Jodi Ann Chapman, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire

#TheList Jodi Ann Chapman (DoB 12/09/1979) of 5 McColl Avenue, Alexandria – abandoned pet cat for 4 months

Cruel Jodi Ann Chapman from Alexandria, Dunbartonshire and Dillon, the cat she abandoned
Cruel Jodi Ann Chapman from Alexandria, Dunbartonshire and Dillon, the cat she abandoned

Chapman had  left her previous property at Halkett Crescent in May 2015 and not bothered to look for grey and white cat Dillan.

When Scottish SPCA officers found him in September, Dillan was just a week or two from death. He had drunk every drop of water from the toilet and was emaciated, down to just 2.2kg.  His body condition was said to be a one on a scale of five, weighing only 60 per cent of his ideal body weight.

The court her that he would’ve experienced “abdominal pain, joint pain and in prolonged suffering and distress”.

Miraculously, despite his ordeal at the hands of his feckless abuser, Jodi Ann Chapman, Dillan made a full recovery and has a new home.

Chapman pleaded guilty to abandoning Dillan in circumstances likely to cause unnecessary suffering.

Housing officers said they had not been told Chapman had moved out.

When the SSPCA found Chapman, she told them she moved out in May and admitted she had not looked for the cat when she left.

She told them: “The house was doing my nut in. I just wanted to leave.”

Sentence: fined £315; banned from owning or caring for animals for 5 years (expires March 2021)

Dumbarton and Vale of Leven Reporter

Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire: Aron James Balogh

#TheList Hungarian national Aron James Balogh (DoB 19/06/1984), 8A Mitton Way, Tewkesbury, who was found guilty in 2016 of killing his pet dog by breaking her neck.

Hungarian national Aron Balogh, who was found guilty in 2016 of killing his pet dog by breaking her neck.
Monstrous: Balogh killed pet dog Jabby by breaking her neck. He then dumped her body in woodland.

Balogh broke his pet dog’s neck and buried her broken body in woods near Tewkesbury.

The six-year old female grey terrier dog called Jabby, had been living with Balogh and his four housemates for a year. In that time, witnesses had heard him yell at her and hit her several times.

The court was told that on this occasion Balogh had come down the stairs with the body of the small terrier stating ‘I think my dog is dead’.

He went on to put her body in a black sack and left the bag on the patio before, at some time during the early hours, deciding to bury her body in a small grave in some nearby woodland.

A post-mortem examination later revealed that Jabby’s death had been caused by violent force that led to her neck being broken and her spine being severed.

Balogh was found guilty  of using physical violence to kill an animal.

Sentence: Balogh was sentenced to six months in prison and banned from keeping animals for life.

ITV News 24/03/2016

Christopher Dean Cornell of Leicester

#TheList Christopher Dean Cornell (DoB 01/04/1989) of 278 Checkland Road, Thurmaston, Leicester – caused unnecessary suffering to dog during violent domestic incident

Woman and dog beater Christopher Dean Cornell from Thurmaston, Leicester
Headcase Christopher Dean Cornell from Thurmaston, Leicester

Details on this case are sketchy as the animal abuse was just one of a number of charges faced by headcase Cornell, who has a long history of convictions for violence.

The dog pictured is/was Cornell’s dog Kieser, but no information on the nature or extent of the suffering inflicted on him by his alcohol-abusing mentally deficient thug of an owner.

No mention of Cornell being banned from keeping animals either.

The original news item on the Leicester Mercury (since removed) read as follows:

Cornell pleaded guilty to damaging or destroying a door, lighting and plates, value unknown, at a house in Syston on February 29. He was given a community order including six months’ alcohol dependency treatment and rehabilitation activity requirement to attend appointments or take part in activities for up to 10 days. A restraining order was made preventing him from contacting a named person or going to a specified address. Cornell was ordered to pay £50 compensation, £80 costs and a £60 victim surcharge. The sentence also covered a charge of causing unnecessary suffering to a dog on the same date to which he also pleaded guilty.

Nakita Coulter (now Gilmore) of Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland

#TheList Nakita Coulter (DoB 15/12/1989) of Beechfield Avenue, Carrickfergus BT38 7SN – allowed a dog to become emaciated.

Dog abuser Nakita Coulter (now Gilmore)
Nakita Coulter (now Gilmore), a mother-of-two from Carrickfergus, who allowed a dog named Ghostie to become emaciated.

Coulter had denied failing to ensure the welfare of Ghostie but was convicted by Laganside magistrates on Tuesday 15/3/16.

Pictures of the neglected dog on the day she was found reveal her prominent bones and small frame.

The charge was brought against Coulter by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council under the Welfare of Animals Act (NI) 2011.

David Wilson, a spokesman for animal welfare charity the USPCA, said that the council should consider appealing the sentence as it could be viewed as not being tough enough.

“The USPCA would regard this as being a case where the sentence is very lenient and we feel the council welfare should look again at the court’s decision and if possible appeal the sentence,” he said.

“The maximum sentence for that type of offence is five years custodial, though I am not suggesting that is applied here, but I do think if sentences are to act as a deterrent they will have to be handed down on that basis.

“It could be pointed out that banning [Coulter] from keeping pets is available to the court.”

Mr Wilson added: “A person who allows an animal to suffer needlessly in that manner should be banned from keeping animals for life.”

Sentence: conditional discharge and £366 council costs; NO ban.

Belfast Telegraph

Pearl Barker of Darlington, Co Durham

#TheList Pearl Barker of 19 Ardmore Drive, Darlington DL1 3QB – neglected a German Shepherd dog, breached disqualification order twice

Pearl Barker and the German Shepherd dog she allowed to become thin and flea-ridden.
Negligent Pearl Barker and the German Shepherd dog she allowed to become thin and flea-ridden.

Barker had a cat and dog removed from her property in 2008 after an RSPCA vet found her German Shepherd had been neglected.

The dog weighed around 10kg less than the normal weight for his breed and he was found to have a severe flea problem which had not been treated.

The RSPCA issued a disqualification order to stop Barker from keeping any animals from 2008 until November 2018.

But two inspections at Barker’s flat in 2012 and 2015 found she had rabbits, cats and goldfish in her property.

Her original ten-year ban was extended by one year, but in 2016 Barker appealed to have her disqualification overturned.  She told the court she missed the company of animals and hoped magistrates could see she had turned her life around.

But the RSPCA recommended that the ban should remain in place while Barker continues to adjust aspects of her life.

Prosecutor Kevin Campbell said: “This application is premature.

“The law is here to protect the animals and this case is not about her, it’s about the animals – we’re looking out for them.”

Chairman of the bench, Ruth Dent, said: “We’ve judged your application very carefully and while we realise you’ve made changes we feel this application is premature.”

Barker was told she must serve the rest of the ban until at least November 2017 before she can apply to own animals again.

Northern Echo