Hartlepool, County Durham: Daniel Winspear

#TheList Daniel ‘Winnie’ Winspear, born 18/11/1990, of 44 Arncliffe Gardens, Hartlepool TS26 9JF – smashed a tortoise to pieces with a baseball bat

Convicted animal abuser Daniel Winspear of Hartlepool
Cruel: A drunken Winspear smashed a tortoise to bits with a baseball bat

Drunken Daniel Winspear, who was aged 18 at date of conviction, carried out the attack on the defenceless creature – which is a protected species – at a house party.

Winspear was found in the conservatory in the early hours of May 23, 2008, with the bat in his hand and the dismembered tortoise next to him.

An RSPCA statement said: “This was an act of gruesome, sadistic cruelty and the magistrates sentence, including the disqualification, reflected not only the magistrates’ disapproval but society’s disapproval of such acts.”

Winspear had been invited to the party by a cousin who was already there. But on arrival he was “very drunk.”

John Ellwood, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said: “While at the house he took a small baseball bat and smashed a tortoise to death.”

The teenager who lived at the house then came into the conservatory and saw “the mess everywhere” and asked what had happened.

Mr Ellwood added: “Mr Winspear appeared to have the baseball bat in his hand and was smiling and accused one of the other boys of having done it.

“On further inquiries he admitted he had done it and was told to leave.

“The young man and his friends tried to clean up the mess and put the tortoise in the bin.

“Unfortunately they kept finding bits of the tortoise splattered about the conservatory and the smell was truly grim.”

The pet’s owners rushed back from their holiday in Blackpool after hearing about the sickening act, and they immediately called the RSPCA.

A vet from the charity said the tortoise had not died instantly but “suffered between the repetitive blows.”

In interview with RSPCA inspectors, Winspear said he was too drunk to remember doing it.

The chairman of the magistrates’ bench, Katie Brown, said: “The photos we saw made sickening viewing and you really should have faced up to what you did.

“You committed this while under the influence of alcohol which is indicative of the perils of alcohol abuse.”

Winspear was allowed to appeal against the ban on looking after animals after five years.

Sentence: 18-month community order with 250 hours of unpaid work; costs of £1,652.71 to cover RSPCA, vet and solicitor bills; banned from keeping animals for 10 years (expired March 2019).

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Morecambe, Lancashire: Christopher Collyer

#TheList Christopher Dennis Collyer, born 12/09/1983, of 15 Aldcliffe Court, Morecambe, Lancashire LA4 4TW – strung up springer spaniel Charlie by his lead and left him to slowly choke to death.

Evil Christopher Dennis Collyer of Morecambe subjected a dog to an appalling death
Evil Christopher Dennis Collyer of Morecambe subjected a dog to an appalling death

Father of multiple children Collyer was found guilty  of causing unnecessary suffering to Charlie by hanging him from a pipe inside a stone bunker in woods in Keighley, West Yorkshire, leaving him to strangle to death.

Dog killer Christopher Collyer's victim Charlie
Dog killer Christopher Collyer’s victim Charlie

Nigel Monaghan, prosecuting for the RSPCA, told the court the vet who examined Charlie after his death confirmed his death would not have been ‘instantaneous’ and said he was also suffering from a chronic skin condition.

The court heard that Collyer had been given the dog by his parents, Mandy and Ian Collyer, who were moving house and could not take Charlie with them.

Ian and Mandy Collyer now of West Byland, Halifax. Mandy Collyer allegedly told her son to "get rid" of Charlie.
Ian and Mandy Collyer now of West Byland, Halifax. Mandy Collyer allegedly told her son to “get rid” of Charlie.

The dog was found hanging in a concrete bunker in Hainsworth Woods, Keighley, by a member of the public on June 10 2008.

A prosecution witness had previously placed Collyer there on June 7.

Mr Monaghan said: “This was appalling cruelty. It was a deliberate and what appears to have been a premeditated act by the defendant.

“What followed was what can only be described as a tissue of lies.

“In court he maintained his story that he had taken the dog for a walk, met a woman and given it to her.

“It is difficult to think of a worse example of animal cruelty given the degree of suffering he must have been subjected to.”

Collyer’s parents, Mandy Collyer and Ian Collyer of 13 West Byland, Illingworth, Halifax HX2 9JU admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the animal by failing to provide veterinary care for Charlie’s skin condition.

Dog killer Christopher Collyer's mother Mandy Collyer also had a role to play in Charlie's death
Vile Mandy Collyer sticks out her rancid tongue for the camera

Speaking about the case, the RSPCA inspector who found Charlie said it was the worst case he had seen in 15 years.

Inspector Dave Holgate said: ‘When I came across the dog hanging in the bunker, it was a horrific scene.

‘I’ve never seen anything like that in 15 years and I hope I never see anything like that again.

‘That poor dog must have suffered for a long time before it eventually died because its feet were just touching the ground.”

Christopher Collyer:  24 weeks in prison. Banned for life from keeping animals. 

Mandy Collyer and Ian Collyer: community service. Banned from keeping pets for just three years (expired 2012).

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