Stanley, County Durham: Paul Carroll

#TheList Paul Carroll, born 24/07/1963, of 50 Mitchell Street, South Moor, Stanley, Co Durham, drowned his dog and dismembered her body – then blamed black magic for her death.

Paul Carroll from Stanley, Co Durham, drowned Bedlington terrier Molly (pictured) in the bath and then dismembered her body
Paul Carroll drowned Bedlington terrier Molly (pictured) in the bath and then dismembered her body

Carroll  held Bedlington terrier Molly underwater in a bath, then tried to bury her at the Hat and Feather Inn pub near Consett. Fearing the dog’s body would be discovered, he cut it up in to a number of pieces and put it down the drain at the back of the property. Molly’s dismembered body was found by drainage workers called to unblock it.

RSPCA inspectors and police removed a further three dogs and a snake from the house, which was littered with excrement, once the investigation was launched in January 2015.

Margaret Carroll  was originally charged with helping her husband drown the dog but was later cleared. She is currently serving a four-year jail sentence  for starting a fire at the family home, alongside daughter Katrina Livingstone, in an attempted suicide bid.

Sentence: 18 weeks’ custody, suspended for 12 months, supervision order. Banned from keeping animals for ten years (expires February 2025).

Daily Mail

Barrhead, Glasgow: Sam John Andrews

#TheList Sam John Andrews (DoB 17/12/1988) formerly of Barrhead and more recently (2018) Craig Road, Neilston, Glasgow – caught on CCTV dragging and beating a  terrified Staffy and tormenting him with a cigarette lighter

Photo of convicted dog abuser Sam Andrews and his victim Scooby
Dog abuser Sam Andrews and his victim Scooby

Andrews pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering after being caught on camera whipping Scooby with his lead and terrorising him with a naked flame.  Andrews was seen dragging Scooby backwards on his lead and then repeatedly striking the animal, causing him to cower and shake.

Andrews also hit the dog with his hand, forced him to the ground, with his foot planted firmly on his back, and then sparked a cigarette lighter which he held close to his face.

Police were alerted and Andrews was traced and arrested.

Inspectors from the Scottish SPCA who rescued Scooby discovered the frightened Staffy was underweight. He was later rehomed.

Sentence:  6 months in jail; 10-year ban on keeping animals (expires February 2025).

Barrhead News 10/02/2015