Hexham, Northumberland: Wayne Lumsdon and Connor Patterson

#TheList barbaric wildlife criminals Wayne Lumsdon, born 08/12/1987, of 53 Park Road, Lynemouth, Morpeth NE61 5XJ and Connor Charles Patterson, born 18/06/1987, formerly of The Hope, Whitfield, Hexham, but as of April 2020 residing at Little Kenny Farm, Lintrathen, Kirriemuir, Angus DD8 5JD – forced animals to fight to the death and posted the footage on the internet

Wildlife criminals Wayne Lumsdon and Connor Patterson
Wayne Lumsdon (left) and Connor Patterson got their kicks from watching animals tearing each other apart

Wayne Lumsdon and Connor Patterson were jailed for offences relating to badgers, foxes, dogs, cats and cockerels. The pair were also banned from keeping animals for 15 and eight years respectively after boasting about their antics in text messages and keeping photos.

Lumsdon pleaded guilty to willfully killing a badger and two counts of causing an animal fight to take place.

Apprentice gamekeeper Patterson pleaded guilty to two counts of causing an animal fight to take place.

Wildlife criminal Wayne Lumsdon
Lumsdon is banned from keeping animals until 2026

Magistrates were read a series of texts exchanged by the pair in which Lumsdon bragged of “killing a badger” with his and another dog – something he described as “mint”.

The court was then shown a video of the badger being attacked by the two dogs, then footage of cocks fighting and again men’s voices could be heard encouraging them.

Magistrates heard clothes seen in the video were later traced to Lumsdon and that a text message of his referred to spurs used in cock fighting.

Further footage was shown to the court of a fox which had been snared being attacked by a dog. A stick was thrust into the fox’s mouth and a boot – which was later traced to Patterson – was shown on its neck. Again, men could be heard laughing and encouraging the dog with cries of “kill it”.

In the final bit of footage, a fox was shown in a cage with a dog. The animals are seen fighting with men’s voices encouraging them and hands shown holding the fox’s ears through the cage.

In interview, Patterson admitted he had been an apprentice gamekeeper and had a national diploma in countryside and game management. While studying for this, he had learnt how to use snares and traps.

On 25/3/2011 Wayne Lumsdon and Connor Patterson had their jail sentences cut because of a legal technicality. Judges at Newcastle Crown Court were forced to cut their prison sentences because the pair had not been given credit for pleading guilty at an earlier hearing. Patterson had his sentence reduced to 16 weeks. Lumsdon 26 weeks was cut to 21 by a judge at a separate hearing.

ChronicleLive 17/02/2011
ChronicleLive 25/03/2011

In November 2012 Patterson was convicted of further cruelty to animals alongside wife Caroline Patterson (aka Caroline Jordan) after a search warrant was executed at their cottage in Whitfield by Northumbria Police and RSPCA inspectors. A total of 55 animals including dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, turkeys, ducks and chickens were seized from the couple.

Animal abusers Connor Patterson and ex wife Caroline Patterson outside court
Connor Patterson and now ex-wife Caroline Patterson (now Caroline Jordan) outside court

The court heard animals had been left without a constant supply of fresh drinking water and some were underweight.

Dogs at the property were suffering from dental disease, while a turkey was left with an untreated lump in its ear.

Patterson was found to be in breach of his disqualification order although this and the cruelty charge were later overturned on appeal on the grounds that the animals were the responsibility of his wife.

Caroline Patterson was given a conditional discharge and was not banned from keeping animals.

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Paignton, Devon: James Noon and son Hamish Noon

#TheList puppy dealers James Gordon Noon, born 17/01/1953, of Waterleat Court, Waterleat Road, Paignton TQ3 3EA and Hamish Noon, born 17/07/1983, of Soper House, Dart View Road,  Galmpton, Brixham TQ5 0BQ

James and Hamish Noon callous puppy dealers based in Paignton, Devon
James and Hamish Noon callous puppy dealers based in Paignton, Devon

In February 2010 a total of 14 dogs and puppies were seized from the Noons’ then home in Blagdon Road by the RSPCA.  A further 12 dogs were taken at a later date when conditions hadn’t improved.

James Noon bought and sold dogs via a website on which he boasted that he had 39 years of experience with the Doberman breed. He would go to Ireland to buy puppies which he would bring back into the UK and sell for between £650 and £1,000.  He would arrange to meet buyers in locations such as car parks and motorway service stations.On one occasion police found nine puppies in his car.

The dogs were kept at Blagdon Road in conditions so disgusting that even hardened vets and RSPCA investigators found them distressing.  Every floor and even mattresses within the “haphazard and untidy” property were covered in faecal matter, some of which was decomposing.

The dogs had limited access to fresh water and little veterinary care had been sought. Many of the animals were suffering from infections and/or covered in excrement.

Most distressingly, a dead dog was found decomposing on the stairs.  A  rescued Jack Russell puppy was severely underweight and in such poor condition that he had to be put to sleep.

Hamish Noon initially claimed that his involvement was limited to looking after his father and that he had no interest in the puppy farming business.  However, in March 2011 he pleaded guilty to failing to protect two puppies and failing to provide a suitable environment for 23 dogs.  He also admitted possessing cannabis with a street value of £35.

Hamish Noon was disqualified from keeping dogs for two years, given a  six-month community order and ordered to pay £100. On 28.10.11 he appealed, unsuccessfully, against the sentence and his ban was increased to five years.

James Noon pleaded guilty to failing to protect a Jack Russell and Doberman puppy from suffering and failing to provide a suitable environment for 39 dogs.  He was ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work as part of a 12-month community order and pay £500 in costs. The ten-year ban on keeping animals was reduced to five years on appeal on 28.10.11.

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Silsden, Keighley: David Holmes

#TheList David Holmes, born 13/05/1956, of Fairdale, Hen Holme Lane, Silsden, Keighley BD20 0LX – repeated cruelty towards farm animals despite previous bans

Serial farm animal abuser David Holmes.

Holmes  continually ignored court orders which have banned him from owning animals, the court heard.

The prosecution was brought by Bradford Council following his breach of the order on February 17, 2011.

The offence came to light when he was seen muck-spreading on his land in Silsden by a Council environmental health officer.

Holmes denied the offence and the case went to trial, with District Judge, Susan Bouch, finding in the Council’s favour.

Serial farm animal abuser David Holmes.

Sentencing was remitted to magistrates in March 2011, who as well as sending Holmes to prison, also issued a new disqualification under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 which has greater powers.

It means that he cannot keep or own any animals and he cannot participate in any schemes that are involved with animals for the next ten years.

Neither can he apply for appeal against the ban for the next five years.

Serial farm animal abuser David Holmes.

Holmes already has two previous disqualification bans after prosecutions brought by Bradford Council and the RSPCA but he has continued to breach those bans, the District Judge was told during the trial.

After the case, Jonathan Balsham, the Council’s consultant solicitor, said: “While Holmes keeps on breaching the laws relating to animals, we will continue to prosecute him.

“He has shown no regard for animal welfare or for the court orders and we are pleased that the court has taken a serious view of these matters and has sentenced him accordingly.”

Holmes was imprisoned for six months and banned for life from keeping animals in 1999. He already had two court fines, for cruelty to a ewe and a ram, when he was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to cattle.

In November 2009 he was caught presenting cattle at Skipton auction mart in Gargrave Road, Skipton and sentenced to 120 hours unpaid work and had to pay £4,548 in costs.

He went on to notch up further convictions for repeatedly flouting the ban, cruelty to sheep and cattle and illegally trying to move sheep to France.

His final conviction came in 2011 when he was jailed for six months and received a fourth lifetime ban for causing unnecessary suffering to livestock.

Sentencing: jailed for six months and a further lifetime ban on keeping animals was issued.

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Telegraph & Argus 01/07/2010
Telegraph & Argus 22/06/2003

2016 update:  In July 2016 Holmes appealed unsuccessfully 
to have his lifetime ban on keeping livestock lifted.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said Holmes, who has four lifetime bans under the Animal Welfare Act, would never be deemed a fit and proper person to care for animals.

He had a total of 13 relevant convictions and lost appeals stretching back 20 years, the court heard.

“There is an appalling background of distressing cruelty to animals,” the judge said.