Swindon, Wiltshire: Ebony Eve

#TheList Ebony Eve, born c. 1989, of Frobisher Drive, Swindon – battered her pet Shar Pei Nettles with hammer and stabbed him 20 times with a kitchen knife

Dog killer Ebony Eve from Swindon, Wilts, and her loyal victim Nettles
Dog killer Ebony Eve from Swindon, Wilts, and her loyal victim Nettles

Police called to Eve’s home found blood splattered on the floor and walls next to where the dead pet was lying.

Speaking softly, the killer told them she had killed her dog.

Eve admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the pet and was remanded in custody for her own safety.

She was later transferred through the Mental Health Act to the medium secure unit, run by Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust.

At a sentencing hearing on Friday, magistrates said the killer, who has severe mental health issues, will not be sent to prison but will remain in a secure psychiatric unit.

Magistrates heard how Eve’s brother had been with her the night before the killing when she gave Nettles a bath because he smelled.

The following morning he found the dog’s bloodied body on the living room floor of their home in Swindon and raised the alarm.

Eve admitted killing the dog straight away but could give no explanation as to why she had done it.

Chairman of the bench Felicity Dowell said: “We have read the two reports from the psychiatrists and we feel what they are recommending is the most sensible option.

“Therefore you are going to continue with the hospital order where you are now and you will remain there and you will get the treatment you need there.

“You will stay in hospital as long as it takes depending on how you respond to the treatment.

“We are not making any costs because of your situation nor are we awarding a victim surcharge.”

Sentence: to remain in a secure psychiatric unit indefinitely.

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Neilston, East Renfrewshire: Ryan Wallace

#TheList Ryan Wallace, born 24/09/1983, formerly of Stewart Street, Barrhead and more recently Hillside Road in Neilston G78 3ER – starved and neglected a dog over six months

Dog abuser Ryan Wallace and victim Diesel

Lifelong loser Wallace, who lives on benefits with partner Claire Weir and their four children, caused unnecessary suffering to Diesel, who was found in an emaciated state by Scottish SPCA inspectors.

When the distressed animal was examined by vets, he had lost a quarter of his body weight.

Diesel had been consistently undernourished and the animal’s bones were “sticking out of its paws”.

The pooch also had no muscle or body fat and vets said his torso and tail was covered in sores, and he was so hungry it had been “eating its own faeces”.

Ryan Wallace

Wallace pleaded guilty to causing the dog unnecessary suffering and also failing to provide adequate nourishment, allowing him to become almost emaciated.

The offences took place between June and December 2013.

Fiscal depute Franke Clarke told the court: “The accused contacted SSPCA about an unwanted dog. He clearly wanted it re-homed.

“Inspectors attended his home on more than one occasion.

“He said he was no longer able to care for the dog. It was dirtying the house and eating its own faeces.

“When the inspector asked to see the dog, she found its condition poorly and bad.

“Its paw bones were prominent, where sores could be seen on its tail and on its hind legs and both front legs.

“The inspector had immediate concerns for the dog and had him sign papers removing the animal.

“Thereafter the dog was admitted to a local veterinary service, where a report was sought to explain the condition of the dog.”

The vet’s investigation revealed Diesel had not received “nourishment for a matter of months”.

And after six days’ care, the dog had put on 1.7kg, or almost 4lbs in weight.

The court heard that Wallace had previously spoken to vets’ charity PDSA over his concerns about Diesel and he was asked to bring the animal in. However, he failed to do do.

Sheriff Simon Fraser said: “This dog was in a terrible condition. Photographs taken make horrendous viewing.”

He then told shocked Wallace the maximum punishment he faced was a year in jail and or a £20,000 fine.

He added: “However, you will not get custody, but you did neglect that dog for a considerable period of time.”

Diesel recovered from his ordeal and was rehomed.

Sentence: fined £475 (payable at £10pw); banned from keeping animals for five years (expires June 2021)

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Croydon: Paul Turner

#TheList Paul Turner, born c. 1965, of 2 Brookmead Rd, Croydon CR0 3AR – left 9yo German Shepherd Max to die in filthy kennel at bottom of garden; emaciated and matted Max sadly PTS by RSPCA to end his suffering

Neglected German Shepherd Max was put to sleep to end his suffering

Collapsed, emaciated and matted in filth, German Shepherd Max was found barely alive at the bottom of his owners Paul Turner’s garden.

The RSPCA had been tipped off that a dog had died in his squalid kennel on a grim winter’s evening.

Tragically, nine-year-old Max was so poorly that there was nothing that could be done other than end his suffering.

For Inspector Anthony Pulfer the sight of Max in his pitiful state will live long in the memory.

Paul Turner’s gypsy wife Jane Turner, who also uses the surname McArdle, did not face prosecution despite also living at the property where a horrifically neglected dog was found.

Turner, who shares the property at Brookmead Rd with wife Jane Turner and their two sons, pleaded guilty to animal welfare charges of causing unnecessary suffering to Max and not taking steps to ensure he had a suitable environment.

Speaking after the case, Inspector Pulfer described how he had gone to Turner’s address in Brookmead Road, Croydon, on January 4, 2016, after concerns that there was a dead dog in the garden.

The inspector said: “I can understand why the caller thought Max was dead.

“When I arrived he was completely collapsed in an emaciated state in a dirty kennel at the bottom of the garden but alive – just.

“He was in a shocking condition, the worst I have ever seen. He was not moving and I had to carry him to my van and take him straight to the vet.

“Sadly, there was nothing they could do to save him and he was so poorly that he had to be put to sleep to prevent further suffering.

“This was a horrible case of extreme neglect and I don’t think I will ever forget the sight of the poor dog lying there in filth in such a collapsed state that winter’s evening. Who knows how long he had been lying there in that terrible way?”

Sentence: jailed for six weeks (though he was bailed pending an appeal, the outcome of which is unknown); banned from keeping animals for 10 years.

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Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria: Michelle Brown

#TheList Michelle Brown, born 19/09/1977, previously of Wellington Street, Dalton-in-Furness and as at March 2020 of 3 Lancaster Street, Barrow-in-Furness LA14 5HX – abandoned four dogs, leaving them living in squalor.

Police and Barrow Borough Council raided Michelle Brown’s previous house in Thornton Park, Dalton, after concerned neighbours raised the alarm about the distressed animals on December 28, 2015.

Four dachshund-type dogs – Vince, Bo, Floyd and Tia – were rescued by the authorities and checked over by a vet and found to be dehydrated and underweight.

Brown was found guilty in her absence after she failed to turn up at court, but appeared for sentencing.

Michelle Brown from Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria, UK, abandoned four dachshund-type dogs in squalor.

RSPCA prosecutor Mr Steven Marsh said Brown had been warned about the welfare of the animals several times since 2014 by their inspector Will Lamping.

He told the hearing: “Neighbours became increasingly concerned about the animals as they were licking condensation off the windows. They looked skinny and in distress. Initially the dogs were barking but that got quieter and quieter.

“When police went in they were hit with the overwhelming smell of faeces. There was faeces all over the floor and furniture which was getting mouldy. There wasn’t one clean area in the house for the dogs to sleep and rest without touching faeces. there was an empty bag of dry dog food in the bathroom and empty water bowls. They had drank the water out of the toilet.

“On a scale, three of them were level three of nine and the other, four of nine. One was emaciated.

Mr Trystan Roberts, defending, said: “Miss Brown is extremely distressed at the condition the dogs were found in. Sadly the last two years of her life things have spiralled out of control.

“She was in a relationship and had two grown-up children living at home and she became ill and had anxiety and depression.

“Her life became chaotic and she was having issues with her neighbours and moved to live with her parents. She didn’t like going back to the house because of the memories but would go there at night and give them water and food.”

Mr Lamping said: “I’m pleased she has been disqualified from keeping animals. These dogs were neglected over a long period of time and she shouldn’t be allowed animals in her care.

“She had many opportunities to work with us but refused.

“I would like to thank the neighbours who contacted us.”

Sentencing: 12-week curfew; costs and charges totalling £560. Banned from keeping animals for eight years (expires June 2024).

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Birkenhead, Merseyside: Kai Tomlinson

#TheList Kai Louis Dale Tomlinson, born 07/09/1997, previously of Wallasey and more recently of King Street, Birkenhead CH42 2AJ – kicked a Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Holly to death after a row with his girlfriend

Dog killer Kai Tomlinson and victim Holly
Kai Tomlinson and victim Holly

Tomlinson pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to 14-month-old Holly, which led to her death.

Wirral magistrates’ court heard that Tomlinson’s ferocious attack on the defenceless animal would have caused her “physical suffering and mental terror.”

Dog killer Kai Tomlinson pictured outside court with his mother, who gesticulated rudely at photographers
Tomlinson pictured outside court with his mother, who gesticulated rudely at photographers

The body of the dog was put in a bin liner and was recovered by an RSPCA officer from a hole in the back yard of the premises which Tomlinson shared with his girlfriend.

Chris Murphy, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, said Tomlinson initially lied about the incident when interviewed by police. He later admitted he had argued with his girlfriend and subsequently launched the attack on the dog after she had gone to school.

Dog killer Kai Tomlinson

Mr Murphy said Tomlinson “admitted he had anger issues and said he wanted to lash out at something close to his girlfriend.”

He added: “The dog was kicked repeatedly. This led to the head injuries and blunt force trauma which caused its death.”

Holly’s body was sent for examination at the University of Liverpool pathology lab, where she was found to have suffered a catalogue of non-accidental injuries.

Dog killer Kai Tomlinson

A veterinary surgeon who commented on the pathology lab’s report said Holly had suffered “unprovoked physical violence causing physical suffering and mental terror on an unimaginable scale.”

Zoe Keene, defending Tomlinson, said he had experienced a ‘momentary loss of temper’ which resulted in the dog’s death.

District judge Michael Abelson said Tomlinson had carried out an ‘unprovoked, vicious and brutal attack on a defenceless animal.’

He added: “This is as bad an example of animal cruelty that I have come across. It was a despicable act of brutality.

“One cannot imagine what would prompt any human being to act like this towards a poor, defenceless animal.”

Mr Abelson said the maximum sentence he could impose by law was six months’ imprisonment, and he also had to give credit for Tomlinson’s guilty plea.

Sentence: jailed for 22 weeks; banned from keeping animals for life.

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Sheffield: Simon Shepherd

#TheList Simon Shepherd, born 19/07/1983, of 26 Raeburn Way, Sheffield S14 1BX – terrorised American bulldog “Bronson”, brutally beating him with a metal pipe and broom and leaving him outside in all weathers

Evil: convicted dog abuser Simon Shepherd from Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Evil: convicted dog abuser Simon Shepherd from Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Four-year-old American bulldog Bronson was abused for most of his life by his sadistic owner Simon Shepherd. The terrified animal was brutally beaten with a metal pipe and broom handles and made to stay outside on a balcony with no shelter in all weathers.

Neighbours even saw Shepherd beat Bronson severely and then throw cold water over him before leaving him outside in the cold for hours. He was rescued by the RSPCA.

Shepherd was found guilty of causing Bronson unnecessary suffering and banned from keeping animals for 25 years.

Bronson was subjected to regular violent attacks at the hands of his cruel owner Simon Shepherd from Sheffield, UK
Shepherd’s victim Bronson was made available for rehoming after his recovery.

Bronson is now being looked after in a foster home but is looking for a forever family.

Sentence: 200 hours of unpaid work and 20 days of rehabilitation activity; total of £260 costs and fines; banned from keeping animals for 25 years

Source: The Star but original news item removed.

Liverpool: Jordon Louise Barlow

#TheList Jordon Louise Barlow, born 07/06/1993, formerly of Ismay St, Walton, Liverpool L4 and more recently Cotswold Way, Winsford CW7 1QW: starved two dogs; one died from starvation, the other was sadly put to sleep

Dog killer Jordon Louise Barlow now of Winsford, Cheshire
Jordon Louise Barlow and Bandit, one of the two dogs she left to starve. Sadly he couldn’t be saved and the other dog, Booma, was found dead at the scene.

Barlow left two dogs to starve in one of the worst cases of neglect the RSPCA inspectors have seen.

One Staffy Booma was already dead and the other, named Bandit (pictured), critically ill when Inspector Helen Smith entered Barlow’s home on December 2, 2015.

Peter Mitchell, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, said vets fought to improve Bandit’s condition but he could not regain weight and was put down a few days later.

The body condition of both dogs was scored at one out of nine on a scale used by vets, the worst rating possible.

The court heard Inspector Smith, acting on information from a member of the public, found Booma wrapped up in a blanket, obviously dead.

Mr Mitchell said: “Bony prominences were visible and he had visible sores on his hind legs. Bandit was curled up on the floor with his head on his paws and in poor body condition.

“He was unresponsive to the inspector and appeared to be in a collapsed state.”

The court heard Barlow began caring for the dogs when her ex-partner was jailed. She told Inspector Smith her then partner’s mother had initially looked after the dogs, but Barlow had been forced to take over when she was hospitalised in July last year.

Barlow said Booma had not been eating but admitted not taking them to see a vet or calling the RSPCA.

Mr Mitchell said the defendant also had her own dog, another male Staffie called Kaos, who appeared well-fed and in good condition, and supplies of dog food were found in the kitchen.

Post-mortems revealed both dogs had died from the effects of starvation but did not have any other underlying health problems.

The judge said: “The picture described of Bandit curled up unresponsive by his dead friend is a very sad one.”

Speaking after the case, Inspector Smith told the ECHO: “This has been one of the worst neglect cases I have done, it affected me personally.

“The vet who dealt with it said the mental torture of not being able to eat and wanting to eat would have been horrific.”

Sentence: 12 weeks in prison, suspended for one year; ordered to complete a Rehabilitation Activity Requirement course. Banned from keeping animals for just five years (expires June 2021); ordered to surrender third dog to the RSPCA.

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