Heywood, Greater Manchester: Jordan Smith

#TheList Jordan Smith, born 06/06/1995, of 23 Middleton Road, Heywood OL10 2HU – brutally kicked, punched and whipped dog with a belt during a three-month campaign of abuse

Dog abuser Jordan Smith and his unnamed victim
Dog abuser Jordan Smith and his unnamed victim, who recovered from his ordeal

Smith was seen kicking, punching and whipping the male brindle-coloured Staffy with a belt over a three-month period. The shocking attacks were witnessed by his neighbours, who caught some of horrific violence on camera.

Dog abuser Jordan Smith

Smith was first spotted beating the dog in July 2014. The neighbours also witnessed an attack in September 2014 where they heard the 18-month-old dog yelping in the back yard.

The son ran upstairs and saw Smith attacking the dog in the yard from a bedroom window. He describe seeing Smith striking the Staffy with the back of his hand before clenching his fist and punching him several times in the stomach and aiming at least five kicks at him.

The dog was pinned against a fence panel and the blows were so powerful the fence panel began to bend.

Six days later they witnessed another attack in which Smith began by kicking the animal at least four times. He then went inside the house and brought out a belt which he used to whip the dog nine times before kicking him again. This attack was captured by the neighbours on their mobile phone; however only Smith was visible in the footage and not the animal so inspectors needed more conclusive evidence.

Police mugshot of Jordan Smith
Greater Manchester Police mugshot of Jordan Smith

But on September 29th there was another incident, this time fully captured on camera, where Smith punched and kicked the dog several times before throwing one of his boots at him, hitting the dog hard on the neck. He then put a mountain bike in front of him trapping him in the yard before eventually letting him back inside around half an hour later.

Dog abuser Jordan Smith

On none of the occasions did the dog attempt to move but could be heard yelping, crying and making a retching sound.

Dog wardens attended Smith’s house on October 19, 2014, and he gave up the animal who was taken away to be re-homed and he was issued a court summons.

Dog abuser Jordan Smith

Smith admitted a charge of causing the animal unnecessary suffering. The case was adjourned by magistrates for a pre-sentence report to be prepared.

Steve Connor, defending, said: “I concede the video footage shows there are a number of aggravating features including hitting the dog with an object.

“However there is significant mitigation in this case which will be outlined in due course.”

Sentencing: details unknown. Smith failed to show up for his sentencing hearing in April 2016 and remained at large for several months.

Dog abuser Jordan Smith being arrested outside his home

Although he was eventually arrested (the moment even being caught on camera and shared to Facebook!), the newspapers didn’t follow up on his animal cruelty conviction.

Manchester Evening News
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Crawley, West Sussex: Urfan Ahmed

#TheList dog breeder Urfan Ahmed, born c. 1977, of 2 Burdock Close, Crawley RH11 9EH – repeatedly breached his ban on keeping dogs even after one dog mauled his baby niece to death 

Backyard breeder Urfan Ahmed repeatedly ignored court orders banning him from keeping dogs.

Urfan Ahmed, a spray-painter, was fined for breaching a court order banning him from keeping dogs, despite being told he would be jailed if caught again. Aiding and abetting charges brought against Ahmed’s partner, hairdresser Linda Hood of Davis Close, Broadfield, Crawley were dropped and six seized dogs returned to her.

Ahmed was charged with breaching an order banning him from keeping custody of a dog after he was found with one in a field to the south of West Field Place, Lowfield Heath Road, Charlwood, on September 14, 2015.

Ahmed initially pleaded not guilty to the charges but later changed his plea. 

Ahmed was first charged with keeping a prohibited dog under the Dangerous Dogs Act after his 18-month-old niece was killed by one of his dogs in April 2010.

He was found guilty of breaching the five-year disqualification twice and possessing a dog dangerously out of control at a court hearing in 2013.

At the time, a police statement said he was banned from owning a dog until 2023 and fined £1,585.

Backyard breeder Urfan Ahmed repeatedly ignored court orders banning him from keeping dogs.

After the conviction in 2013 Inspector Di Lewis said: “The magistrate told Ahmed during the trial that if he comes before the courts again for keeping dogs, he will be sent to prison.”

Sentencing: Fined £785 and ordered to pay £1,500 court costs with a £75 victim surcharge. Ban expires 2023.

Crawley Observer

Withernsea, East Riding of Yorkshire: Christen Booth

#TheList Christen Lee Booth, born 20/08/1994, most recently of Southfield Avenue, Withernsea HU19 2UE – bit a pitbull terrier-type dog in a bid to control her; treated wounds with shower gel. Dog euthanised due to her breed.

Dog abuser Christen Booth from Withernsea

Booth told RSPCA inspectors his dog had been attacked by a fox while they were on a woodland walk.  He claimed Pebbles, whom he had for 18 months, became aggressive towards him and others following the attack.

Richard Brown said police, responding to a tip-off, visited Booth’s address on July 18, 2015.

“The officer describes seeing a dog with a number of fresh looking wounds, with blood on its face,” said Mr Brown.

“The hair on its body was very thin and bright pink skin was showing underneath.

“It was cowering and shivering in its basket.”

Booth offered “inconsistencies” in his version of events surrounding the fox attack, which led to the RSPCA being called.

With the owner’s consent, Pebbles was taken to a veterinary surgery for treatment. She was suffering from ulcers and inflammation to both eyes, scalding and cuts. It was the view of the vet that “a caustic substance” had also been applied to her coat. Booth was unable to provide an explanation for this.

“An experienced vet came to the conclusion that Pebbles was a banned breed, which falls within section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act,” said the prosecutor.

“Taking that fact and the injuries into account, the decision was taken that it was in the best interests of the dog to euthanise it. The owner had no objections.”

Booth admitted two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, contrary to section 4 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

During interview, Booth told inspectors that he had become concerned about Pebbles’ aggressive demeanour following the fox attack.

“He had found the dog pinning his brother and girlfriend to the floor,” said Mr Brown. “He himself had been attacked, causing puncture wounds to his face.”

Mr Brown then described how Booth had admitted taking matters into his own hands in a bid to calm Pebbles’ rage.

“He decided the best way was to bite the dog and he had been fighting it,” said Mr Brown.

“He also admitted inserting a shower hose into its mouth.”

Booth insisted he had sought medical attention for Pebbles after the fox attack and had been advised to use disinfectant on the numerous injuries.

“He said he was using Lynx shower gel to clean those wounds,” said Mr Brown.

Richard Drew, mitigating, said Booth, who suffers from the behavioural disorder ADHD, had given “the most candid and open” interview to investigators that he had ever heard.

[Original source: Hull Daily Mail – article removed].

Total costs and charges of £770.  20 days’ rehabilitation. Banned from owning, looking after, or keeping dogs for seven years (expires February 2023).

Balham, South-West London: Adam Elliott

#TheList Adam Elliott, born 04/05/1964, of Foxbourne Road, Balham, London SW17 8EW – neglected six puppies and their three-legged mother

Adam Elliott

RSPCA officers discovered three-legged Staffy Caramel and her six puppies in squalid conditions and without food or water at the Morden home Elliott shared with now ex-wife Rebeca.

Neglected three-legged dog Caramel was very thin

Elliott admitted three charges relating to neglect of the dogs – two counts of not feeding them properly, and one of not providing them with a clean place to live.

The puppies, called Susan, Wendy, Jennifer, Carol, Fiona and Alison, and their mother, can now be re-homed.

One of Caramel's underweight puppies

RSPCA inspector Kate Fletcher said: “Caramel, in particular, was worrying.

“You could see her ribs and spine, and the environment was just unacceptable for all of them – especially such young pups – they were living in their own filth.”

Sentence: community order for 100 hours’ unpaid work; £720 in costs; disqualified from keeping dogs for ten years (expires February 2026).

Wimbledon Times