Gedling, Nottingham: Hannah Bamford

#TheList Hannah Elizabeth Bamford, born 06/07/1988, of County Road, Gedling, Nottingham NG4 4JN – left her family dog of 14 years alone and without food or water.

Single mother Hannah Bamford left 14-year-old family dog, Jake, alone in an empty house until he died of thirst and starvation
Single mother Hannah Bamford left her elderly dog alone in an empty house until he died of thirst and starvation

Collie cross Jake was found dead in Bamford’s council house in Welton Gardens, Bulwell, Nottingham after he was left for weeks.

Neighbours called police when they noticed flies swarming at the windows of the end-terrace house.

Jake was found dead near a toilet, where the seat was down, giving him no access to water.

A vet said he would have suffered greatly, both physically from dehydration and starvation, and mentally, as his drive to find water increased.

Bamford was prosecuted for causing unnecessary suffering to Jake, by not meeting his needs for an adequate diet, nutrition, daily care and supervision between June 28 and August 24, 2013.

Abandoned dog Jake's body was found in a filthy toilet.
Heartbreaking: Jake’s emaciated body was found in the property’s toilet.

In February 2014 magistrates sent Bamford to prison for 28 days, and banned her from keeping an animal for 10 years.

They said the offence was so serious custody was the only option, the neglect and agony was prolonged and Jake had suffered greatly.

Prosecutor Andy Cash told them a vet said Jake had been dead for two to three weeks.

Bamford had moved out of the house to live with her mum due to debts. She left Jake behind, because her mum had a cat and the two did not get on, the court had heard.

Bamford returned to her old home to feed Jake, who she had owned since a pup, and let him out and played with him.

Robert Keeble, mitigating, said during the hearing that the tragedy after that was that his client did not go back to check on Jake one day.

“One day led to two days. Three days led to a week and, thereafter, she became scared and frightened of what she would find.

“She told her mum she was still going back. The situation snowballed out of control… where she passed the point of no return.

“She knows her wrongdoing and has to live with it for the rest of her life.”

Bamford had debts of more than £7,500. She was working part-time and suffering from depression.

“The whole world was caving in around her and she moved in with her mum,” Mr Keeble had explained.

A probation officer told the court Bamford had never thought of taking Jake to the PDSA Vet Care services, which helps pet owners on benefit.

Sentencing: 28-day prison sentence. Banned from keeping animals for 10 years (expires February 2024).

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