Burry port, Carmarthenshire: Brett Simms

#TheList Brett Paul Simms, born 09/01/1975, of 36F Gelli Road, Burry Port, LlanellI SA14 9AT – punched and stamped on a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, killing him

Zac with his owner

Simms punched and stamped on two-year-old spaniel Zac (pictured) after the dog broke into his partner’s garden and killed a number of his chickens.

After killing Zac, Simms threw his body over the garden fence where a group of children were playing.

Sentencing Simms, magistrates described the incident as a serious crime which merited a custodial sentence.

Apart from the cruelty he had inflicted on the dog, they added he had also caused great distress to the children and others who had witnessed the dog being thrown over the fence.

After the hearing RSPCA inspector Neill Manley said: “This was a monstrous crime, one of the worst animal welfare offences I have ever come across and the defendant fully deserves this sentence.”

Simms previously served four months of imprisonment for assault in 2010.

Sentence: 18-week jail sentence,banned from owning or keeping any dog for five years (expired 2017).

Source: Llanelli Star (link removed).

Congleton, Cheshire: Simon Land

#TheList Simon Land, born 17/10/1968, from Congleton, Cheshire: battered his cat with a three-foot iron bar

Cat killer Simon Land from Cheshire

Land battered the three-year-old cat, Mia, with an iron bar after she leapt on him and sank her claws into his back.

He then took a shower before dialling 999, begging police to save his ginger-and-white pet.

But Mia was so badly injured she had to be put down.

Cat killer Simon Land from Cheshire

Julian Farley, defending, told Macclesfield magistrates: “He couldn’t get her off him.

“He said he had only seen something like that in wildlife programmes.”

The RSPCA said: “No reasonable person would take a metal bar to a cat.”

Land admitted causing ­unnecessary suffering and was banned from keeping animals for five years.

Sentencing: £250 court costs and a five-year ban (expired 2017).

Daily Mail

Wymondham/East Harling, Norfolk: James Dove and Geoffrey Towell

#TheList farmworkers James Dove, born c. 1985, of 4 Arundel Road, Wymondham NR18 0JE and Geoffrey Towell, born c. 1958, of 1 White Elm Cottage, Eccles Road, Norwich NR16 2JE – for repeated acts of cruelty towards sows and piglets

Sadistic pig abusers Geoff Towell (left) and James Dove
Sadistic pig abusers Geoff Towell (left) and James Dove

Geoffrey Twell pleaded guilty to five counts of cruelty to pigs and piglets by hitting five sows with a plastic pipe – one 35 times – unlawfully killing three pigs by hitting them on the head with a metal bar and using unnecessary force to handle piglets.

He also pleaded guilty to one charge of failing to protect pigs from pain and suffering by lifting pigs by the ears and dropping them from waist height.

James Dove pleaded guilty to two charges of cruelty by hitting sows with a plastic pipe and throwing pigs over a barrier and two charges of failing to protect pigs from suffering by lifting them with excessive force, lifting pigs by the ear and leg, dropping them to the ground and kicking them while moving them.

One  pig farm worker was jailed and another given a suspended prison after undercover footage showed shocking cruelty at the East Harling farm
One pig farm worker was jailed and another given a suspended prison after undercover footage showed shocking cruelty at the East Harling farm

Undercover footage taken between July and September 2011 by an undercover activist from Animal Equality showed the men beating pigs on Harling Farm in Thetford.

Sentencing the defendants, District Judge Peter Veits said Towell had acted with “no care” and although Dove had played a “lesser” role, his behaviour was “abysmal”.

“These are amongst the worst cases of cruelty I’ve seen,” he added.

Speaking in mitigation of Towell, Jamieson Plummer told the court his client was under pressure while working at the farm.

“There were 300 pigs there and he asked the owner [Stephen Brown who committed suicide in February 2012 after the animal cruelty came to light] for help and the help that came was the activist who had a different agenda and so he was still single-handed trying to look after the pigs,” he said.

Mitigating on behalf of Dove, Ian Fisher, said the likelihood of the defendant re-offending was “microscopic”.

“Public shaming brings with it its own very unusual punishment,” he added. “He wasn’t in any sort of position of control and was drawn into the situation that he had no training for and was only involved in this because of the shortcomings in the system.”

Animal welfare protesters demonstrated outside Norwich Magistrates’ Court as the men walked in, shouting “shame, shame on you” as Dove entered the court building and “scum” as Towell arrived.

A spokesman from Essex Animal Defenders said: “We think the custodial sentence for animal abuses needs to be increased.

“At the end of the day they only end up serving three or four weeks.

“When it’s farm animals the public don’t seem care as much as when it’s cats or dogs.”

Another protester, Joanne Robins from Great Yarmouth Against Animal Cruelty, said: “We’ve been campaigning for animals for some time now.

“This is local so it’s caught our attention and we’re hoping for a custodial sentence because it would give out a strong message.”

Geoffrey Towell was imprisoned for 18 weeks and banned from working with animals for ten years (expires August 2022).

James Dove was sentenced to eight weeks in prison, suspended for one year, ordered to complete 180 hours of unpaid work and pay prosecution costs of £300. Dove was banned from working with farm animals for five years (expired August 2017).

Eastern Daily Press
BBC News

Pitmedden, Aberdeenshire: Tracy Scougall

#TheList Tracy Jane Scougall, aka Tracy Penny, born 26/02/1980, address at March 2020 13 Bonnyton Road, Pitmedden AB41 7QA – starved her pet dog to death

Dog killer Tracy Scougall, aka Tracy Penny from Pitmedden, Aberdeenshire
Single mother Tracy Scougall aka Tracy Penny is banned from keeping animals for life

Scougall admitted failing to give enough food or water to Buffy the Staffordshire bull terrier.

The eight-year-old pet had been dead for three days when Scottish SPCA officers found the dog’s body in a garden shed in Pitmedden in 2011.

Scougall was also accused of keeping a Labrador dog named Shadow in a hallway cupboard without adequate food, water or access but was not convicted of this offence.

Sheriff Philip Hammond, at Aberdeen Sheriff Court, told her the images of her pet’s emaciated body were “distressing and appalling” to look at.

Dog killer Tracy Scougall, aka Tracy Penny from Pitmedden, Aberdeenshire

Scottish SPCA chief inspector John Carle said after the case: “We are delighted Scougall has received a life ban on keeping dogs.

“However, we believe that this was a case of gross neglect and therefore we would have welcomed an outright ban on keeping animals.

“In our opinion, Scougall has demonstrated that she is unfit to provide any animal with even the most basic level of care.”

Sentencing: 150 hours of unpaid work. Lifetime ban on keeping animals.

BBC News