Kitts Green, Birmingham: Stacey Ravenall

#TheList Stacey Ravenall, born 25/04/1991,  as at October 2018 living at Flat 6, 132 Clopton Road, Kitts Green, Birmingham B33 0RL – hurled a 4mo cat to her death from the 11th floor of a tower block

Cat killer Stacey Ravenall from Birmingham

After hitting the ground,  the four-month-old cat, named Cuwella, continued to suffer for about 15 minutes before she died from internal bleeding.

Magistrates told Stacey Ravenall that, although what she had done was serious enough to pass the custody threshold, they accepted it had been an “impulsive act”.

Ravenall, who at the time was living in Yardley, admitted a charge of animal cruelty.

Cat killer Stacey Ravenall from Birmingham

Nick Sutton, prosecuting, said the black and white cat belonged to friend Laura Edwards who had lived for several months with the defendant in Giles House, Stechford.

In the summer of 2010 Miss Edwards went to stay with her parents in Redditch, Ravenall agreeing to look after Cuwella while she was away.

Cat killer Stacey Ravenall from Birmingham

Mr Sutton said Miss Edwards had rung up each day and spoke to Ravenall about the cat who said she had been “playing up”, but nothing more serious than that.

On June 22, Miss Edwards met up with Ravenall in Birmingham and they later returned to the Giles House flat.

The cat owner told Ravenall she was considering taking Cuwella to a sanctuary because she was unable to keep her and she wanted her to have a better home.

Ravenall responded by hitting the animal and then throwing her into the hallway.

Cat killer Stacey Ravenall from Birmingham

Both then went into the hall where Ravenall picked the cat up again and pushed past Miss Edwards, going into the living room.

In a statement Miss Edwards said: “It was meowing. She walked to the living room window with the cat and just dropped Cuwella straight out of the window.”

When she asked Ravenall why she had done that, the defendant replied: “You did not want it anyway.”

Mr Sutton said the cat was later found dead by a wall.

Aftab Zahoor, defending, said Ravenall, who at the time had one child and was three months pregnant (she’s now a mother of three), had come from a broken home and spent her early years in care.

“She finds it difficult to cope with life and as a result has turned to alcohol to ease the pressure of life.

“She is disgusted with herself and her actions.”

Cat killer Stacey Ravenall from Birmingham

He said she still suffered nightmares about what she had done and that at the time her judgment had been impaired.

The RSPCA said it was a sad case to have to investigate and welcomed the ten-year ban on keeping animals.

Insp Rob Hartley said: “This was cruel and callous behaviour towards a defenceless animal.

“Her only excuse may have been that she was under the influence of alcohol – that’s no excuse whatsoever.

“The cat undoubtedly suffered a painful and traumatic death unnecessarily.”

Four months in custody suspended for two years; 30 hours’ unpaid work, £200 costs. Disqualified from keeping any animal for ten years (expires January 2021).