Tyldesley, Greater Manchester: William Edge

#TheList William Sumner Christian Edge, born 23/01/1971, of 33 Beckford Court, Tyldesley M29 8GF – cut a puppy’s throat during a row with his partner.

Dog abuser William Edge from Manchester

During a heated argument with his partner, Edge grabbed the young dog and held a knife to his throat.

Edge, a former security guard at the Trafford Centre, claimed that the dog wriggled, causing the blade to pierce his throat. But prosecutors argued that the wound showed that “considerable force” had been used and was consistent with a “stabbing action” rather than an accident.

Dog abuser William Edge from Manchester

The dog required emergency surgery to save his life.

Edge admitted assaulting the woman and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Sentence: 16-week suspended sentence; £350 in costs. Two-year ban on keeping animals.

Manchester Evening News

Bridgwater, Somerset: Robert John Dean

#TheList bird trapper Robert John Dean, born c. 1951, of 9 Petrel Close, Bridgwater TA6 4ET

Dean was convicted of unnecessary suffering to a protected animal; possession of live wild birds; attempting to take a wild bird.

24-month conditional discharge, £750 costs.

Bridgwater Mercury

Ely, Cardiff: Martin Howells

#TheList Martin Gareth Howells, born 04/06/1989, of 52 Jackson Road, Cardiff CF5 4PX – strangled a puppy to death because she had become a burden

Social media images of puppy killer Martin Howells from Ely, Cardiff, Wales
Martin Howells

Martin Gareth Howells twisted the collar of a 12-week-old mastiff-type dog, named Jessie, garrotting her.

A post-mortem examination showed that Jessie’s death was consistent with strangulation. The vet’s report said it would have required sustained pressure to strangle the dog to death and it would have been an extremely painful, stressful demise.

A court heard Howells then buried Jessie’s body in the back garden of the house he shared with then partner Jade Tarr in Crossways Road, Ely.

When an RSPCA inspector called the following day, Howells claimed the dog had tried to attack their two-year-old daughter, Karla.

Howells told the RSPCA inspector: “I’m not going to lie to you, mate. The dog went for my daughter and I had to kill it.”

But Cardiff Magistrates Court heard that Howells had been warning that Jessie was an annoyance.

The RSPCA prosecutor said: “There was no evidence to show the dog was aggressive. In this breed of dog it would have been unusual. There’s evidence to suggest he wanted to get rid of the dog and said so before the incident.”

He added: “He told a neighbour that if the dog hadn’t gone by a certain date, he would kick it out in the street.

“In another conversation he said an ultimatum had been given for the dog to leave. He said he planned on selling the dog. He had enough of the dog. It had become a burden to him.”

Howells was found guilty in his absence of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and failing to protect it from pain and suffering.

He also pleaded guilty to assaulting Ms Tarr in a separate incident in October 2010. The court heard he grabbed her in a head lock and punched her to the ribs and face, as their daughter looked on.

Mike Evans, prosecuting the assault, said Howells’ prolonged drug use had changed his temperament towards aggression.

He said:”He would threaten her and threatened to harm the dog. After the dog was killed, she began to take his threats more seriously.”

Sentence: six-month prison sentence; life-ban on keeping animals.

Source: WalesOnline (link removed).