Bolsover, Derbyshire: James Hill and brother Thomas Hill

#TheList James David Robert Hill (DoB 22/07/1993) and younger brother Thomas Hill (DoB 25/07/1994) originally from Bolsover, Chesterfield – punched and kicked a blind and deaf dog to death.

Thomas and James Hill of Bolsover, Chesterfield
Bolsover dog killers Thomas and James Hill, who subjected an elderly deaf and blind mongrel to a terrifying ordeal, ending in his death from multiple injuries

The court heard that Thomas Hill, who as at July 2018 lives at 2 Hillcrest Close, Bolsover S44 6FJ and James Hill, formerly of the same address but now of 3 Spring Villas, Market Street, Ilkeston DE7 5RB, subjected elderly mongrel Tyson to a terrifying ordeal while they were high on the drug MCAT and drunk,

Magistrates heard James Hill used a poker to kill Tyson – after he was thrown across a room, and kicked and punched by the pair.

Prosecuting solicitor Rod Chapman said: “Thomas picked up Tyson and threw him across the room.

“As the dog was mid-air, James punched it. Witnesses said this was repeated a second time. James then kicked the dog.

“The witnesses said they were appalled but didn’t intervene because they feared the brothers would turn on them.”

John Wilford, mitigating, said James Hill – who arrived at court almost two hours late – admitted using a poker to kill the animal. A vet’s report concluded the dog died because of blunt trauma to his head.  He also suffered a broken jaw and a tooth was knocked out.

The brothers pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal  after originally pleading not guilty.

James Hill – who has 17 previous convictions – admitted criminal damage and arson and Thomas Hill – who has seven previous convictions – also admitted arson.

The brothers showed no remorse as they were each sentenced to 23 weeks in prison.

Sentence: 23 weeks in prison 


Canterbury, Kent: Robbie Knight

#TheList Robbie Knight, born 09/03/1986, of  21 St. Johns Crescent, Tyler Hill, Canterbury CT2 9NB –  serial dog abuser who beat and kicked a Staffy named Zeus on several occasions

Robbie Knight kicked his dog Zeus

Knight “booted” Staffordshire bull terrier Zeus several times, leaving him in severe pain.

On January 26, 2015, RSPCA inspector Rachel Leafe attended Knight’s home and noticed Zeus was limping.

He had two strips of fur missing from his back, a small wound at the base of his tail covered in dried blood, and his left hind leg was significantly larger than his right.

Sophie Reid, prosecuting, told magistrates in Folkestone: “Mr Knight said the missing fur happened a while ago when he jumped onto the kitchen side and knocked the kettle over.

“He said he had been limping for four or five days. He said that he kicked Zeus once because he didn’t like bathing and had bitten his middle finger when he tried to do it.”

Inspector Leafe left the property and shortly after received a telephone call from a member of the public, who said they had seen Knight kicking Zeus as well as beating and throwing stones at him on several occasions. She returned to St Johns Crescent to take the dog away for an assessment by vets, to which Knight consented.

Vet Rachel Croucher said Zeus was limping heavily, had an extremely swollen thigh area stretching round the back of his leg and was resistant to examination, indicating he was in “severe pain”. She added the injuries were consistent with a blunt force trauma.

Speaking after the sentencing, Inspector Rachel Leafe said: “After we received a complaint I was able to visit Zeus quickly and therefore saw the extent of his injuries, the kick had had a big impact on him.

“There is never any need to react to a dog in this way. “Hopefully he can now move on and get rehomed and be given a second chance in life.

“He is a lovely dog with great markings and a brilliant personality so I’m sure someone will come forward to rehome him.”

120 hours of unpaid work in the community; £1,000 costs. Banned from keeping dogs for life.