Amlwch, Anglesey: Nathan Lee Fisher

#TheList Nathan Lee Fisher, born 06/02/1993, of 22 Wesley Street, Amlwch LL68 9EY – banned from keeping animals after a dog was found dead under a trampoline while another was severely emaciated

Nathan Lee Fisher from Anglesey, Wales, is banned from keeping animals after a puppy starved to death and his mother was a "bag of bones".
Nathan Lee Fisher from Anglesey, Wales, is banned from keeping animals after a puppy starved to death and his mother was a “bag of bones”.

Nathan Lee Fisher admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the Akita named Kuma and the puppy’s mother Layla who was described as a ‘bag of bones’

RSPCA Cymru got involved after North Wales Police attended Fisher’s address where they found Kuma dead in the back garden underneath a trampoline.

Layla was also found at the house and was described as “so skinny that bones were clearly visible through her coat”.

The RSPCA said the dogs suffered unnecessarily due to a failure to adequately explore and address their weight loss.

RSPCA inspector Phil Lewis said: “These poor Akita dogs were subject to outright neglect and ill-treatment, which cost one of the dogs their life.

“Fortunately, the other has been happily re-homed from an RSPCA animal centre.

“When she was found at the Kinmel Bay property, she looked an absolute bag of bones but thankfully her suffering is over.”

Sentence: 12-week prison sentences for the two charges, to run concurrently, suspended for 18 months; 12-month community order, 180 hours of community work;  nine-month alcohol treatment order; fined £750 and ordered to pay a £115 victim surcharge. Banned from keeping animals for 10 years (expires March 2027).

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Chessington, Greater London: Zara and David James Hicks

#TheList Zara Hicks (DoB 20/9/1979) and husband David James Hicks (DoB 02/09/1975) of 47 Hemsby Road, Chessington KT9 2DY – left their pets to starve at home while they went on a luxury holiday

Zara and David Hicks from Chessington abandoned their  pets to go on a luxury holiday
Zara and David Hicks from Chessington abandoned their pets to go on a luxury holiday

The Hicks both pleaded guilty to three charges under the animal welfare act after they left their pets to fend for themselves.

David Hicks, a lab technician with Specsavers Opticians, and Zara Hicks, a payroll manager with Macmillan Cancer Support, were banned from keeping animals and given suspended prison sentences after one of their cats was found dead, and another cat and dog found neglected in a dirty kitchen.

When the couple returned from the continent, Mr Hicks tried to blame his mother-in-law, saying they had arranged for her to check on the animals. She, however, denied this

The RSPCA visited the couple’s home in September 2016 after concern was raised to them about the brown female poodle cross called Honey, and a tortoiseshell male called Twitch and a tabby male called Dribble.

Inspectors arrived to discover Dribble already dead. He had been suffering from a tumour and associated illness which he had not received veterinary treatment for.

Twitch and Honey were neglected and distressed, but alive, living in a kitchen covered in faeces.

Honey and Twitch were taken by police and placed into RSPCA care,


David Hicks was given a 16-week prison sentence suspended for two years, ordered to carry out 160 hours of unpaid work and to pay £400 costs. 

Zara Hicks was given a 20-week prison sentence, suspended for two years, ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work in the community and pay £400 costs.

Both were banned from keeping animals for 12 years (expires March 2029) .

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Chorley, Lancs: Christopher Dennett

#TheList  Christopher Dennett, aged 30, of 6 Anderton Crescent, Chorley PR7 8BB – filmed chasing Dogue de Bordeaux puppy Narla around garden with a plank of wood, causing her to be traumatised and terrified of men

Christopher Dennett traumatised poor Dogue de Bourdeau Narla with his cruel training techniques
Christopher Dennett traumatised poor Dogue de Bourdeau Narla with his cruel training techniques

A horrified neighbour caught the attack on video and rang police and sent it to the RSPCA, sparking an investigation.

Unremorseful Dennett, an HGV driver who transports livestock, laughed off the investigation telling RSPCA workers he was trying to train the dog for close-quarters protection for his girlfriend.

The court watched the 47-second video in which the frightened dog is heard barking and seen running away as Dennett swings at her with the wood.

RSPCA Inspector Helen Smith said the one-year-old puppy has been left terrified of men as a result of its treatment. She said: “Mr Dennett showed no remorse when interviewed and didn’t seem to understand what he had done wrong.

“As you can see from the video, Narla is terrified, and has been caused unnecessary suffering, fear and distress.

“She is now terrified of men and although we could find no significant physical harm, emotionally she is not in a good way”.

The court heard Dennett was trying to emulate a training video he had seen on Youtube. But Insp Smith said: “He said he was training the dog to protect his partner for when he was away but this is no way to train a dog.

“You can hear the dog growling and then yelping, although it is not clear if Narla was struck in the video.

“Mr Dennett has now signed Narla into the care of the RSPCA and we will look after her and then try to re-home her.”

Dennett admitted one offence under the Animal Welfare Act of causing unnecessary suffering by using threatening or abusive behaviour towards the dog.

Sentence: total of £726 costs and charges; disqualified from keeping dogs for 12 months (expires March 2019).

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Brenda Bateman, Milford Haven

#TheList Brenda Bateman (DoB 25/11/1973) now at Charles St, Milford Haven SA73 2AE (house no. unknown) – subjected an elderly collie-cross dog called Jess to “horrendous” levels of neglect; Jess sadly put to sleep

Convicted dog abuser Brenda Bateman and Jess the dog
Brenda Bateman – responsible for the “horrendous” neglect of her loyal pet dog Jess, who had to be put to sleep.

Bateman admitted two animal welfare offences at Haverfordwest Magistrates’ Court.

Magistrates heard she failed to seek veterinary care for the collie-cross dog called Jess, who had a severe chronic skin condition and arthritis, causing the animal to suffer unnecessarily.

Bateman also admitted failing to trim the dog’s overgrown nails, which led to problems with the way she walked.

Jess was later put to sleep due to her health problems.

Speaking after the case RSPCA Cymru inspector Keith Hogben said: “The level of neglect experienced by this poor dog was horrendous.

“Jess had a severe chronic skin condition and overgrown nails, which impacted how she walked. It’s so sad that the neglect she endured sadly meant she lost her life.

It is critical that people remember they have very clear legal responsibilities towards their animals. RSPCA Cymru will continue to fight for justice for dogs like this poor collie-cross, in all corners of Wales”.

Sentence: £300 in costs, £220 fine and £30 victim surcharge; banned from keeping animals for seven years (expires March 2024).

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Yvette Dove, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottingham

#TheList Yvette Dove (DoB 26/10/1986) of Felley Avenue, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottingham NG17 9FS – left her Dogue de Bordeaux Buster to starve to death

Photo of dog killer Yvette Dove
Heartless single mother Yvette Dove from Kirkby-in-Ashfield left her pet dog to starve to death

Single mother-of-four Dove’s pet Dogue de Bordeaux, Buster, was found dead four months after the RSPCA offered to find him a new home when worries surfaced and an officer paid a visit.

Sentence: one year’s probation; 5-year ban on keeping animals (expires March 2022).

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Tomas Evison, Sheffield

#TheList Tomas ‘Evo’ Evison (DoB 24/01/1989) of 157 Woolley Wood Road, Sheffield S5 0UF – admitted  breeding, selling and possessing a number of fighting dogs, who the court ordered to be ‘destroyed’

Tomas Evison and two of his dogs
Backyard breeder Tomas Evison, whose banned breed dogs were destroyed.

Evison appeared before Sheffield Magistrates’ Court in March 2017 after admitting to two counts of possession of a fighting dog, one count of selling a fighting dog and one count of breeding fighting dogs. He was sentenced by the magistrates. An order was also made to destroy the dogs.

In July last year, officers from South Yorkshire Police executed a warrant at Evison’s address, where they found a male and female pit bull terrier – dogs which are banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act. The female pit bull terrier was found to be pregnant when officers seized the animals, but Evison disclaimed the litter.

Temporary Sergeant Matt Duffy from the Status Dogs team said: “Evison’s activities potentially put the lives of his family, friends and the wider community at risk by breeding and selling banned breeds.

“His actions could have led to the suffering of other dogs and animals, as well as the potential to cause significant distress to dog owners if their dogs have to be taken from them.

“We are committed to protecting our communities and will always investigate reports relating to the ownership, breeding and/or selling of banned breeds.”

Sentence: 80 hours of unpaid work, 25 days’ supervision, fined £145; banned from keeping, owning or participating in the keeping or selling dogs for five years (expires March 2022).

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