Plymouth, Devon: Matthew West

#TheList Matthew West, also known as Matthew Ryan, born 06/02/1990, a career criminal originally from 35 Embankment Road, Plymouth PL4 9HX, but with links to Camborne, Cornwall – kicked and dragged a Staffordshire bull terrier; the dog’s leg had to be amputated and she lost the sight of one eye

Drug addict, career criminal and dog abuser Matthew West from Plymouth
Drug addict, career criminal and dog abuser Matthew West from Plymouth

West kicked and dragged five-month-old Staffy Tia so severely that one of her hind legs was badly broken and later had to be amputated.  The court heard that Tia was also found to be blind in one eye, had symptoms of mild concussion and had grazes over her body.

A  passer-by saw West kicking and dragging the puppy down the street and alerted police.

West gave evidence to say that the dog was already injured when he bought her for £250 a few days before. He denied kicking or dragging the dog and said he was just trying to get her to walk.

West’s lawyer said his client had a history of psychiatric problems.

West was found guilty and sentenced to 12 weeks in jail for the animal cruelty offence and banned from keeping animals for 25 years. He was given a further four weeks for a public order offence in which he  had threatened a female housing officer and said he would ‘burn the place down’.

Sentence: 12-week prison sentence; 25-year ban on keeping animals (expires September 2036).

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In May 2018 West was jailed for 4 years for his part in an armed raid on a convenience store.


Bannf, Scotland: Colin and David Reid

#TheList convicted dogfighters Colin Barclay Reid, born 12/10/1986, of 10 Smith Road, Banff AB45 1BN and brother David Lewis Reid, born 06/10/1988, of 34 High Shore, Macduff AB44 1SN

Convicted dog fighters and all-round pieces of shit Colin and David Reid from Banff/Macduff
Convicted dog fighters and all-round pieces of shit Colin and David Reid from Banff/Macduff

In September 2011 Colin and David Reid pleaded guilty to encouraging bull terrier-type dogs to attack each other at a disused open-air swimming pool in Tarlair between July 29, 2008 and January 20, 2011, and also to keeping dogs for fighting.

Undercover investigators raided the homes of the pair and found  footage of dogfighting on a laptop. The brothers, were believed to have operated among a wider ring of dogfighters.

And it is believed they had been involved in the depraved activity for years.

The case marked the first conviction for animal fighting since new legislation allowed SSPCA inspectors to search and enter homes of suspected dog fight organisers.

The brothers are close associates of a man whose dog was found in a ditch by the SSPCA during the investigation.

The dog had been shot through the skull and investigators are convinced other dogs who had become too old to earn their keep through fighting would also have been killed.

Other fighting dogs were found dead within 20 miles of Banff, showing signs of appalling cruelty and suggesting the problem was widespread.

The dogs are believed to have been killed and dumped to avoid the SSPCA bringing charges against their owners.

In 2006, David Reid was convicted of cutting off part of both ears of two bull terriers. He pleaded guilty and was banned for two years from keeping animals and fined £300.

Convicted dog fighter Colin Reid
2018 photo of Colin Reid. His ban on keeping dogs expired in September 2016.

An undercover investigator said: “The implication of mutilating this animal was that it was a fighting dog.

“Owners do this to ready dogs for fights, to make them look fierce and to stop other dogs locking jaws on their ears while fighting.

“At the time, we couldn’t prove that he was involved in dogfighting but then the case was blown wide open when we saw the video.

“It shows both Reid brothers throwing their own dogs into a fight in the middle of the night at a secluded place not far from their home.”

The investigator added: “We also found videos of dog fights from eastern Europe.”

The probe uncovered evidence from farmers, who believed their cattle may have been attacked by dogfighters training their animals.

The crucial evidence was gathered when the SSPCA investigation team and police raided four homes, seizing six pit bulls.

Intelligence was received the following month that a dog had been shot and dumped on a farm.

Officers were shocked to see a clear bullet hole through the back of its skull.

The dog’s carcass still held an identifying microchip, which proved it belonged to an associate of the Reid brothers.

Convicted dog fighter Colin Reid in 2018. He's now a father and also owns a dog.
Convicted dogfighter Colin Reid in 2018. He’s now a father and also owns at least one dog.

Psycho David Reid was also sentenced to jail for going on the rampage after he was reported to the SSPCA. He hunted down a man he suspected of “grassing” him and attacked him along with an accomplice, breaking his skull and pelvis.

David Reid was jailed for six months and Colin Reid was sentenced to four months. They were banned from keeping dogs for just five years (expired September 2016).

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