Facebook pictures featuring him and the dog together and evidence from witnesses, who confirmed he did own Layla, Arnold admitted she was his dog and that he had left her at the address in July 2016.

Arnold claimed that he had moved to a friend’s house from the local authority-owned property after being bullied by his neighbours.

He said he had initially visited the dog every few days to give her food and water but claimed he was suddenly unable to get into the property and said he assumed Layla had been taken away from the address.

RSPCA Inspector Dan Hatfield said: “Layla was dependent on Mr Arnold and he breached her trust by heartlessly leaving her to suffer a needless death.

“We do not know just how long it took poor Layla to die alone but know she suffered as a result of the actions of her owner.

“He could have handed Layla over to the RSPCA or another animal charity when he was aware he could no longer care for her but instead decided to simply abandon her to die after a period of prolonged suffering.”

12 weeks in prison for each of the three animal welfare offences to run concurrently; total of £415 costs and charges; life-long disqualification on keeping all animals.