Plumstead/Thamesmead, London: Stacey Lockhurst and Paul Brunsden

#TheList Stacey Louise Lockhurst, born 14/12/1984, of 218 Elmley Street, Plumstead, London SE18 7NL, but with strong links to the Erith area and also Dartford, and Paul James Brunsden, born 09/06/1987 of Fieldfare Road, Thamesmead, London SE28 8HR and with links to Hornchurch and Erith – left a German shepherd dog to starve to death in a crate.

Dog killers Stacey Lockhurst and Paul Brunsden from South-East London

Stacey Lockhurst and partner Paul Brunsden kept the dog, named Jack, in a squalid cage at Lockhurst’s old home in Forest Road, Erith, where he starved to death in an inch of his own excrement. When RSPCA inspectors found the cage, it was teeming with flies and maggots and littered with plastic bags and a takeaway food carton.

Jack’s water bowl was full of excrement, as was his mouth.

Dog killer Stacey Lockhurst

Lifting Jack out of his container, the RSPCA inspector could clearly feel his spine from the underside of his body and described him as “the thinnest dog she had ever seen”.

A cat and two kittens were also seized from conditions described as “likely to cause suffering”

Dog killer Paul Brunsden

RSPCA Inspector Alison Fletcher said: “It is heartbreaking that this poor dog lived and then died in the squalor of this cage,
hungry, thirsty and alone. This kind of cruelty is simply horrendous and anyone looking at the photo of this dog can see the suffering.”

Lockhurst – 20-week prison sentence, suspended for a year, banned from ever keeping animals again.
Brunsden – jailed for 20 weeks and banned for life from keeping any kind of animal.

News Shopper
Daily Mail

Update: on 31 January 2017 the News Shopper reported that the body of an emaciated dog that had been starved to death had been found dumped in a bin bag in Charlton, South-East London.

The male brindle-and-white Staffy, thought to be about a year old, was discovered by a dog walker in Fairlawn Garages in Cherry Orchard Estate.

The Cherry Orchard Estate is just under three miles from Elmley Street, Plumstead, where Stacey Lockhurst has lived since late 2016 (address still current as at March 2020).

In February 2017, a man alleged in an animal welfare group that the dog had belonged to Lockhurst and she had been seen dumping the body.

Dog killer Stacey Lockhurst

Although this information was passed on to the RSPCA, no one has been prosecuted in relation to the dog’s death.