Kingston Upon Hull / Great Bridgeford / Ottringham: Shaun Chapman, Garry Douglas and Terrance Murray

#TheList badger baiters Shaun Chapman, born 12/08/1981, of Rishworth Close, Bransholme, Hull HU7 5BG, Garry Arthur Douglas, born 21/07/1970, most recent known address Railway Cottages, Newport Road, Great Bridgeford ST18 9PR, and Terry Murray, born 1962 but now deceased, from Ottringham

Shaun Chapman, Terry Murray, Garry Douglas
L-R Shaun Chapman, Terry Murray, Garry Douglas

Shaun Chapman, Garry Douglas and Terry Murray were found guilty of a charge of interfering with a badger sett under section 3 of the Protection of Badgers’ Act 1992 following a one-day a trial at Hull Magistrates’ Court in September 2010.

The vile trio had denied disturbing the sett at Sunk Island, East Yorkshire, and claimed they were “bushing” for foxes and rabbits.

They were armed with two shovels, three terriers and an electronic dog collar locator when caught by Humberside Police.

Chapman said his dog, a black Patterdale terrier, had gone into one of the holes of the sett after a fox.

He said he used a digital locator to follow his dog and the men used two spades to dig above the sett.

Douglas had his English bull terrier with him when arrested by the police. He said he had gone to East Yorkshire on invitation having met Chapman at a Welsh game fair. He said he didn’t go anywhere without his dog.

“I went out bushing to bolt a few foxes and rabbits,” said Douglas. “I didn’t dig.” Asked why not he laughed: “I’m too lazy.”

Douglas threw one of the spades away before the men left the area.

Humberside Police helicopter arrived at the scene and officers on the ground arrested the three defendants.

Their activities were captured on the force helicopter’s camera.

District Judge Frederick Rutherford told the men: “I found you approached a live sett knowing at the time it to be active.

“Your intention was to bait or kill animals by digging out the sett with the sole purpose of causing terror to a protected species.

“You had intended to cause extreme cruelty to the animals in this sett.”

Sentencing: 12-week suspended jail sentences; 200 hours of unpaid work; £2,000 each in costs.

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Updates 2020:
Shaun Chapman, who has links to Doncaster, is a self-employed plasterer trading under the name Chapman Contractors.

In December 2011 Terry Murray was killed in a car crash after the vehicle he was travelling in skidded on black ice.

Coventry, West Midlands: Mary Elizabeth Bale

#TheList Mary Elizabeth Bale (DoB 15/06/1965) of St Michaels Road, Coventry CV2 4EJ – recorded on video stroking a four-year-old tabby cat named Lola before picking her up by the scruff of her neck and dropping her into a wheelie bin.

The distressed cat was found in the bin 15 hours later by her owner.

Bank worker Bale, who was subjected to months of public vilification following the incident, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Twisted bank worker Mary Bale from Coventry dumped Lola the cat in a wheelie bin. Fortunately Lola was rescued or could have been crushed.
Twisted bank worker Mary Bale from Coventry dumped Lola the cat in a wheelie bin. Fortunately Lola was rescued or could have been crushed.

Sentence:  total of £1400 fines, costs and charges. Banned from keeping or owning animals for five years (expired October 2015).

Oldham, Greater Manchester: Christopher Gallier

#TheList Christopher Gallier, born c. 1987, of 111 Canal Street, Oldham OL9 7JR – blasted his pet dog in a shooting spree in his own home

In March 2010 a Sharpei-type dog named Roxy was deliberately shot in the neck with an airgun by her owner Christopher Gallier.

Gallier initially told police that the dog had been injured by glass in his backyard before claiming instead that a pellet had ricocheted and hit Roxy. In the end he admitted that he had deliberately targeted the dog during a shooting spree inside his home.

X-rays revealed a pellet ledged deep in Roxy’s neck muscles – an injury that would have caused her sustained pain over a period of days.

Gallier pleaded guilty to shooting the dog, failing to get her veterinary treatment and failing to keep her and a second dog in a hygienic and hazard free environment.

Roxy survived after an operation and she and another dog were signed over to the RSPCA in August 2010.

Gallier was given a two-month prison sentence, suspended for one year and banned from keeping animals for life.

Manchester Evening News

Darlington, County Durham: Paul Hinton

#TheList Paul Hinton, born 07/11/1975, as at 2018 of 17 Borough Road, Darlington DL1 1SG – killed a stray dog by taping up his muzzle then subjecting him to a violent beating

Paul Hinton from Darlington subjected a helpless mongrel to a prolonged violent attack
Hinton tied the dog’s muzzle shut and then proceeded to beat him to death

Hinton tied up the mongrel before subjecting him to a prolonged beating, during which he kicked him in the  head, spine, tail, leg and abdomen.  He also taped the dog’s muzzle shut.  The dog died of impaired breathing and a heart attack as a result of traumatic injury.

Despite the pre-meditated and sustained nature of  Hinton’s violent attack on the defenceless animal,  a charge of torture was withdrawn.

Hinton alleged that he bound the dog’s muzzle to protect his children, claiming that one of them had been bitten.

Speaking after the case, RSPCA inspector Garry Palmer said: “What this dog went through is the stuff of nightmares. Thinking about that has caused many a sleepless night for me.

“The premeditated nature of what happened here makes it one of the most shocking cases I have ever dealt with. It was horrific.”

10-week prison sentence. Life ban on keeping animals.

Northern Echo

Ilkeston, Derbyshire: Arran Chaplin

#TheList Arran Patrick Chaplin, born 05/03/1990, whose family home is at Flamstead Road, Ilkeston DE7 5LS but as of July 2020 he may be living in the vicinity of Watnall, Nottinghamshire – threw two kittens out of a bedroom window to their death

Arran Chaplin social media image
March 2020 image of Arran Chaplin

Manic Arran Chaplin killed the kittens before punching his girlfriend in
the face, breaking her jaw. He then attacked her 12-year-old autistic brother who owned the kittens he had just killed.

Chaplin was already on bail for damaging a railway line when he flew
into a drug-addled rage at his girlfriend Sarah Bacon ‘s Derbyshire home.

Social media image of Arran Chaplin

Derby Crown Court heard that Chaplin had gone to Miss Bacon’s home to pick up some belongings when he began trashing his partner’s room, and threw the cats out of the window.

Sentencing Chaplin to 18 months, Judge John Wait described the killing of the two kittens and the subsequent beatings as “appalling”.

Source: Derby Telegraph (article removed).
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Penryn, Cornwall – Anthony Cockrell

#TheList Anthony Cockrell, born March 1959, of Littleoakes, Penryn TR10 8QE – stabbed family dog to death during a row

Anthony Cockrell pictured outside court
Anthony Cockrell

Cockrell stabbed springer spaniel Ozzy repeatedly with a carving knife. A five-inch-deep cut severed the dog’s jugular vein and he bled to death.

Cockrell’s attack on the seven-year-old pet occurred during a family row. Ozzy began barking and growling and jumping up at Cockrell, who then left the room and returned with a large kitchen knife. The dog was stabbed with it and the police and a vet were called.

Victim Ozzy the springer spaniel
Victim Ozzy died while protecting his family from violent Anthony Cockrell

Despite a desperate effort to save Ozzy, the dog died from his injuries.

Cockrell’s now ex wife said: “My dog bled to death. It was horrendous. I still haven’t been able to get any closure. He’d had a drink and was not a very calm man. I don’t want to talk to him and I don’t want to see him.”

Cockrell, who works as an aviation engineer, claimed to be suffering from post-traumatic stress after fighting in the Falklands War.

Sentence: 18-week prison sentence. Lifetime ban on keeping animals.
Falmouth Packet

Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire: Gary Marshman

#TheList Gary Marshman, born 30/05/1983, originally from Black Abbey in Bradford but has lived at 27 Tennyson Avenue, Bridlington YO15 2EX for several years – stole an elderly couple’s border collie from outside a supermarket; dog found dead with injuries consistent with being thrown from height

Evil Gary Marshman stole an elderly couple's dog from outside a supermarket. The dog, Jess, was found dead having been thrown from a bridge.
Evil Gary Marshman stole an elderly couple’s dog from outside a supermarket. The dog, Jess, (pictured) was found dead two days later having been thrown from a bridge.

In January 2010 Marshman who had a string of previous convictions including possession of a firearm and burglary, stole 12-year-old border collie Jess, beloved pet of retired couple Ron and Enid Bisby, from outside a supermarket in Cleckheaton.

Two days later Jess’s battered body was found in shallow water at the bottom of a viaduct. It appeared that she had been thrown from a bridge. Her collar and lead were found in bushes nearby.

Evil Gary Marshman stole an elderly couple's dog from outside a supermarket. The dog, Jess, was found dead having been thrown from a bridge.

CCTV cameras captured Marshman, who at the time was staying at a local bail hostel, going into the supermarket to buy socks. He was then shown running off with the dog.

Evil Gary Marshman stole an elderly couple's dog from outside a supermarket. The dog, Jess, was found dead having been thrown from a bridge.

Marshman refused to say if he had thrown to dog to her death and was convicted only of theft.

Evil Gary Marshman stole an elderly couple's dog from outside a supermarket. The dog, Jess, was found dead having been thrown from a bridge.

Enid Bisby spoke afterwards of the impact the loss of their pet had had on her and her husband. She said: “Jess was the love of our lives, so much so we had an artist paint a picture of her from a photograph. For this to happen to any dog would be terrible, but for it to happen to an old, trusting dog makes it even more upsetting.”

Evil Gary Marshman stole an elderly couple's dog from outside a supermarket. The dog, Jess (pictured_, was found dead having been thrown from a bridge.
Jess was the much loved pet of elderly couple Ron and Enid Bisby, who have been left inconsolable by her loss.

Ron Bisby said: ““I have been unable to sleep properly. I feel numb and I miss my dog terribly. My wife feels she has aged 10 years and won’t leave the house. I can’t put a price on Jess. She is priceless to me.”

Sentencing: jailed for 26 weeks for theft. No ban.

Telegraph and Argus

Llanbradach, Caerphilly: David Brinley Braddon

#TheList David Brinley Braddon (also known as Dai Brad), born 01/05/1963, of 11 Glyn Llwyfen, Llanbradach, Caerphilly CF83 3PL – owned five banned pit bull terrier dogs and was involved in dog fighting

Dog fighter David Brinley Braddon from Llanbradach, Caerphilly

After a three-day trial in June 2010, father-of-five David Brinley Braddon was found guilty of keeping or training a dog for use in connection of animal fighting, guilty of having articles for use in connection of animal fighting and guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a dog.

Braddon, who operates a tattoo studio in Bargoed, Wales called Skin FX and fronts a white supremacist band, also admitted five charges of possessing a banned breed.

A major player in the shady and cruel world of dog fighting David Brinley Braddon in his younger days
A major player in the shady and cruel world of dog fighting David Brinley Braddon in his younger days

On 17 March 2009, officers from the RSPCA special operations unit joined South Wales Police to execute a search warrant at Braddon’s home. A search of the property revealed five pit bull terrier type dogs, four of them being kept in an elaborate kennel set-up in a garage at the rear of the property.

A motorised and a manual treadmill with attachments for dog collars, which are commonly used to train animals before a fight were also discovered.

Braddon’s refrigerator contained a bottle of the penicillin Duphacillin, an animal antibiotic normally only dispensed by a vet. They also discovered a set of weighing scales for use when the dogs were being weighed in before fights and various books on pit bulls and dog fighting including a manual entitled Dogs of Velvet and Steel which was known as the “dog fighter’s bible”.

One of the dogs found at Braddon’s home during the search was known as Otis (pictured). The animal fitted the name, description and photographs of a dog listed in many magazines and fight reports seized by the RSPCA during its investigations into organised dog fighting. Otis featured as having won two fights which was recorded in the Pit Bull Year Book 2008. That dog had 42 separate scars and another dog had 21 scars.

RSPCA chief inspector Mike Butcher said: “It is a major breakthrough for us to successfully prosecute someone like David Braddon.

“He is a major figure among the British dog fighting community, making it all the more pleasing to see him brought to justice.

“Despite this horrific so-called ‘sport’ being banned as long ago as 1835, there remains a network of organised dog fighters still operating across Britain.

“These people are responsible for some of the most deliberate and barbaric acts of animal cruelty the society investigates.

“It remains a constant battle to find these elusive characters and bring them to justice, but the RSPCA remains entirely committed to doing just that.”

Braddon has five children: Emma (born 1984), Amy (born 1986), David James (born 1988), Nikki (born 1990) and Megan Rhian (born 2002).  In 2015 son David James Braddon was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.

Sentencing: jailed for six months later reduced to 16 weeks on appeal; £1000 costs.  Disqualified from keeping animals for 15 years (expires July 2025). All five banned breed dogs were ordered to be destroyed

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Warwick, Warwickshire: Kelvin Hill

#TheList Kelvin Hill aka Kieran Hill, born 26/07/1975,  as at February 2020 of 14 Franklin Road, Bournville, Birmingham B30 2HH, but with links to Warwick, Bedworth and Nuneaton – killed a 5mo Labrador-cross puppy named Marley by smashing his head against the floor.

Career criminal Kelvin Hill from Warwick and with links to Nuneaton and Bedworth brutally killed a 5mo Lab-cross puppy named Marley
Evil career criminal Kelvin Hill from Warwick and with links to Nuneaton and Bedworth brutally killed a 5mo Lab-cross puppy named Marley. The photo of him with the dog above was from 2015 but it’s not known if the dog is his and where the dog is now

Gaynor Sutton, prosecuting for the RSPCA, told the court the incident happened on September 29, 2009, after Hill had called at the Nuneaton home of former partner Karen Harbour. He had asked her for money and stayed in the house alone while she went with her mother to a post office to collect child benefit.

When she returned, Ms Harbour discovered that the male puppy, called Marley – bought as a present for her seven-year-old son – was lying dead in the lounge. There was a pool of blood and urine on the floor and splashes of blood on cupboards in the kitchen.

In evidence, Ms Harbour said: “I was extremely upset. Kelvin Hill was upstairs and he denied having anything to do with it.

“When I said I was going to phone the police he jumped up and said he had killed my dog by taking it by its legs and smashing its skull against the kitchen floor.”

Marley suffered three fractures to the jaw, smashed teeth and injuries to the brain before dying in agony.

Magistrates heard how it would have taken up  to 15 minutes for the little dog to die.

Hill was already serving a prison sentence for aggravated burglary and refused to attend court to face the animal cruelty charge.

Sentencing: 20 weeks in custody (ran consecutively to his sentence for burglary). Banned for life on keeping animals.

Birmingham Post
Coventry Telegraph

In March 2017 career criminal Hill was sentenced to three years in jail for burglary. This is the mugshot released by Warwickshire Police:

Walsall, West Midlands: Stanley Bates

#TheList Stanley Bates, born 18/06/1969, of  103 Southbourne Avenue, Walsall WS2 9TE (2018 address) –  left a rottweiler named Lady and a Staffordshire bull terrier called Bella to suffer with open sores and infections.

Dog abusers Stanley Bates, Jacqueline Hurst, Katie Hurst all of Walsall, West Midlands
Stanley Bates from Walsall was banned for life after mistreating two dogs. Photo shows his partner Jacqueline Hurst and daughter Katie Hurst who were also convicted on separate charges of animal cruelty.

Bates had originally denied five counts of causing unnecessary suffering to animals. But he pleaded guilty to two of the charges of failing to get his dogs veterinary treatment at the eleventh hour, with the other three being dismissed.

Both Lady and Bella were found to be suffering from severe cases of mange and when Bates, along with Jackie Hurst and daughter Katie Hurst belatedly took them to a vet, they were reported to the RSPCA.

Mr Nick Sutton, prosecuting, told the court Bates’ daughter and partner had already been convicted of ill-treating five puppies, whose health problems he said had likely been caught from Bates’ two dogs.

He said the two dogs were found to have infections around their eyes and bad cases of worms.

£350 costs; 200 hours of unpaid work. Banned from keeping animals for life with no right of appeal for 10 years.

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