Bradford, West Yorkshire: Gary Marshall

#TheList Gary Steven Marshall, born 16/08/1985, of Fagley Croft, Bradford BD2 3JQ – attacked family dog in a drunken rage; also attacked two women

Gary Marshall was given a nine-month sentence over the incident in which he flung his girlfriend’s pet miniature schnauzer against a wall.

Marshall also picked up a toy pram and battered his girlfriend over the head and back with it during attack at her home in Wakefield.

Leeds Crown Court heard Marshall and his partner had been out in Leeds city centre on August 16, 2014, to celebrate his birthday.

He became aggressive during the evening after taking cocaine and drinking.

Christopher Dunne, prosecuting, said Marshall began approaching strangers and picking fights with them. His partner decided to leave and caught a taxi alone to their home on Copeworth Drive, Hall Green.

Marshall also caught a taxi and turned violent with his partner in the bedroom. He turned the bed over and began shouting abuse at her.

She ran downstairs but Marshall followed her and attacked the dog when it began barking.

Marshall then kicked the kitchen door off its hinges and said to the babysitter: “I don’t like your presence. It’s your fault.”

Marshall then hit his partner with the pram when she tried to intervene. He stopped the two women from leaving the house and grabbed the babysitter when she tried to leave.

Police arrived at the property and arrested Marshall. He pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm, common assault and causing unnecessary suffering to a dog.

James Lake, mitigating, said Marshall, now of Fagley Croft, Bradford, was ashamed of his actions.

Judge Neil Clark said: “Your victim was vulnerable, this was a sustained attack and a weapon was used.”

Sentence: total of nine months in jail.

Source: Yorkshire Evening Post (article removed).

Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent: Christopher Stock

#TheList Christopher Stock, born around 1990, of Wiltshire Way, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN2 – for kicking Mastiff cross Sandy “flying in to a wall” at pub

Convicted dog abuser Christopher Stock and mastiff cross Sandy

Stock  was convicted in his absence of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

The court heard Stock was outside the Guinea Butt pub in Calverley Road on May 14, 2014, when the incident occurred.

A pub employee spotted the crime when he was watching CCTV from the pub’s system. He saw Stock kicking his dog Sandy with enough force she went flying into the wall about a yard away.

Andrew Kirby from the RSPCA visited Stock two days later at his home.

Prosecuting for the RSPCA, Andrew Wiles, said that Stock told Mr Kirby he was ‘off his head’ and lost his temper, but knew it didn’t excuse him kicking the dog.

Mr Kirby said: “There is no doubt that the defendant caused a lot of unnecessary suffering to this poor dog.

“He kicked her very hard on her side and the force was strong enough to knock the 33kg dog off her feet and send her flying across the floor.

“She visibly flinched and ran off in distress.”

The mastiff was later taken for examination by a local vet, Jason Hadley. He was shown the CCTV footage, and said the animal was ‘clearly kicked hard’.

The court heard Stock had previous convictions including for violence but none involving animals.

Mr Wiles said the RSPCA had put the dog in boarding kennels and that Scott had “declined to relinquish” her.

He also said that when Scott was sentenced there would be a case for a deprivation, meaning Sandy could be rehomed permanently.

Sentence: unknown

Kent Online


Ashton-Under-Lyne, Greater Manchester: Alexander Walker

#TheList Alexander Walker, born 14/05/1977, of Cote Royd, Caroline Street, Ashton-under-Lyne OL6 6NT –  kept six fighting dogs in squalid mess next to bloodied corpse of another dog

Callous Alexander Walker  currently of Ashton-under-Lyne but with links to Prestwich and Bury
Callous Alexander Walker, foul conditions inside his filthy flat and one of the dogs found there

As the newspapers failed to follow-up in this case, we contacted Manchester & Salford Magistrates Court who kindly provided details of Walker’s sentence.

Earlier in 2014 Walker had pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering and failing to care for his dogs after police caught him digging a grave for a dead dog in woods.

The bulldog called Major died after being savagely attacked in a park by another dog two days before the find

Walker kept three adult American Bulldogs and three puppies next to the wounded corpse at his home in Prestwich for two days.

After following Walker to his flat an inspector found the floor was filled with rubbish and needles. All of the animals had severe wounds from regular fights and excrement was caked into their paws.

The remains of a cannabis factory were also found, and the only food in the flat was a piece of cake next to Major’s corpse.

Although Walker had been warned he could be imprisoned for up to a year and fined up to £20,000 for the neglect, he received just two months in jail.

Sentence (Oct ’14): two months’ imprisonment. Disqualified from keeping any animal for life

Manchester Evening News
The Mirror

Bolton Woods, Bradford: Kelly Harrison

#TheList Kelly Harrison, born c. 1989, of Bolton Hall Road, Bolton Woods, Bradford BD2 – neglected three horses so badly that two of them had to be put down

Harrison pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to three horses – one of which survived and was re-homed.

The three horses – aged between seven and nine months – were found in an “extremely thin state” by RSPCA officers and needed worming. One of them had collapsed in the field, the court was told.

Nigel Monaghan, prosecuting, said: “There was no supplementary food supply for them and a very small amount of dirty water on offer. The grass in the field was very poor, the field was very muddy and there was no shelter.”

He added: “They were all suffering due to a poor diet. They had been neglected for weeks to a few months, according to the vet.”

In mitigation, the court was told that Harrison had never intended to cause the horses any suffering and had fed them a bale of hay each day.

Her solicitor John Raj said “circumstances overtook her and, particularly, her lack of knowledge”.

He: “She was simply unable to cope with this enormous task of looking after three ponies with very little money.”

The court heard that Harrison, of Bolton Hall Road, Bolton Woods, had bought two of the horses for between £15 and £20 and was given the third free. It was said that the animals were already in a poor state of health when she took them on, which she did out of pity.

Sentencing.  80 hours of unpaid work. Total costs and charges of £250.  Banned from keeping or having any care of horses for ten years (expires October 2024)

Telegraph and Argus

In September 2015 Harrison was back in court after breaching her disqualification order.  She was photographed riding horses at the annual travellers fair in Appleby, Cumbria in contravention of her ban. She was told to pay a total of £500. 

Craigavon. County Armagh: Andrew Richard Stewart and Jamie Downey

#TheList Andrew Richard Stewart, born 26/07/1991, of 15 Waverley Court , Lisburn BT28 1TF, and Jamie Downey, born c. 1991, of 1 Chestnut Hall Avenue, Moira, Craigavon BT67 0GG – poured flammable liquid over a border collie dog and set her alight. The dog, Cody, never recovered from her injuries and had to be put to sleep two weeks later.

Dog killer Andrew Richard Stewart, his accomplice Jamie Downey and their victim border collie Cody, who died from her injuries.
Dog killer Andrew Richard Stewart, his accomplice Jamie Downey and their victim border collie Cody, who died from her injuries.

An infamous animal cruelty incident which took place in Northern Ireland in August 2012, although the two animal abusers in question were only brought to justice in October 2014.

A family photo of much cherished pet Cody
A family photo of much cherished pet Cody

Cody, a three-year-old border collie, had followed Stewart and Downey from her home in Maghaberry, Co Antrim, to a quarry where Stewart doused her in diesel and set her alight. The three-year-old dog was so badly burned that her ribs and other joints were visible through the charred flesh.

Cody suffered a catalogue of appalling injuries
Cody was so severely injured that she didn’t survive.

Cody made her way back home after the attack but had to be put to sleep a fortnight later due to the severity of her injuries.

Social media image of evil thug Andrew Richard Stewart
Recent social media image of Andrew Richard Stewart

In October 2014 Stewart was jailed for 20 months, after pleading guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

His co-defendant Downey was jailed for six months after pleading guilty to perverting the course of justice.

The jail terms are the first custodial sentences believed to have been imposed in Northern Ireland under new animal cruelty legislation which came into effect in 2011.

Caroline Harper provided a false account to police. She is pictured with Jamie Downey’s uncle Wayne Downey, a convicted drug dealer.

In April 2016 Stewart’s mother, Sharon Stewart, and Downey’s aunt, Caroline Harper (pictured above) were convicted of perverting the course of justice after providing false alibis for the pair. They received six-month suspended jail sentences.

Sentence: Stewart was jailed for 20 months and given a 30-year ban on keeping animals. Downey was jailed for 6 months for perverting the course of justice.

Belfast Telegraph
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Seaham, County Durham: Frankie Hudson, Martin Bell, Dominic Baker and Jordan Steel

#TheList Frankie Hudson, born 10/04/1995, Martin John Bell, born 08/04/1994, Dominic David Baker, born27/09/1996 and Jordan Steel, born 20/07/1997, all originally of Seaham, County Durham – tortured a mother rabbit to death; the rabbit’s babies all died from starvation. 

Montage of Seaham rabbit killers
Scum: Seaham Rabbit Killers

The female rabbit, named Percy, was stolen from her hutch and taken to a house party and abused with a picture posted on social network Instagram.

The group involved in the abuse comprised Martin Bell of 102 Parkside Crescent, Seaham, Frankie Hudson currently of 10 Langhurst, Sunderland, Dominic Baker, whose family home is 212 Station Road, Seaham but who’s currently studying at Leeds University, and Jordan Steel currently of 24 Stavordale Street, Seaham  (addresses correct at July 2018).

The court heard how Hudson, Bell and Baker were already naked in a bath at the party when Steel, who had taken the rabbit from Embleton Mews in Dawdon, threw the animal in with them.

During the ordeal, Percy was washed and attempts made to shave her fur. Bell then threw her from a window.

The attack was captured on a mobile phone and later posted online.

The bench was told the rabbit, who belonged to a local family, suffered a ruptured liver, broken ribs and abdominal injuries, with the most damage caused by her dislocated head.

One of the youths had wrung the rabbit’s neck after finding her on the ground, hurt and unable to stand. Her body was then put into a bin liner and dumped.

The white lion-headed rabbit had only recently given birth to a litter of five, which died because they could not survive without their mother.

All four thugs admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Bell and Hudson were sentenced to an 18-month community order, with supervision, 200 hours of unpaid work and told to pay £85 costs and £50 in compensation. They were also banned from keeping animals for five years (expired 2019).

Baker and Steel were given 12-month referral orders, ordered to pay costs of £85, a victim surcharge of £15 and £50 compensation to the pet owners. They have also been banned from keeping animals for five years.

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