Hartlepool, County Durham: Lily Todd

#TheList Lily R Todd, born c. 1961, of Rydal Street, Hartlepool TS26 9BA – kicked her teenage daughter’s pet rabbit around the garden to get her attention

Rabbit abuser Lily Todd from Hartlepool

Lily Todd was banned from owning animals for five years after kicking a defenceless pet rabbit around her garden, in a bizarre bid to get her daughter’s attention following a row

When a shocked neighbour intervened and called the RSPCA, Todd said attacking the rabbit was the only way she had of getting through to her daughter.

Despite denying the attack on the rabbit, called Twinkle, Todd, who also owned another rabbit and a cockatiel, was found guilty at trial.

RSPCA officials praised magistrates for the sentence and described Todd’s attack on the animal in her garden as ‘awful’.

The court heard that Todd argued with her teenage daughter at around 8.30pm on Friday, March 30, 2012.

She went back inside to get the rabbit and started kicking her, while demanding her daughter went back inside the house.

The rabbit ran off and a neighbour picked her up and took her to his home, while Todd continued looking for her.

John Ellwood, prosecuting, said: ‘Her neighbour gave her back the rabbit and warned her that she shouldn’t kick the rabbit.

‘The defendant said that was the only way she could get her daughter in, and the only way she would listen to her.

‘The neighbour said that it was not the rabbit’s fault and the defendant then picked up the rabbit and threw it at the neighbour, stating that he should just have the rabbit.’

Todd’s neighbour took the animal back and alerted the RSPCA of the attack, who then collected the rabbit and took her to the vets.

Twinkle suffered fractured ribs in the attack but went on to recover and was rehomed
Twinkle suffered fractured ribs in the attack but went on to recover and was rehomed

X-rays were carried out which showed that the rabbit had suffered five fractured ribs in the attack: two on the right side and three on the left

Vets described the injuries as being consistent with being kicked or thrown.

Todd was interviewed and admitted losing her temper, but denied kicking the rabbit.

She pleaded not guilty, but was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

RSPCA inspector Kristina Raine said: ‘I am pleased with the conviction and the sentence passed.

‘This was an awful attack on a small and defenceless animal.

‘When it was x-rayed the rabbit had fractured ribs which, along with the witness statements, could not have been explained any other way.

‘We are very grateful for the assistance of those witnesses who were a key part of this prosecution and we could not have done it without them.

‘The RSPCA always hope for a ban on keeping animals as the best way of ensuring the safety of others in future.

‘It also means we can now get the rabbit, and Todd’s other animals, into good new homes.’

Sentencing: 12- month community order with a requirement of supervision. Ordered to pay £500 costs to the RSPCA. Five-year ban on keeping animals (expired October 2017).

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Exning, Suffolk: Craig Curtis

#TheList Craig  Lee Andrew Curtis, born 06/10/1984, formerly of Chapel Street, Newmarket and as at December 2019 of Dawes Lane, West Mersea, Colchester, Essex CO5 8HJ – strung up a Staffy puppy named Bruno by his collar and beat him to death with a baseball bat

Violent drunk and dog killer Craig Curtis, currently believed to be in Basildon, Essex
Violent drunk, woman beater, dog killer Craig Curtis

Curtis strung 6mo Bruno from his weightlifting bench after the pup urinated on the floor.

Curtis apparently ‘went ballistic’ and battered the tiny dog with a bat, then put his lifeless body in his freezer before dumping him later in nearby woodland.

A dog-walker found Bruno’s battered body wrapped in blood-stained sheets inside a black bin bag with blood around his nose and mouth and called the RSPCA.

A post mortem revealed the puppy had suffered fractures to his skull and died after being struck around the head with a blunt instrument.

Shockingly tests also revealed that Bruno was alive for a long period while the attack on him took place.

Inspector Richard Lithgoe, who investigated the case, said: “This was easily the most shocking  case of cruelty I have ever seen. This is a horrendously violent man – I was so shocked at how the ferocious and brutal this attack was.

“This poor young dog was victim to a senseless brutality and would have been in an extreme amount of pain. The worst part is he was alive when this attack took place and so would have suffered for a long, lingering, gruesome death.”

Just weeks after attacking Bruno, Curtis stabbed his then partner during a drunken row and was jailed for 32 months in October 2012.

Sentence:  jailed for 18 weeks for cruelty and banned from keeping dogs for life.

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