Skipton, North Yorkshire: Jason Metcalfe

#TheList Jason Metcalfe (aka Jay Jones), born 30/11/1981, formerly of Earby, Pendle, Lancashire and more recently (2019) of Heather View, Skipton BD23 2SD – smashed an elderly cat repeatedly against a wall, killing her.

Serial animal abuser Jason Metcalfe
Jason Metcalfe, who now goes by the name Jay Jones and lives in Skipton

In February 2011 Metcalfe was jailed for 16 weeks and banned from keeping animals for life after admitting repeatedly smashing the 14-year-old cat, known as Bonnie (pictured), against a wall until she died.

Twisted Jason Metcalfe grabbed friendly cat Bonnie by her back legs and swung her against the wall at least four times over 10 minutes, just because she rubbed against him

The sickening incident took place in front of a nine-year-girl who described seeing the cat approach Metcalfe as he was walking along the road and nuzzle against his legs. Metcalfe then picked the cat up by one of her hind legs and swung her against the wall several times until she was dead.

Bonnie was the much-loved family pet of Sarah Lancaster who described her as “a defenceless animal who couldn’t protect herself”.

In May 2011 it emerged that Metcalfe was being investigated for kicking a pet rabbit to death the day before he was sent to prison for killing Bonnie.

Serial animal abuser Jason Metcalfe

The rabbit, a British Giant named Edward, belonged to three young children. Their mother, who runs a rabbit rescue sanctuary, told how friendly Edward had escaped from her garden and wandered into nearby Goodall Close where Metcalfe lived at the time. Two girls told her that they had seen a man kick the rabbit in the head. The RSPCA were making enquiries but no update is available.

When Metcalfe appeared in court for sentencing, his face was plastered up and it was revealed that he had been attacked by a dog, which had bitten off part of his nose.

Sentencing: jailed for 16 weeks and banned from keeping animals for life.

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