Wirral, Merseyside: Jamie Lee Weir and Lisa Hurst

#TheList Jamie Lee Weir (DoB 26/9/1995) most recently of Home Farm Road, Birkenhead – tortured a dog by hanging him by his collar, stabbing him and burning him alive

Composite shows from L-R dog-killer Jamie Lee Weir, Weir and girlfriend Laura Hurst, Hurst's mother Lisa Hurst - all of Wirral, Merseyside
Composite shows from L-R dog-killer Jamie Lee Weir, Weir and girlfriend Laura Hurst, Hurst’s mother Lisa Hurst – all of Wirral, Merseyside

Weir pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Staffy cross Jack, resulting in the dog’s death. In an interview Weir admitted he had carried out the horrific attack, which included Jack being hung from his collar on a coat hook, as “he had never liked the dog.”

The court heard that the RSPCA received a report of a half-buried dog in a garden in Corbyn Street, Wallasey, on November 18, 2015, which led to Inspector Anthony Joynes going round to the property to investigate.

Inspector Joynes said: “The dog, who belonged to Jamie’s then-girlfriend’s mum [Lisa Hurst, who was convicted separately of failing to prevent her dog from being tortured and killed]  went for a post-mortem examination and it showed that there were horrific injuries to his body indicating he had been subject to sustained attacks and torture.

“Weir admitted to beating him with a stick and hanging him from his collar on a coat hook on the wall, where he was then stabbed numerous times.

“It is likely that the dog was dying, but was still alive.

“He was then taken out into the garden and set on fire before being hastily buried.”

Jack’s blood was found on walls in the house, on a radiator and by a door.

Inspector Joynes said: “It is sickening to think what Jack went through – it is completely stomach-churning.

“He was tormented and tortured to death in the worst imaginable way.

“There was no way Jack could have escaped from this horrific act of cruelty – he stood no chance. Jack would have been terrified and in so much pain.

“It is absolutely horrific what he went through and it still sickens me today.”

Sentence: 24-week prison sentence to run consecutively to a four-year prison sentence he is currently serving; £536 costs and victim surcharge of £115; disqualified from keeping animals for life.

Liverpool Echo 21/04/2017


Lisa Hurst (DoB 26/8/1969), most recently of 292 Laird Street, Birkenhead  CH41 8EW admitted in court that she failed to prevent her dog, Jack, from being tortured and killed.

Hurst accepted that she was responsible for the dog at the time of his death, and admitted she had “failed to take steps as were reasonable in the circumstances to prevent any harm or suffering”.

The court was told she had lived in “absolutely appalling conditions” and had previously looked after the dog “quite well”.

Sentence: four months in prison, suspended for 12 months, 12-month probation order; £300 in costs; banned from keeping all animals for life.

Liverpool Echo 20/04/2017


Lisa Hurst’s daughter Laura Hurst faced similar charges to her partner Jamie Weir and appeared in court alongside her mother Lisa Hurst in November 2016 , but we can’t find any evidence that she was ever convicted/sentenced.

Liverpool Echo 09/11/2016

Mohammed Razwan Fida, Slough

#TheList Mohamed Razwan Fida (born April 1985) of 2 Colonial Road, Slough SL1 1RU – severely neglected  his American bulldog

silhouette of man - abuser wanted

Former company director Fida pleased guilty to neglecting the dog named Bruiser.

Bruiser, who was constantly kept outside, was found by council officers covered in sores due to lying on hard flooring and surrounded by his excrement.

He paid no attention to officers and could barely get to his feet.

Bruiser has been re-homed and renamed Dougie.

Sentence: six-month community order with a three-month curfew, ordered to pay £2,085 costs; banned from keeping animals for just three years (expires April 2020).

Slough Express



Emma Ditch, Slough

#TheList Emma Ditch, of 56 Aylesbury Crescent, Slough SL1 3ES – neglected a dog, degus and a snake

silhouette of a woman - abuser photo wanted

Ditch was found guilty of not meeting the needs of and not keeping safe from injury a German Shepherd named Champ, two degus and a snake.

Following a complaint about incessant barking, council officers rescued the animals, which were all at risk of injury.

All of the animals were re-homed.ba

Sentence: £525 in costs. Banned from keeping rodents and reptiles for just two years (expires April 2019).

Slough Express

Faringdon, Oxfordshire: Hywel Clay

#TheList Hywel “Howie” Clay, born 14/11/1969, of 1 Radnor Court, Faringdon SN7 7TB – dangled 3yo dog Roxy by her lead and kicked her, prompting a passing couple to rescue the animal.

Roxie was subjected to a violent attack by her violent owner, Hywel Clay.
Roxy was subjected to a violent attack by her drunken owner, Hywel Clay.

Clay had denied causing unnecessary suffering to an animal but was found guilty in his absence.

Prosecutor Pauline Lambert said a couple passed Clay outside Tesco in Ocotal Way on November 5, 2016, and saw him yanking the dog’s lead as he stumbled along the pavement.

As they watched they saw him take the lead in both hands and lift the dog off the floor.

He was also seen kicking her.

Stopping their car they intervened. A tussle followed as one witness grabbed the distressed dog to take the weight from her neck.

Clay grabbed the dog round the neck and tried to take her back as a crowd gathered around them.

The witness let the dog go and put his hands on Clay’s shoulders to prevent him leaving. Clay threw himself backwards, landing on the ground.

The dog tried to get back to the witness and a struggle followed.

She said: “Clay was eventually restrained by Tesco security staff.

“When police arrived they found him struggling to sit and drooling and he was abusive as they questioned him.

Clay was also found guilty of being drunk and disorderly and failing to surrender to Chippenham magistrates. He had denied both allegations.

Alex Daymond, defending, said Clay still disputed the allegations but understood the court had made up its mind. However he did agree that he had a problem with alcohol.

Until the last couple of years he had worked as a panel beater for a classic car restoration business. But his life had spiralled out of control with the death of his brother.

He recognised he had an alcohol problem and had got his GP to refer him to alcohol counselling services.

“He is very keen to sort his life out and get back into work,” said Mr Daymond.

Clay was almost £20,000 in arrears with his mortgage and was facing repossession.

He had owned dogs since he was five years old and until the incident in November there had been no suggestion of him maltreating his pets.

“He loves dogs and is appalled that he has been accused of this,” he said.

“In fact Clay had chosen to be a vegetarian because of his concern for animal welfare.

“Bearing in mind that he has had dogs for so long, this would appear to be a one-off incident in all the circumstances, suggested Mr Daymond. Clay lived alone and relied on his dog for company.

“I would urge the court not to remove that from him.”

Sentence: 12-month community order, £200 prosecution costs and an £85 victim surcharge. Banned from keeping pets for five years (expires April 2022). Deprivation order on Roxy.

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