Dagenham, London: Michael Porter

#TheList Michael James Porter, born 17/10/1963, of 22 Fuller Rd, Dagenham RM8 2TT – starved a Shar-Pei in his care over several days before attacking him with a pole and a knife; neglected his own tumour-riddled border collie, who was found starved and dying at his house; smirked throughout his appearance in court

Violent dog abuser Michael James Porter of Fuller Rd, Dagenham
Violent dog abuser Michael James Porter of Fuller Rd, Dagenham, and his helpless victim. Sharpei Sam

Porter hit brown Shar-Pei Sam with a pole and seriously injured him with a machete-style knife on 14 September 2015. The attack  was witnessed by a horrified neighbour who banged on the window to stop Porter.

The judge told the court: “He [the witness] said you were saying you wanted to kill the dog because it had bitten you.”

Porter denied carrying out the assault and said he had punched Sam in self-defence after the dog had clamped on his arm. But the court heard yesterday how three thick black lacerations found near the dog’s jaw were consistent with knife injuries, not punches. Porter had a small scratch on the arm that he alleged was bitten.

Porter, who was looking after Sam for relatives for a two-week period, was found guilty of causing and failing to prevent unnecessary suffering of an animal. He was also found guilty of not ensuring the welfare of the pet, who put on 2kg in just 13 days when he was taken to kennels after his ordeal.

Prior to the trial, Porter pleaded guilty to a fourth charge of not ensuring his own pet Candy’s welfare. He failed to take the female border collie to a vet, despite the fact she was clearly in pain and was found to have several tumours. The dog, who was found collapsed on the kitchen floor, had to be put to sleep to end her suffering.

Porter smirked at Sam’s distraught owners as an animal welfare officer described details of their pet’s injuries to the court. Sam suffered deep cuts to his mouth and muzzle, which required stitches, as well as lacerations to his ears. Already wary of people, the unprovoked attack has left Sam  fearful and nervous.

Sentence: 22 weeks in jail, suspended for one year; 200 hours unpaid work; banned for life from ever owning a dog

Barking and Dagenham Post

Redcar, North Yorkshire: Andrew and Daniel Frankish, Redcar

#TheList Andrew Geoff Frankish, born 18/10/1993, and brother Daniel Peter Frankish born 06/01/1997, previously of Redcar but as of July 2018 residing in Waterford Road, Stockton-on-Tees – filmed themselves torturing an English bulldog who later died

Brothers and dog torturers Andrew and Daniel Frankish from Redcar
Brothers and dog torturers Andrew and Daniel Frankish from Redcar. Montage also shows their victim Baby the bulldog.

The drug-addled brothers, who at the time were living with their mother Valerie Frankish, were filmed jumping, headbutting and stamping on the bulldog, named Baby. In a number of the mobile phone clips, Andrew Frankish is seen picking the bulldog up at the top of some wooden stairs – on one occasion lifting her high over his head – before repeatedly throwing her down them.

At one point the voice of his equally depraved brother Daniel says: “See if we can make it scream any more.”

The paralysed dog was put to sleep 3 months later (the time gap allegedly due to her not being taken to the vet for treatment).

Despite RSPCA inspectors describing the cruelty as the most distressing they’ve ever witnessed, both men received suspended jail terms.

Valerie Frankish excused her sons’ behaviour by claiming the drugs they had taken had caused them to be “fucked in the head”.

Andrew Frankish (who now goes by the name Liam Andrew White) and Daniel Frankish (now Peter Daniel White) were sentenced to 21 weeks in prison, suspended for two years, given a six-month tagged curfew between the hours of 8pm-6am and ordered to pay £300 costs.

They were banned from keeping animals for life with no appeal for 20 years.

The Mirror 27/04/2016

Paisley, Renfrewshire: Steven Ferguson

#TheList Steven Edward Ferguson, born 28/04/1985, of 18 Thrushcraig Crescent, Paisley PA2 6PR – left puppy to suffer with (unexplained) broken legs for nine months; the puppy, named Keira, was sadly put to sleep

Dog killer Steven Ferguson of Barochan Crescent, Paisley and his victim Keira
Dog killer Steven Ferguson of Barochan Crescent, Paisley and his victim Keira

Ferguson pleaded guilty to mistreating one-year-old Staffy border collie cross Keira between January and September 2012.
Ferguson took the pup to see a PDSA vet, who confirmed she had a broken femur. But he never took the dog for any further medical treatment and when she was examined nine months later she was found to have a number of other hind leg fractures.

The dog was then taken to a vet to be examined and was deemed to be in such a poor state of health she had to be put to sleep.
Paisley Sheriff Court heard Keira had escaped from Ferguson’s clutches and was found wandering the streets on September 16, 2012.

The Scottish Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) were called after Keira was spotted struggling to walk and an SSPCA Inspector went to investigate.

Procurator fiscal depute Joanne Gilmour, prosecuting, explained: ““The dog was in obvious distress and pain. It was taken to a vet to be examined and x-rays were carried out.

“It was noted the dog had fractures in both hind legs.

“This would have caused severe pain and for some weeks after they had been sustained.

“In the vet’s opinion the dog had suffered unnecessarily through a lack of proper veterinary attention on more than one occasion.

“Due to the extent of the injuries the dog had to be euthanised.”

As Keira had run away from Ferguson’s home the authorities did not know he was her owner and it was a further month, following a campaign to track him down, that he was detained over the incident.
He admitted “failing to provide adequate treatment for multiple fractures to the rear legs of said dog” at an earlier court hearing.

Ferguson could have been jailed for up to a year for neglecting Keira so badly but Sheriff Susan Sinclair opted to spare him a spell behind bars and he left the building as a free man.

Sentence: 12-month Community Payback Order; 200 hours’ unpaid work; banned from keeping animals for 5 years

The Gazette 21/04/2016

Warrington, Cheshire: Lewis Modlinsky

#TheList Lewis Benjamin Modlinsky, born 22/04/1997, previously of Redshank Lane, Warrington and more recently (2017) of 56 Whinchat Drive, Warrington WA3 6PB – tortured and killed a dog.

Dog killer: Lewis Benjamin Modlinsky from Warrington and his helpless victim, Jager
Dog killer: Lewis Benjamin Modlinsky from Warrington and his helpless victim, Jager

Jailed for just 18 weeks in April 2016 for the brutally violent killing of a sweet-natured Staffy, this is feral fiend Lewis Modlinsky previously of Redshank Lane, Birchwood, Warrington, and more recently residing with his grandmother Kay Modlinsky at 56 Whinchat Drive, Warrington WA3 6PB.

Be aware, memorise his dead-eyed vacant face, and protect yourself, your children and your pets from him at all costs.

Dog killer Lewis Modlinsky

The then 18-year-old psycho inflicted a catalogue of injuries on his best friend’s cherished dog, Jager, during a day-long beating, including fractured ribs, a ruptured liver, lung damage, scratches and cigarette burns.

He left Jager’s battered body wrapped up in a baby blanket in the hall for his friend to find on her return from hospital with her new-born baby.

Modlinsky’s bitter parents, Liam and Jenny Modlinsky,  and loathsome bullying aunts Gemma Barnes and Jade Modlinsky protest that he is “just a kid”, as if that’s any excuse for his murderous actions. At 18 years old this lad knew exactly what he was doing.

This family ignore their relative’s taste for cruelty and violence at their peril.

Confront it, deal with it, fix it and for God’s sake if you have any pets keep this beast away from them.

Sentence: 18 weeks in jail. Banned from keeping animals for life.

Manchester Evening News
ITV News

Langport, Somerset: Michael John Wade

#TheList Michael John Wade, born 19/04/1978, from Langport, Somerset – starved his pet dog to within 36 hours of death

Michael John Wade of Langport, Somerset
Michael John Wade of Langport, Somerset, left his dog to starve to death

Wade did not give Dora enough food and when the animal was discovered in his house she was lying on the floor in great distress. She was thin to the point of emaciation and was unable to stand.

She was making a distressed wailing noise and in obvious and extreme distress, and when the defendant was interviewed he admitted she was in a “piss poor, pretty bad condition”.

Wade pleaded guilty to a charge that, between August 12 and November 12, 2015, at Langport, he caused unnecessary suffering to Dora by failing to adequately investigate and treat the cause of her weight loss.

After three weeks of being fed and given proper fluids, Dora had gained three kilograms and was described as “bright and alert”.

However, RSPCA inspector Peter Barton confirmed after the court hearing that the dog later started to develop a series of fits and later had to be put down. But he confirmed the fits could not be confirmed as being caused as a result of the neglect.

Defending solicitor Ray Peters said that Wade had gone through a “traumatic” few years in his personal life and was a full-time carer for his partner Kirstie Louise Cox who apparently suffered from mental health problems.

“There came a time when his partner made it clear that she did not like the dog and it ended up being sidelined,” he said.

He said that Wade also claimed he did not have enough money to get the dog treated by a vet and also had no transport.

He added: “However he sincerely regrets what happened as he was very attached to the dog.”

Sentence: eight-week prison sentence, suspended for two years; a total of £180 costs; disqualified from keeping any animals for the next 10 years (expires April 2026).

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Bristol: Attila Kovacs

#The List Attila Kovacs of Westfield Park, Redland, Bristol – smuggled unlawfully imported puppies into Britain

Attila Kovacs, puppy importer from Hungary
Bristol-based Hungarian illegal puppy importer Attila Kovacs

Hungarian national Kovacs sold unlawfully imported puppies after their history was concealed using false documents.

Kovacs tried to make a business out of selling the pets, after which new owners found they were non-compliant with UK regulations.

Some of the puppies were sick and others were too young to have been given the necessary rabies jabs.

Kovacs pleaded guilty to two counts of engaging in a commercial practice which was a misleading action.The 36-year-old also pleaded guilty to engaging in a commercial practice which contravened the requirements of professional diligence.

The recorder Mr Ignatius Hughes QC told Kovacs: “You did what you did to make money from selling puppies.

“Your business was organised to an extent.

“You were advertising for sales online, you were meeting people, you were giving information as though it was true.

“Much of it was far from the truth.

“Money changed hands and dogs were too young or too ill or non-compliant with regulations in the UK to be kept at home.”

Sentence: 12-month community order, 200 hours of unpaid work; victim surcharge of £60.

BBC News

Connah’s Quay, North Wales: Tracy Roberts

Tracy Roberts of The Highcroft. Connah’s Quay, Wales – failed to  get veterinary attention for pet dog’s severe skin problem; dog named Marshall sadly put to sleep

Tracy Roberts, Connahs Quay

The court was told the nine-year-old bull terrier Marshall – left at Roberts’ home by a former partner – needed constant and probably lifetime treatment for his skin condition but he was said to be aggressive and impossible to handle.

Glen Murphy, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said the charity had been contacted by Roberts’ son who requested the dog be taken in as he could not afford the veterinary treatment required.

An inspector found the dog was of normal bodily condition but had an obvious and severe skin condition.

Marshall was so aggressive at the vet’s that he was taken to an animal centre. He was found to have an acute skin condition and dry eyes. The dog had the condition for at least three months but probably longer, but had not been taken to the vet’s.

The RSPCA had previously given advice on how the dog should be treated and had provided two £30 vouchers for the required medication but they did not seem to have been used.

Probation officer Andrew Connah said Roberts accepted full responsibility and had shown genuine remorse for the way things had turned out.

She had a difficult time over several years; her daughter and her boyfriend had moved in, and she had moved out because of their chaotic lifestyle.

Sentence: 12-month community order with 60 hours of unpaid work, £300 costs and a £60 surcharge; banned from keeping any animal for six years (expires April 2022).

The Leader

Hendon, London NW4: Robert David Koch

#TheList Serial dog killer Robert David Koch (DoB 07/08/1965), of 26B Lodge Rd, Hendon, London NW4 8DG – violently abused nine puppies by beating, choking and stabbing them

Dog killer Robert David Koch and one of his victims
Serial puppy abuser Robert David Koch from Hendon – known to have bought at least one victim from Little Rascals Puppy Farm in Lincoln

Koch “systematically abused” puppies by beating, choking and stabbing them.

And despite being warned not to get any more dogs after horrified inspectors found a dead puppy in his bin with cable ties round his neck, Koch bought more to torture as he was investigated.

One dog, a female cockapoo had her tail almost ripped off, hanging from a small part of skin and tendons, after Koch claimed they had been playing rough. The tail had to be amputated.

Another pup, a tan coloured pug cross called Petra, had her jaw broken after he claimed he fell on her by mistake.

The RSPCA said another dog had been continuously tortured over several months and had suffered from broken bones, haematomas and had bleach sprayed in his eyes.

Koch took the puppies to several different vets and it was only when one reported him to the RSPCA that the full scale of the torture was uncovered.

He had previously pleaded guilty at Hendon Magistrates court to abusing nine puppies between January and October 2015.

The court heard about another dog, a shih tzu cavalier cross called Max, who was taken to another vet, suffering with severe chest injuries, and Koch was warned the pup could die if he wasn’t treated immediately.

Despite the vet’s warnings, Koch refused treatment and left saying he had to check the insurance. The police were contacted by the vet and as a result the RSPCA attended his address.

There they were horrified to  find the deceased remains of a male pup in the refuse bin outside. A cable had been tied around the puppy’s neck and used to choke him.

The court heard despite being warned by officials in June 2015 not to purchase any more animals while he was being investigated, he got more puppies.

Some of the dogs survived the torture and were able to be rehomed, but others had to be put down by vets.

Speaking for the defence, Cameron Collins said a lifetime ban on owning animals was not opposed by his client.

He said: “You are dealing with a man with questionable and weakened mental and emotional fortitude, who had been diagnosed with OCD.”

He told the court Koch, a facilities management consultant specialising in the healthcare industry, and primary carer for his two elderly parents, bought the puppies because he is “isolated from his wife and children” and they were intended to “provide companionship”.

He added: “He does not purchase the animals with the intention of treating them in this manner. He doesn’t use them for fighting. He has simply lost his temper with them and lost control.”

After the sentencing RSPCA DCI Nicole Broster, said: “This was one of the most disturbing cases I have ever worked on. This man systematically violently abused numerous puppies. At first glance it appeared that he was just an owner who had a mishap with his puppy.

“But after piecing bits of the jigsaw together I found a catalogue of events showing he would regularly take different puppies to different vets across the area – all with horrific injuries.

“One puppy had her tail almost completely ripped off, a second had been beaten so severely she has permanent brain damage and will have seizures for the rest of her life. Another had been continuously tortured over several months.

“Thankfully some of the puppies survived but others either died from their injuries or had to be put to sleep.”

“His property was visited by the police where we discovered he had thrown various items of puppy paraphernalia – such as puppy carriers, collars, bowls, medications and soiled puppy pads – into the street and into local communal bins. After being arrested Koch admitted to stabbing a puppy to death but later refused to comment on what he had done or give any further information.

“It really distresses me to think about the fear and pain these poor defenceless animals must have experienced.”

She added: “We are very relieved he has received a ban on keeping all animals for life so that hopefully his reign of terror over these animals can come to an end and he can cause no more suffering.”

Sentence: 26 weeks’ imprisonment; total of £165 in costs; banned from keeping all animals for life.

Daily Mail

In June 2015 notorious Lincoln-based puppy farmers Little Rascals Pets Ltd (now Puppies at Home Ltd), a business owned and operated by Bridgett Donna Dickens, posted a glowing testimonial on their website from one Robert Koch.  Anyone with half a brain knows that puppy farmers don’t care who buys their dogs, and it’s highly likely this is where Koch sourced some if not all of his victims. No questions asked as long as you have the cash.

Robert Koch's testimonial on Little Rascals' website (since removed)
Robert Koch’s testimonial on Little Rascals’ website (since removed)

As at 2018 Koch maintains a profile on LinkedIn as a self-employed facilities manager specialising in healthcare. This is his profile:


Ballymena, County Antrim: Nichola McAvoy

#TheList Nichola McAvoy (aka Nichola Esler), born 25/12/1973,  of Millfield, Ballymena BT43 6PD –  neglected an elderly boxer dog who had to be put to sleep to end his suffering

Nichola McAvoy and Barney, the elderly dog she neglected..
Nichola McAvoy and Barney, the elderly dog she neglected..

McAvoy  pleaded guilty to the charge of failing to ensure the welfare of a Boxer-type dog named Barney.

The charge was brought against McAvoy by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council under the Welfare of Animals Act (NI) 2011.

Barney had to be put down on veterinary advice.

No ban on keeping an animal was imposed by the court

Sentence: one-year conditional discharge, £169.60 costs. No ban.

Ballymena Times 30/03/2016

Macclesfield, Cheshire: Christopher Couper

#TheList Christopher Couper (DoB 11/11/1986) formerly of Park Brook Rd, Macclesfield and as at July 2018 living in Canal Street, Congleton – witnessed dragging a squealing 12wo Staffy along ground, injuring her paws, chin and stomach.

Dog abuser Christopher Couper, Macclesfield
Thug: Christopher Couper, Macclesfield and Roxy, the dog he abused.

Members of the public called the RSPCA when Couper was spotted dragging 12-week-old Roxy along the ground in Somerton Road, Macclesfield, in December 2015.

Roxy was squealing and whimpering as she was pulled across the pavement, leaving her with extensive bruising as well as wounds to her chin, paws and stomach.

RSPCA Inspector Heather Morris confronted Couper who blamed Roxy for not walking properly and that he was drunk.

She said: “Couper said that Roxy, being a young puppy, had a habit of sitting down while being walked.

“She did this while Couper was walking her on this occasion, and instead of stopping with her, he dragged her along very roughly on the pavement and was witnessed shouting abuse and swearing at the young, frightened dog.

“Members of the public intervened, which led to him lifting her up with the lead and dangling her from her collar, before running off and leaving the dog behind.

“Couper said he was drunk – but this is no excuse to treat an animal in this way.

Roxy was signed over to the RSPCA and recovered from her ordeal.

Sentence: four-week curfew, total of £525 costs; banned from keeping animals for 5 years

The Express 06/04/2016
Macclesfield Express 07/04/2016

Further violent offences: