Oswestry, Shropshire: Quade Adams

#TheList Quade Roy Adams (DoB 07/06/1992) originally from Weston Rhyn, Oswestry, Shropshire, and more recently (2018) Y Bwthyn, Tregaron, Ceredigion, Wales SY25 –  killed a 5-month-old chocolate brown toy poodle called Emi and a 7-month-old ragdoll kitten, Toast

Photo composite showing Quade Adams and his victims puppy Emi and kitten Toast
Monster: Quade Roy Adams now of Tredegar, Wales, and his victims Emi and Toast

Emi suffered a chipped eye socket, broken pelvis and 3 broken ribs, resulting in her being put down. Toast had suffered abdominal injuries and a ruptured spleen, consistent with being stamped on and/or kicked.

Adams denied two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to Toast and one of causing unnecessary suffering to Emi but was found guilty.

Sentence: 12 weeks in jail, £500 contribution towards costs; indefinite ban on keeping animals (minimum 5 years).

Shropshire Star 20/05/2015

Calshot, Southampton: Jennifer Maslen

#TheList serial animal abuser Jennifer Maslen, born c. 1958, most recent known address Tristan Close, Calshot, Southampton SO45 1BN – lived in a dirty, cramped caravan with seven dogs

Repeat animal abuser Jennifer Maslen was living in a 'dirty' and 'cramped' caravan in Southampton with seven dogs
Repeat animal abuser Jennifer Maslen was living in a ‘dirty’ and ‘cramped’ caravan in Southampton with seven dogs

RSPCA inspectors discovered Jennifer Maslen, who is known to have two previous convictions for animal cruelty, was living in a “dirty” and “cramped” caravan that smelt of urine with seven dogs.

One of the dogs was suffering with a skin infection, which had caused him to lose his hair. Another had open wounds on his neck and leg. Neither dog had been taken to the vet. The court heard that she had treated one dog with medication that was more than ten years out of date and contained arsenic.

One of Jennifer Maslen's victims lurcher Mandy, who was taken into RSPCA care in June 2014 over concerns she had a skin infection
Lurcher Mandy was taken into RSPCA care in June 2014 over concerns she had a skin infection

Maslen, who is originally from New Zealand and has used the names Cassidy Sinclair, Polly Campbell and Lisa Ballard in the past, had already been banned from keeping animals in Ireland and also has a lifetime UK ban on keeping horses under the name Jennifer Nowell Brooks (apparently she killed a horse by slitting his throat though we can’t find details of the case to confirm this).

This time she was accused of failing to provide a safe, clean and suitable environment for seven dogs and failed to meet the needs of three dogs by not seeking adequate treatment for them.

After concerns were raised about dogs living in the caravan in December 2013, RSPCA Inspector Patrick Bailey visited to assess the dogs.

Giving evidence, Inspector Bailey said one dog, a lurcher called Reggie, had lost 40% of his fur and had “red raw” skin.

Four of Maslen’s dogs raised no concerns, but a greyhound named Pooh Bear had a large wound to his neck and another on his leg, which Maslen said was caused by a fox fight.

Maslen told him she had not taken either dog to the vet because she had been treating them herself. This included a treatment for cattle which expired in 2002 and tablets prescribed for a dog she no longer had.

Inspector Bailey said: “One of the products being used isn’t even designed for dogs so I would expect a reasonable person to consult a vet.”

Concerned about so many dogs of that size living inside such a small space, Inspector Bailey inspected the caravan, which he described as “dirty and grubby” and smelt of ammonia.

He was told the room at the front of the 18ft caravan was the “poo room” for the dogs and found conditions “wholly unsuitable”.

All six dogs were taken into the care of the RSPCA.

Prosecutor Mrs Wheadon also told the court that another of Maslen’s dogs, a lurcher called Mandy, was taken into RSPCA care in June 2014 over concerns she had a skin infection and was being left for up to nine hours a day.

Giving evidence Maslen told the court she had taken Reggie off someone else after she found him living in “horrific” conditions.

She said she feared going to a vet as she felt she was in a “vulnerable” position.

When under cross examination about the conditions in the caravan she insisted there was enough space for the dogs to be comfortable.

She added that she did take Mandy to a vet but not Pooh Bear as he was not displaying any changes in behaviour.

Sentencing: 12-month prison sentence suspended tor 24 months. £2,000 costs. 10-year ban on keeping dogs (expires May 2025). Deprivation order on her remaining dogs.

Previous cruelty case from May 2008 when Maslen lived in Abbeyleix, Co Laois, Ireland.

Jennifer Maslen then known as Cassidy Sinclair
Jennifer Maslen then known as Cassidy Sinclair

Maslen, who at the time was known as Cassidy Sinclair and ran a dog rescue centre, was found guilty of cruelty to more than 40 animals under her care.

The Irish court heard that the dogs were living in a 12-inch deep “slurry mixture” of their own excrement and urine and that many of them had open wounds requiring immediate surgery.

Sergeant John Malone, of Abbeyleix Garda Station, told the court that on entering Ms Sinclair’s house he “had to go back out a few times on point of vomiting due to the smell of faeces and dog urine.”

He said there was a pile of dog faeces in the kitchen measuring two-foot high by four-foot wide and that there were “animal bones scattered on the floor”.

Brendan Hughes, animal welfare inspector with the ISPCA said he called to Ms Sinclair’s house on March 12, 2008.

Mr Hughes said he found 20 dogs living in a compound measuring 20ft by 30ft and a small garden shed.

He said there were also many dogs living in horrific conditions inside Ms Sinclair’s house.

Dogs at the so-called rescue centre operated by Maslen, then known as Cassidy Sinclair, were found living in horrifying conditions
Dogs at the so-called rescue centre operated by Maslen, then known as Cassidy Sinclair, were found living in horrifying conditions

Many of the dogs had bite wounds caused through fighting over the bones and that there was no fresh water left out for the animals.

Mr Hughes returned to Sinclair’s house the following day accompanied by gardai and a vet and seized 27 dogs.

The ISPCA subsequently seized a further 19 dogs from Sinclair in follow-up searches.

David Fagan, the vet who attended the scene, told the court that 12 of the dogs needed urgent treatment to wounds and that eight required stitches and five required antibiotic treatment for infections.

Mr Fagan said the dogs had been “living in fear and distress” and they had been allowed to “suffer unnecessarily”.

Ms Sinclair told the court she had been “running a dog rescue of sorts” and that from January to March of 2008 “things went berserk”.

She said she sought help from rescue groups including the ISPCA but that she did not receive any.

She told the court she “was going nuts” and that people were leaving dogs tied to her gateposts.

Judge Haughton said he had never seen anything like this in his 17 years on the bench and said there was evidence of long-term neglect of the dogs in Ms Sinclair’s care.

He fined Ms Sinclair €500 and prohibited her from keeping any dog again for the rest of her life. Sinclair later appealed unsuccessfully and a six-month suspended prison sentence was applied to her sentence.


Lytham St Annes, Lancashire: Stephanie Curwen

#TheList Stephanie Kathleen Carol Curwen, born 12/01/1991, of Walter Avenue, Lytham St Annes FY8 3DR – deliberately let her dog off his lead and goaded him to chase and kill a kitten

Stephanie Curwen from Lytham St Annes, Lancashire. deliberately set her dog on a 6mo cat, killing him
Stephanie Curwen from Lytham St Annes, Lancashire. deliberately set her dog on this 6mo cat, killing him

In July 2014 Curwen was captured on CCTV walking her dog Duke near her home in St Annes, Lancashire, when her neighbour’s black cat emerged.

Curwen, who had Duke on a lead, released him after watching him lunge towards the Bengal cat, named Regi, and then laughed as he chased him.

After clawing Regi, down from the top of a gate, Duke carried him in his mouth until passing neighbours intervened.

Regi later died from two puncture wounds in the neck.

Mother-of-three Curwen admitted causing an animal to fight and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

The court heard how she made no attempt to rein in her dog when he began snapping at the small cat.

RSPCA prosecutor Jonathan Fail said: ‘Throughout the whole of the attack, the female made no attempt to stop it.  In effect she seemed to be encouraging the whole incident.’

Curwen was given a 24 month prison sentence suspended for 18 months 

Mr Fail said a man who saw the attack tried to intervene and save Regi after he saw him in Duke’s mouth.  The dog was shaking the kitten and, after he was forced to drop him, the cat only lived for a few minutes.

The witness said Curwen was saying “naughty dog” but her words had no real meaning.

When Curwen was questioned about the incident she said she had only had the dog a week and did not know what he was like and did not know his temperament.

She told RSPCA investigators that after the incident people had gone round to her home shouting and screaming at her.

A vet carried out a post mortem on Regi and found he had died from two puncture wounds, one of which caused a pulmonary haemorrhage.

Mr Fail said: “It was a trauma which caused the kitten significant suffering and pain.”

Speaking outside court, Regi’s owner said she would rather have seen the woman go to jail after being told the attack – which lasted six minutes – was over ‘in a split second’.

‘I’m happy about the ban but she should have gone to prison for what she did,’ said Lesley-Anne Brockleburst

‘Hopefully then it might sink in what she did, and how cruel it was. She’s not sorry for her actions, she hasn’t gone out of her way to apologise to me and my family.

‘She seemed to be getting a lot of pleasure out of it so maybe it’s not the first time she’s done something like this.’

Convinced it was Curwen’s encouragement and not the animal’s disposition which led to the attack, Mrs Brockleburst said she was happy the dog had been re-homed.

‘I have never wanted the dog to be destroyed. It was quite clear that it was only doing what it was told to do.’

24-week suspended jail sentence; total of £280 costs and charges. Ten-year ban on the owning of all animals (expires May 2025). 

Daily Mai