Hull: Jack Carling

Jack Carling, born 30/04/1994, as at 2018 of 12 Euston Close, Hull HU3 2PX – tortured his two dogs with daily beatings; one dog had to have an eye removed, suffered a broken hip and leg and permanent facial injury. He later died from his injuries.

Jack Carling from Hull and the dogs he subjected to daily beatings
Jack Carling from Hull and the dogs he subjected to daily beatings

Gentle Staffie Biggie was beaten so badly by his cruel owner Jack Carling that he lost an eye and was left permanently disabled. Whilst he initially seemed to be recovering, he died from his injuries just one month after Carling was jailed.

Sadistic: Cruel dog owner Jack Carling who has been jailed for blinding his dog Biggie

Troy Allen, who lived with Carling in Farringdon Street, west Hull, said Biggie and his other dog Sophie lived in fear of their owner.

Prosecutor Philip Brown said: “Troy said Jack would get angry with the dogs, he witnessed him beating the dogs. He said they would get into the smallest of spaces to hide from him.

“He said he would beat them every day. He didn’t let them out, they would just stay on the sofa, scared.”

Biggie and Sophie were seized by the RSPCA on January 7, 2013.

Mr Brown said: “Vets said there was evidence of a self-healed fracture to the leg and a fracture to the hip.

“There was also an injury to an eye, which required it to be removed. That was caused by trauma.

“[Biggie] was also suffering a nasal discharge, which was treated with antibiotics but kept returning. It was causing such concern that vets decided to carry out an invasive, intensive operation to open up the nasal cavity.”

During the operation, vets noticed part of Biggie’s skull was ten times thicker than it should be. There was also damage to cartilage and tissue, which vets concluded was also the result of trauma.

Abused: Biggie lost an eye because of the injuries Carling inflicted and was found to have a number of healed fractures

Mr Brown said: “He was caused immense physical suffering by the repeated malicious trauma inflicted on him.

“He has experienced daily fear, wondering what would happen to him next. He is disabled for life. The vet says it is upsetting to think this lovely-natured dog could be subjected this degree of treatment.”

The court heard the dogs were also kept in “wholly unsuitable” living conditions, with the floor covered in urine and excrement.

When RSPCA inspector Hannah Bryer began investigating the case, Carling told her: “I don’t know who you think you are and I don’t care what you say.You won’t do anything anyway, they’re not that bad.”

Carling pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering, failing to prevent suffering from injury or disease and failing to provide a suitable living environment.

He has several previous convictions for violence.

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Carling’s solicitor Michael Robinson said: “I have known Jack for many years and I am surprised at the extent of the suffering he accepts causing this animal.”

Carling had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity, he said.

Vicious dog killer Jack Carling from Hull

Judge Rutherford said: “It is rare that I have seen a dog subjected to such acts over such a long period to of time to survive.

“The dog has been left disabled as a direct consequence. You have shown complete arrogance in the manner you have behaved towards the animal and those investigating this case.”

Just a month after his vicious owner was sentenced, Biggie very sadly succumbed to his injuries.

Sentence: jailed for three months and banned from keeping animals for life.

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