Colchester, Essex: Neil Lewis

#TheList Neil Lewis, born c. 1942, of Flanders Field, Colchester CO2 8BX – drowned lodger’s pet cat after she knocked over a model aeroplane

Neil Lewis from Colchester took a dislike to his lodger's cat and drowned her in the River Colne.
Neil Lewis from Colchester took a dislike to his lodger’s cat and drowned her in the River Colne.

Lewis took a dislike to the animal who had been brought home by Alexander Hammond when he found her wandering at a railway station while a kitten.

The pensioner then came to hate the cat as she grew up.

Colchester Magistrates’ Court heard that Lewis became “fed up” with the cat after she knocked over his model aeroplane.

A passer-by later spotted him taking the creature in a pet carrier to the side of the River Colne, before submerging her into the murky waters.

Police were called and the cat was rushed to a vet, but there was nothing that could be done.

Lewis pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Sentence: 18-week prison sentence, suspended for two years, Lifetime ban on keeping animals.

Daily Gazette

Wakefield/Pontefract: Todd Jenkinson and Luke Kendall

#TheList Todd Jenkinson, born 23/02/1989, formerly of Wesley Street in South Elmsall, and as at September 2019 of Abbott Terrace, Wakefield WF1 5PU, and Luke James Kendall, born c. 1986, formerly of Middlecliff Lane, Little Houghton, and now Wakefield Road, Ackworth, Pontefract WF7 7AH – for poaching offences

Luke Kendall
Luke Kendall

Todd Jenkinson and accomplice Luke Kendall faced two charges of entering land at Eastoft, Amcotts and Garthorpe with high powered spot lamps for the purpose of taking or destroying game.

Sentencing: both fined £200.

Gainsborough Standard

Todd Jenkinson is a known associate of Dale Shields and Murphy Thorne, who were convicted of badger baiting in September 2019. An active member of notorious Facebook group ‘Let the dog see the hare’ until its removal in August 2019, Jenkinson made no secret of his lust for killing wild animals with dogs. Disturbingly, his reaction to an upsetting post showing a deceased and decomposing lurcher-type dog was one of amusement. He suggested that the poor animal be revived with “purple spray” ( a hilarious group in-joke) and when challenged over his callous attitude said that everyone should “lighten up” and “dunt tek life t serious” (sic).

Kingston Upon Hull: Suzanna Falconer and Raymond Spires

#TheList Suzanna Falconer, born 1973, and Raymond Spires, born c. 1990, of Albert Avenue, West Hull HU3, for neglecting banned breed dog; dog put to sleep on BSL grounds; Falconer in breach of animal ban for starving 13 pet rats to death.

Photo shows Suzanna Falconer, Raymond Spires and their neglected pitbull Tia, who was put to sleep after being found to be a banned breed.
Suzanna Falconer, Raymond Spires and their neglected pitbull Tia, who was put to sleep after being found to be a banned breed.

Tia had to be put to sleep after RSPCA inspectors found her at the home where Suzanna Falconer lived with her partner Raymond Spires.

The dog was suffering from a skin condition and was later found to be a pit bull, a breed banned in the UK.

Falconer, who was banned from keeping animals for five years in 2012 after starving 13 rats to death, pleaded guilty to breaching her disqualification order and failing to meet Tia’s needs.

A spokesman for the RSPCA said: “The RSPCA takes breaches of disqualification orders very seriously.

“Unfortunately, in this case, it is clear that no lessons had been learnt by Falconer, despite a disqualification from keeping animals.

“She not only breached the terms of the court order but sadly went on to fail to give Tia the care she needed.”

Spires also pleaded guilty to failing to meet the needs of Tia and aiding and abetting the breach of Falconer’s disqualification order.

Falconer was originally banned from keeping animals for five years after neglecting a rabbit called Bugsy, three ferrets and 13 rats and for causing unnecessary suffering to a hedgehog at her previous home in Downing Grove, east Hull.

The rats were found dead in cages in the shed having been starved to death.

The hedgehog had been kept in captivity and was emaciated.

Falconer had not fed the ferrets properly or protected them from pain, injury, disease and suffering.

Her partner at the time Andrew Gill, was also convicted of the same offences and went on to be banned for a further 20 years after he left his four dogs without food and water or bedding.

RSPCA inspectors and police raided Gill’s house again in September 2013 where they found 20 fish, a corn snake, two Staffordshire bull terriers called Zane and Patch, two terriers called Dufus and Meg, two cats and six kittens.

Dufus and Meg were confined to the kitchen and had been eating out of the bin.

Zane and Patch were found in the rubbish-strewn garden, where there was broken glass jars, rusty metal tins and exposed metal chair springs.

Falconer – eight-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, £350 costs, £80 victim surcharge.
Spires – 80 hours of unpaid work, £350 costs and £60 victim surcharge.
Both were banned from keeping animals for seven years (expires November 2021) .

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