Yeovil, Somerset: Simon Galliott

#TheList Simon Galliott, born 09/08/1975, of Westfield Road, Yeovil BA21 3DA – shot a dog in the eye with an air pistol.

Simon Galliott social media photo
Twisted: Simon Galliott (pictured, 2020) only received a two-year ban despite attacking a defenceless dog

On 11 October 2008 Galliott shot his then partner’s Staffordshire bull terrier Jake in the eye with an air pistol leaving him in excruciating pain.

Galliott alleged that Jake became over-excited and bit an 11-year-old child.

Galliott flew into a rage and went upstairs to fetch his air rifle, returning a few minutes later.

Simon Galliott outside court and (inset) photo of Jake's horrific eye injury
Simon Galliott pictured outside court in 2009 and (inset) photo of Jake’s horrific eye injury

The court heard how he goaded Jake before shooting him in the eye, which later had to be removed.

Sentencing: Galliott was banned from keeping animals for two years and ordered to pay fines and costs of £2,200. Jake remains with Galliott’s ex partner.

Source: Bristol Post (article removed)

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Barnstaple, Devon: Marianne Stribling

#TheList Marianne Stribling aka Marianne Arkless, born 16/01/1981, of John Gay Close, Barnstaple EX32 8DB – locked two dogs in a garden shed to starve to death and failed to feed a rabbit

Marianne Stribling, who left two dogs and a rabbit to starve to death in her garden
Pet killer Marianne Stribling is banned for life from keeping animals but had already breached her ban just one year after her initial sentence

German shepherd Charm and a collie named Prince were left to died in agony over three weeks in Stribling’s back yard. All that remained of Prince was matted fur, teeth and bones. Charm had eaten his remains in desperation before she also starved to death.

The corpses of the two dogs were found in a tiny garden shed. No food or water was available and a fenced-off run in the yard was covered in dog faeces and mud.

An RSPCA inspector was forced to crawl through a kitchen window to get in to the yard, because Stribling had lost the back door key.

A rabbit was also found at the scene. She too had been starved and had to be put to sleep.

Stribling told magistrates she had credit card debts totalling between £20,000 and £30,000 and could not afford to buy food for the dogs – one of which was said to have been an unwanted gift.

She claimed she had been “vilified” and had received death threats.

Animal welfare protestors were out in force at Stribling’s trial and as she was led away to begin a three-month prison sentence a woman in the public gallery called her an “evil bitch”.

Stribling was also banned from keeping animals for life, but in November 2009, following a tip-off, the RSPCA discovered two eight-week old kittens at her home. Police had to be called when the inspector was abused by a neighbour of Stribling but the cats were eventually handed over.

Sentencing: 12 weeks in prison. Banned from keeping animals for life.

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Coventry, West Midlands: John Bagster

#TheList John Michael Bagster, born 14/04/1988,  formerly of Stamford , Lincolnshire, and more recently (2019) of Stewart Court, Ransome Road, Gun Hill, Coventry CV7 8NX

Puppy abuser John Bagster and Minty, the victim of his sadistic violence
Puppy abuser John Bagster originally from Stamford, Lincs, and Minty, the victim of his sadistic violence

Puppy Minty was taken in by Bagster at just 12 weeks old, but by all accounts suffered a catalogue of sustained cruelty over a 3-week period.

In one early incident Bagster and his friend Thomas Robinson put Minty in a trolley and spun him around. When they took the puppy out he collapsed to the floor, dizzy – something the pair found hilarious.

The cruelty got worse. On one occasion Bagster punched Minty very hard to his hip with a clenched fist. The puppy let out a yelp and from that day onwards had a limp.

Less than one month after being adopted by Bagster, little Minty was subjected to a brutal attack when the yob hit him with a frying pan, repeatedly punched him and smashed him around in a trolley. The pup suffered a pelvic fracture, broken hind leg and a swollen and bruised leg and stomach.

Sentence:  21 weeks in a young offenders institution for each of three charges he faced. The sentences were suspended for one year. Bagster was also sentenced to 120 hours’ community service and ordered to pay RSPCA costs of £700.  Bagster was banned from keeping animals for 15 years (expires 2024).

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Bagster’s equally cruel accomplice Thomas Robinson of Water Street, Stamford, was prosecuted separately for his involvement in Minty’s ordeal. He was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to the dog and handed a 15-year pet ban, 80 hours of community service and ordered to pay £250 in court costs.

Addlestone, Surrey: Shane Walker

#TheList Shane Walker, born circa 1989, of Addlestone, Surrey repeatedly kicked and stamped on a dog’s head at  a railway station

Walker most recently of Addlestone, Surrey, is currently serving a life sentence for murder
Dog abuser Shane Walker most recently of Addlestone, Surrey, is currently serving a life sentence for murder

Career criminal Walker,  who went on to commit murder, admitted beating his auntie’s bull terrier Daisy, horrifying onlookers and leaving his pet whimpering.

Walker, then of Bridge Wharf, Chertsey, had been drinking in pubs in Surbiton with his cousin on September 25 2008 and was on his way home when the attack happened at 10pm.

Walker was seen punching, kicking and stamping on the dog, and witnesses were “clearly shocked and disturbed by the incident”.

He told police he had only drunk a few lagers but could not remember hitting the dog, or anything until he woke up in police cells the next morning.

Daisy has since been taken away from her owner and is now in the possession of the police.

Defence solicitor John Sellars insisted Walker was only “play fighting” with the dog, but added: “Certainly there was a breach of the peace and he went a bit far.”

He said the dog had no serious injuries and was otherwise in a healthy condition.

Two weeks in custody to run concurrently with a sentence he was already serving for burglary, meaning he served no extra time for the animal cruelty offence. Banned from keeping any animal but allowed to apply to have the order lifted after 12 months.

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