Bolton, Greater manchester: Christopher Woodall

#TheList Christopher Woodall, born c. 1976, of Ainsworth Lane, Bolton BL2 – pummelled a cat to death while high on butane gas

Christopher Woodall was “off his face” when he launched a brutal attack on helpless rescue cat Skittles (pictured)

Christopher Woodall was seen emerging from behind a shed in Whalley Range dressed in blood-soaked pyjama bottoms in the early hours of the morning.

Three-year-old rescue cat Skittles was found dead nearby – her collar wrapped around her back legs and a penny on the top of her bloodstained head.

Woodall was seen staggering around inhaling from a butane gas canister. A witness describing him as being ‘off his face’.

He was arrested and went on to plead guilty to causing the cat unnecessary suffering.

Woodall claimed at an earlier hearing that Skittles had attacked him. Raj Chopra, defending, said there was little to say in his client’s defence, although he had expressed remorse .

While District Judge David Clarke acknowledged that this was a serious case of animal cruelty, he let Woodall off with a suspended prison sentence.

Speaking after the hearing, Skittles’ owner said Woodall should have been locked up.

She said: “He killed an innocent cat. I understand there are financial issues with putting people in prison, but I think he should spend time in jail.”

Sentencing: 10-week suspended custodial sentence. £50 compensation to the cat’s owner plus £80 victim surcharge.

Manchester Evening News