Burnley, Lancashire: Tracey Cliffe

#TheList Tracey Cliffe (aka Tracey Chubbs), born 04/11/1982,  of Shale Street, Burnley BB12 0PR – left  a family of Rottweilers to starve to death

Dog killer Tracey Cliffe from Burnley

Neglect by Tracey Cliffe left only three survivors from a family of two adult Rottweilers and four puppies.

The tragic scene was discovered by RSPCA inspector Charlotte Booker on a visit to Cliffe’s address on Eldon Street, Bury.

David McCormick, prosecuting, said: “She saw a large amount of rubbish in one corner and there was faeces all over the yard. She saw a dead rottweiler in the yard, all its bones were visible and it was emaciated. Curled up in a ball next to it was a live rottweiler which was emaciated.

“It was depressed and did not react when the officer shouted. Both were lying on a pile of rubbish.”

Adult rottweiler found neglected and starved at the home of Tracey Cliffe from Burnley

When the inspector called police to get inside, they found a kitchen covered in filth and excrement. A dead puppy wrapped in newspaper had been left on the worktop. Three puppies – believed to have been born to the surviving adult who was too weak to feed them – were in a crate lined with damp newspaper on the floor. Cliffe said another puppy had been eaten by the starving male adult.

A vet found that the dead dog, a three-year-old called Kaiser, had died from malnutrition, weighing just 18.6kg – less than half the expected 45kg.

Rottweiler puppy found neglected and starved at the home of Tracey Cliffe from Burnley

The second dog, a bitch called Jez, was also malnourished with ribs, pelvic bones and spine clearly visible through her skin.

The surviving puppies weighed as little as 4kg. One had to be put down by RSPCA officers.

Cliffe was found guilty of four animal neglect offences in her absence.

After just five weeks in RSPCA care Jez put on 10kg. Very happily she and the two surviving pups went to new homes.

Sentencing:  20-week suspended prison sentence. Disqualified from keeping all animals for life. 

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