The strange case of Kayleigh McAllister and a St Bernard puppy starved to death

Kayleigh McAllister and her St Bernard dog Luna
McAllister and Luna, the St Bernard whose death by starvation remains unsolved and unpunished.

In  November 2015 the Scottish SPCA‘s case against Kayleigh McAllister of Livingston, West Lothian, for starving to death her one-year-old St Bernard named Luna was dropped because of a legal technicality.

The Sheriff accepted the defence’s submission that the Crown had failed to prove that McAllister was the sole tenant or occupier of the house where the dog was found and therefore the only person legally responsible for her welfare.

The then 28-year-old McAllister, who works as a sales executive, claimed that she had entrusted Luna’s care to a ‘friend’ and it was this ‘friend’ that had left her pet to slowly starve to death in her own filth. McAllister said she was living elsewhere at the time.

Police who searched McAllister’s home in Letham Crescent, Pumpherston, found Luna’s body lying in the kitchen. The kitchen floor was covered in clumps of dog hair and dog faeces, which appeared to be weeks old.

They called in the Scottish SPCA to remove the body from the house.

Senior Scottish SPCA inspector Stuart Murray said he put the dog’s body in a bag to take it for a post-mortem examination.

He said: “I could pick it up quite easily with one hand. Given the breed, I shouldn’t have been able to do that.

“That would definitely have been a two-man lift if it was in good condition. I could basically pick it up with two fingers.”

Mr Murray said he interviewed McAllister who admitted that she was Luna’s owner and was responsible for caring for her.

She told him she had been called by her friend on August 25, 2013 and told her dog was “not that good”.

She told him she went home and sat with the dog “trying to get her to eat and drink”.

She added: “In the early hours she stopped breathing and I had to phone the vets.”

But despite evidence about the dog’s starving condition, McAllister was cleared of causing her pet unnecessary suffering by failing to provide her with adequate nutrition and veterinary care.

In tears outside court, she commented cryptically: “Somebody tried to ruin my life but they never got away with it.”

Original media: Edinburgh Evening News 27/11/15

Queensbury, Bradford: Jamie Sykes Newburn

#TheList backyard breeder Jamie Sykes Newburn, born c. 1973, previously of High Street, Queensbury, Bradford BD13 and as at November 2018 believed  to be in Carlisle, Cumbria – failed to seek help when two bulldog-type puppies received mystery burns at his flat

Dog abuser Jamie Sykes Newburn from Bradford
Dog abuser Jamie Sykes Newburn from Bradford has a history of violence

Newburn admitted two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to the puppies between July and August 2015.

Bradford magistrates heard that Newburn had treated the puppies himself with ointment given to him by a friend, an unauthorised breeder who had previously been prosecuted by the RSPCA.

The alarm was raised by a would-be buyer of one of the puppies who was about to hand over £100 when she noticed wounds to one of the pups, Tasha, and a second, unnamed pup.

The woman asked Newburn about the injuries and then burst into tears. She described Newburn as “unconcerned, laughing and smiling,” prosecutor Andrew Davidson told the court.

Dog abuser Jamie Sykes Newburn from Bradford

Newburn told the woman that the injuries may have been caused by a radiator or by a larger dog.

A vet who examined the puppies described the injuries as burns or scalds that would have caused a great deal of pain.

One of the injuries was eighteen centimetres long and about two centimetres wide. The unnamed puppy also had a burn under its left ear.

Dog abuser Jamie Sykes Newburn from Bradford

Mr Davidson said an aggravating feature of the case was the “quite severe” suffering caused to the animals and the “fairly sinister” nature of the injuries.

He said injuries to one puppy might be understandable but “two such injuries is clearly a serious case of neglect, however these injuries have arisen.”

Mr Davidson said the puppies had been denied treatment for two weeks and it had been suggested that it was a case of “commercial breeding of puppies for financial gain.”

Upkar Bahia, for Newburn, said his client accepted he had been responsible for the welfare of the puppies.

Newburn accepted the ointment treatment was inadequate and that he ought to have taken the pups to see a vet.

Mr Bahia told magistrates that Newburn did not have any previous convictions of a similar nature and he hadn’t intended to cause any unnecessary suffering.

Magistrates decided to ask the Probation Service to provide a pre-sentence report after hearing that Newburn has previous convictions involving violence.

The defendant was warned by magistrates that they were keeping open all sentencing options, including imprisonment.

The case was adjourned for sentencing on December 18, 2015. Newburn was granted unconditional bail.

Speaking after the hearing, RSPCA inspector Sophie John said: “The injuries to these two puppies were terrible, and no doubt caused a great deal of suffering.

“One of the burns was 18 centimetres long and two centimetres wide, running almost the whole way down the puppy’s side. It was shocking to see. It would have been clear to anyone that it needed urgent treatment.

“We still don’t know how the injuries came to happen, but what we do know is that Newburn failed to seek appropriate veterinary care to treat them as was his responsibility.”

Unconfirmed but believed to be probation and a 12-year ban on keeping animals.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus

High Wycombe, Bucks: Jamie-Lee McVey

Jamie-Lee McVey, born 20/01/1988, previously of Pettifer Way, High Wycombe but currently (2018) of Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V – abandoned dog and kitten in flat to starve to death.

Jamie-Lee McVey, most recently of Northgate, Canterbury, left a dog and cat to starve to death in a filthy abandoned flat
Jamie-Lee McVey, most recently of Northgate, Canterbury, left a dog and cat to starve to death in a filthy abandoned flat

The severely decomposed bodies of Patterdale terrier Molly and a 10mo black kitten Nut Nut were discovered in McVey’s former flat in Pettifer Way, High Wycombe, in March 2015 following reports of a foul smell from the property. McVey had abandoned her pets some four months earlier for reasons unknown.

Jamie-Lee McVey, most recently of Northgate, Canterbury, left a dog and cat to starve to death in a filthy abandoned flat
Vile Jamie-Lee McVey is originally from High Wycombe, Bucks

McVey pleaded guilty to two counts of failing to meet the needs of two animals and received her paltry sentence on Wednesday 18.11.15.

Molly was found on the floor next to a sofa, while Nut Nut was found next to a crate in the property.

Jamie-Lee McVey, most recently of Northgate, Canterbury, left a dog and cat to starve to death in a filthy abandoned flat
Patterdale terrier Molly was abandoned alongside kitten Nut Nut and the pair of them starved to death.

The court heard that post-mortem examination showed the deaths were due to starvation and dehydration.

RSPCA inspector Sara Hughes said it was one of the saddest cases she has had to deal with.

She said: “It was absolutely heartbreaking to see the bodies of these two animals in this way. It was obvious that they had died slowly and painfully as they were both completely emaciated.

“I can’t even begin to imagine how scared and distressed they must have been, not knowing where their next meal was coming from. On top of that, they were so thirsty that they had drank the toilet bowl dry.

“The bodies had been there so long that they had stuck to the floorboards and were just liquified inside. As RSPCA inspectors, we come across so many horrific cases and it is hard to forget them. This is one which has stayed in my mind ever since because it was so upsetting.”

Sentence: 18 weeks in prison suspended for 2 years; £580 costs; disqualified from keeping animals for life

Bucks Free Press

Southport, Merseyside: Emma Jane Hinton

#TheList Emma Jane Hinton (aka Aelswith Torid Haugen), born 30/08/1987, most recently (August 2019) of Summerford Close, Birkenhead CH42 5ND – abandoned a Doberman dog in a flat without food and water for at least seven days; dog euthanised

The RSPCA attended a flat in Dale Rd, Liverpool following a call from a member of the public and found Doberman Tyson emaciated and riddled with fleas. He was so thirsty he’d drank the toilet bowl dry.

Dog killer Emma Jane Hinton of Birkenhead, Wirral, Merseyside and Dobermann Tyson who died after being abandoned by Hinton
Dog killer Emma Jane Hinton of Birkenhead, Wirral, Merseyside and Dobermann Tyson who died after being abandoned by Hinton

Sadly the eight-year-old dog was so poorly he had to be put down the following day.

RSPCA inspector Helen Smith said: “Tyson was so weak that he couldn’t even walk up the steps to get to the vets.

“When he was examined, the vet said that it was one of the worst cases of fleas they had ever seen. There were literally thousands of fleas coming out of his skin and the vet said Tyson was literally being eaten alive by fleas.”

Dog killer Emma Jane Hinton, now Aelswith Haugen, and her tacky 'Got Milk' tattoos.
Dog killer Emma Jane Hinton, now Aelswith Haugen, sports tacky ‘Got Milk’ tattoos on her breasts.

Ms Smith added: “The damage had already been done and sadly he was so weak and ill that it was kinder for him to be put to sleep.

“The vet believed that to be in the state he was in, he would have had no food for at least seven days. Tyson had no water and was so thirsty that he was drinking from the toilet. The toilet bowl was dry when he was found.

“This is such a sad case and it is one which has stuck with me. It is very heartbreaking as poor Tyson would have suffered greatly. There is absolutely no excuse to treat an animal like this.”

Dog killer Emma Jane Hinton is now calling herself Aelswith Torid Haugen

Hinton admitted two charges of causing unnecessary suffering and not ensuring the needs of the eight-year-old dog were met.

Sentence: 22 weeks in prison, £600 fine; disqualified from keeping animals for 10 years (expires November 2025).


News and updates on convicted dog killer Emma Jane Hinton

Wigan, Greater Manchester: Aaron John Butler

#TheList Aaron John Butler, born 27/6/1990, Flat 2, 29 Upper Dicconson Street, WiganWN1 2AG – caused unnecessary suffering to a dog called Ben by kicking him in the face.

Aaron John Butler from Wigan kicked this dog in the face.
Aaron John Butler from Wigan kicked this dog in the face. The extent of the injuries caused are unknown due to poor reporting.

No further details available.

Total of £680 fines, costs and charges.  Banned from keeping animals for just two years (expired November 2017).

Wigan Today