Gnosall, Stafford: Peter David James Waters

#TheList Peter David James Waters, born 16/11/1975, previously of 101 Monks Walk, Gnosall, Stafford ST20, and more recently (2018)  Hunters Road, Birmingham B19  – stabbed Staffy ‘Kyzer’ multiple times and dumped his body in a bin.

Peter Waters from Stafford stabbed Staffy Kyzer to death then dumped the body in a  bin
Peter Waters from Stafford stabbed Staffy Kyzer to death then dumped the body in a bin

Waters pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Kyzer, whom he had only had for four months.

The court heard how Waters plunged a kitchen knife into Kyzer with such force two of the dog’s ribs were broken and his lungs collapsed. The knife had snapped.

Kyzer had two stab wounds to the chest and suffered extensive bleeding. A vet said he would have experienced severe pain, a feeling of suffocation, panic, fear and distress, indicating an act of cruelty and suffering.

The RSPCA, which brought the prosecution, discovered dried blood around the flat.

The court heard Waters claimed he had taken Kyzer on from a previous owner, who had abused him. He told police Kyzer was “a brilliant dog”.

Peter Waters from Stafford stabbed Staffy Kyzer to death then dumped the body in a  bin

The morning of the attack, a neighbour said Waters banged on his door, shouting. He appeared unsteady on his feet and his speech was slurred. He said he heard Waters return to his flat and begin shouting at his dog, yelling: “Where’s your fucking lead?”

Waters banged on the neighbour’s door again several times until he answered at around 4pm. He said Waters told him: “I’ve killed my dog. I’ve stabbed him twice in the heart and cut his throat.”

When police were called, they said Waters appeared to be drunk. Officers said he was abusive and believed he presented a threat. After a struggle, in which Waters tried to kick and bite an officer, they overpowered him and he was arrested.

The dog was discovered wrapped in blood stained bedding inside a bin in Greenside, Yarnfield near Eccleshall. The broken knife was protruding from his body.

The court heard when Waters arrived at the police station he remained aggressive and restraints and a spit hood were used.

The RSPCA described Waters’ cruelty towards Kyzer as ‘stomach-churning’, saying the dog would have been ‘terrified’.

Waters was jailed for 23 weeks and disqualified from keeping animals for 20 years (expires February 2037).

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Llandudno: Richard Thomas Davies

#TheList Richard Thomas Davies, born 15/12/1983, of 62 Cae Mawr, Llandudno LL30 2EW – flung a kitten around by her tail before hurling her into a pond and letting her drown

Loser and cruel bastard Richard Thomas Davies who drowned a helpless kitten to punish his child
Alcoholic loser and cruel bastard Richard Thomas Davies who drowned a helpless kitten to punish his child

Thomas admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal at a pond near an adventure playground in Rhyl.

Prosecutor James Neary told the court that a young girl saw the kitten in the water.

“She immediately took off her coat and went in the pond to save the kitten’s life,” he said.

“The defendant grabbed her by both arms and he was laughing and said ‘you will not have a kitten ever again’.”

Children pulled the kitten from the water and tried in vain to save it.

“The defendant seemed to find the whole situation amusing. He had a smug look on his face,” Mr Neary said.

The kitten had been promised to a girl who had already chosen a name for the pet and when seen by the police she was very upset, the prosecutor added.

Court chairman Brian Cossey told Davies: ”This was very horrific and callous. We are appalled by what we have heard. You probably traumatised a very young vulnerable person.

“We have considered an immediate prison sentence but we have stepped back.”

A probation officer said Davies felt “sick” about his behaviour, having made no attempt to save the kitten. He was on state benefit.

Defence solicitor Dafydd Roberts said: ”This was a particularly mean offence. He’s gutted about what happened that day. It was in drink. The defendant has been blighted by alcoholism.”

However, he was now “very different” from the man who committed the unpleasant offence in August , the lawyer added.

Sentence: 12-week suspended jail term; alcohol treatment and rehabilitation; £50 compensation and £735 costs;  banned from keeping an animal for five years (expires February 2022).

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Portland, Dorset: Emma Comben and Martyn Buckle

#TheList Emma Comben  and partner Martyn Buckle both of 43 Tillycombe Road, Portland, Dorset DT5 1LF – locked Staffy Tia in a cage and left her to starve

Neglectful chavs Emma Comben and Martyn Buckle, and beautiful Tia, who was rescued from a slow death by starvation
Feckless Emma Comben and Martyn Buckle, and beautiful Tia, who was rescued from a slow death by starvation

The pair admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a Staffordshire Bull Terrier known as Tia.

The offence took place between August 3 and October 28, 2016.

After reports from a member of the public, the RSPCA discovered Tia at the property in an emaciated state locked in a dog crate. She was so thin her bones were showing through her skin.

The court heard how the pair claimed they struggled to manage with the dog after having a family and said that after being left in the cage Tia refused to eat. They did not, however, seek professional help from a vet or an animal welfare organisation for her weight loss.

Inspector Ken Snook said: “The neglect suffered by Tia could have been easily avoided. Sadly she was cruelly left to suffer in a faeces encrusted crate without the care she needed and deserved.

“When we found her she weighed just 10 kilos and was so underweight all her bones were showing.  Thankfully she has been successfully rehabilitated by the RSPCA and now weighs 16 kilos and was found a new loving home earlier this month”.

Buckle and Comben also admitted failing to meet Tia needs by not providing a suitable environment for her, contrary to Section 9 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006, following the investigation by the animal welfare charity.

Sentence: 120 hours of unpaid work within 12 months; £150 costs each; banned from keeping animals for 10 years (expires February 2027).

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Sevenoaks: Harry Dunn, Tommy Dunn, Matthew Dunn and Christine Chambers

#TheList gypsy travellers Harry Dunn, Tommy Dunn, Matthew Dunn and Christine Chambers – banned from keeping horses after animals discovered living amongst carcasses

The notorious  Dunn family from Sevenoaks were banned from keeping horses after they left sick animals in the same field as a rotting carcass and poisonous ragwort.

Harry Dunn, Tommy Tucker Dunn, Matthew Dunn and family friend Christine Chambers were found guilty of offences under the Animal Welfare Act, following a two-day trial.

The travellers neglected seven horses, including three foals kept at a field near the family home.

Gypsy travellers and horse abusers Matthew Dunn and cousin Tommy Tucker Dunn plus family friend Christine Chambers

Inspectors found a Shetland pony and her foal who were very thin and riddled with worms, a thin skewbald pony who was also suffering from a worm burden, two foals who were suffering from an untreated respiratory condition, a very thin mare and a colt who had very poor hooves.

All of the horses were kept in a field that had a high amount of a poisonous plant known as ragwort.

The horses were taken by police in February 2016, following several months of work from the RSPCA, British Horse Society (BHS), Redwings Horse Sanctuary and World Horse Welfare.

Teams from Kent County Council and Kent Police were also on hand to investigate the welfare of the horses in the area, and a further 29 horses were removed as no owners claimed them and there were serious welfare concerns for them. These horses were taken in by the RSPCA, with four transferred to World Horse Welfare for care.

Harry Dunn of Barnfield Park Caravan Site, Ash, Sevenoaks TN15, was found guilty of two offences of causing unnecessary suffering and one offence of keeping animals in an unsuitable environment. He was banned from keeping horses for one year and ordered to pay a £60 victim surcharge, £400 costs and £550 fine.

His son Matthew Dunn, DoB 05/08/1989, of the same address, was also found guilty of two offences of causing unnecessary suffering and two section 9 offences relating to the unsuitable environment the horses were kept in. He was banned from keeping horses for two years and ordered to pay a £40 victim surcharge, £400 costs and £400 fine.

Harry Dunn’s nephew, Tommy Tucker Dunn, DoB 10/06/1986, was found guilty of one offence of causing unnecessary suffering and one sections 9 offence. He was banned from keeping horses for two years and ordered to pay a £40 victim surcharge, £400 costs and £400 fine. The career criminal, who has racked up convictions for theft and fraud, was also previously convicted of horse cruelty in August 2012 alongside his parents Tommy Dunn Senior and Shirley Dunn.

Family friend Christine Chambers of Porchester Close, Longfield, Dartford, was found guilty of one offence of causing unnecessary suffering and two welfare offences related to the conditions the horses were kept in. She was banned from keeping horses for two years and ordered to pay a £40 victim surcharge, £400 costs and £400 fine.

You can watch footage of the rescue here.

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Leanne Fallow, Middlesbrough

#TheList Leanne Fallow (DoB 22/09/1977) of 56 The Greenway, Middlesbrough TS3 9NF – allowed three Serbian Mastiffs to live in such appalling conditions their fur fell out and their skin turned red raw

Leanne Fallow and the puppies she neglected.
Greedy backyard breed Leanne Fallow kept puppies in such atrocious conditions they developed mange.

Fallow, a mother-of-five and already a grandmother at aged 39, left her pets in an appalling state of neglect. Having been alerted by a picture posted to Facebook, officials visited  Fallow’s home where they found three Serbian Mastiffs suffering huge discomfort. The dogs’ fur had fallen out and their skin had turned red raw, a condition so agonising they began to bite their own flesh.

“Two vets have certified that animals in this case have been suffering substantially,” said John Ellwood, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA.

“They were suffering from mange and had been self traumatizing themselves (by) scratching themselves and biting themselves and had thereby suffered secondary bacterial infection.”

He added one puppy was in a “very bad condition”, adding: “She had areas of skin that were open and sores and lots of crusty areas on her face.

“Her paws were swollen and inflamed – the inspector was very concerned about the way the animals were being kept.”

Teesside Magistrates’ Court heard the puppies’ mum, Sheba, was “underweight” and along with her puppies had a untreated “terrible skin condition.”

But the prosecution claimed Fallow used Sheba to breed several puppies, a process Mr Ellwood said was “highly suspicious”.

“The defendant claims not to know how her bitch became pregnant and who the father of her puppies was,” he said, adding Fallow claimed she gave away “a number of” puppies to strangers by the time the investigation launched.

The RSPCA say she allowed the dog to breed to sell the dogs on, with the court hearing she had spoken on Facebook with a banned dog dealer to flog the pups.

“The defendant’s account appears to be that a large dog became pregnant and she does not know where or why and that she gave away some of the puppies to people she does not even know or remember,” added the prosecutor.

“This appears to be a lie.

“She has on her Facebook a photograph or the mother of the puppies in her outhouse with a large male Serbian mastiff with mutilated ears.”

That mutilation was often carried out with Stanley knives in the breed to make them look “fierce”.

This was first noticed by kindly Glynn Dack who helped raise the alarm after believing to have seen the “mutilated” puppies’ father with Sheba.

He took one puppy home last August after spotting their awful condition to try and nurse it back to health, despite having no intention of keeping it.

But Fallow, who her solicitor claimed was an “animal lover”, came around to take it back.

However he was concerned enough to raise the alarm to the RSPCA, who also received reports from others, including a Middlesbrough Council officer, with police seizing the animals who have since recovered.

In January 2017, the Fallow admitted four offences of causing unnecessary suffering, with Mr Elwood adding she caused “prolonged neglect” for commercial gain.

Sentence: 12 weeks’ custody, suspended for a year; £250 costs, £180 vet costs and a £115 charge; deprivation order for family dog Sheba; banned from keeping animals for 5 years (expires February 2022).

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Morecambe/Lancaster: Luke Horn, Nchimunya Ntembe and Corey Lee Destro

#TheList Luke Gabriel Horn from Morecambe plus Corey Lee Salvatore Destro and Nchimunya ‘Chim’ Ntembe from Lancaster – tortured a hamster by feeding him LSD and cannabis; Horn and Ntembe also convicted of dog cruelty relating to emaciated and badly injured mastiffs.

Convicted animal abusers Corey Lee Destro, Luke Gabriel Horn and Nchimunya Ntembe  Read more at:
Between them this ghastly trio of reprobates are responsible for appalling cruelty to dogs and hamster torture

Luke Gabriel Horn (DoB 14/04/1994) of 170 Kingsway, Heysham, Morecambe pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a mastiff-type dog called Troy by failing to investigate and treat the causes of his poor body condition, and failing to provide a suitable environment for him.

Troy weighed just 25kg when he was discovered chained to a radiator in a bedroom covered in animal faeces at Horn’s home.

Four dogs were at the Heysham property, three of whom – including Troy – were emaciated.

Two other dogs named Faith and Zeus, belonging to thuggish co-defendant Nchimunya ‘Chim’ Ntembe (DoB 04/03/1994) of 3 Cypress Close, Lancaster, were found to have fractured skulls believed to have been caused by blunt force trauma.

Ntembe – already in prison on drug offences – and a third defendant Corey Lee Salvatore Destro (DoB 24/07/1994) of Brock Close, Lancaster were both convicted of feeding cannabis and LSD to a hamster named Mr Chow.

The cruelty took place at Horn’s house, which was covered in animal faeces and stank of urine.

Magistrates reached their verdict after watching a video filmed on a phone seized by police from Horn’s house. This showed Ntembe and Destro  laughing as the hamster was given the drugs.

The pair could be heard saying “We are going to kill it” and “it is going nuts.”

Police found the hamster in his cage inside a cupboard during a raid on the house in May 2016.

All animals were handed to the RSPCA and have been rehomed.

Horn – 18-month community order; 250 hours of unpaid work; £380 costs; banned from keeping dogs for five years (expires January 2022).
Destro – eight weeks in prison; £415 costs; banned from keeping any kind of animal for 10 years; sentence later reduced to 12 months’ community service, with 80 hours’ unpaid work and a ban from keeping animals for just two years (expires January 2019).
Ntembe – four-month prison sentence; banned from keeping any type of animal for eight years (expires February 2025).

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