Coleraine, County Londonderry: William David Streeter

#TheList William David Streeter (known as ‘Dave’), born 28/06/1979, of Cloyfin Park, Coleraine BT52 2BL  – viciously beat and strung up a one-year-old golden retriever in a terrifying two-day attack

Coleraine dog killer William David Streeter’s ban on keeping animals expires September 2018.

Streeter was convicted in July 2008 of seven counts of animal cruelty and one of making threats to kill. He initially appealed against his six-month prison sentence but later abandoned this.

In October 2006 Streeter left  Mac (pictured) hanging by his collar, kicked him with steel toe-capped boots and hit him with a boulder. He threatened to kill his wife two days after the dog’s death.

Mac died after Streeter put a choke chain around his neck and hung him from a rafter in his garage.

The dog suffered severe bruising and swelling to his back and head as well as two broken ribs. There was also evidence of bleeding on his brain and lungs.

Speaking to reporters after Streeter dramatically changed his plea, his ex-wife Alison McMonagle, who received overwhelming support from Rainbow Rehoming Centre as she prepared to face her violent husband in court, said: “I’m absolutely delighted with the result. I always said I would put Mac to rest and I’ve done that today.”

Ms McMonagle told reporters how Streeter had changed after they married. She said: “Dave … did not like anything of his things being ruined. Mac would have dug holes. But he was only a puppy.

Ms McMonagle said the violence was sparked after Streeter accused her of spending too much money.

“He started punching and kicking [the dog] and Mac ran behind a wall. Dave lifted a boulder and threw it at him. Then he put Mac in his kennel and put a hose in and told me ‘The bastard will drown’.

“He took him into the garage and tied him by his choker chain to the roof. He came back into the house and he was laughing at me. He was saying, ‘The fucker’s claws are scraping on the ground’.

“He went upstairs and came back down in his steel toe capped boots and went back out saying, ‘The fucker will feel this here’.

“The next day he went out and hung Mac in the garage again. He kept coming back into the house and giving me reports on what was happening. He came in said, ‘That will help him, I have just put a boot in his head’ and then he came back later and told me Mac was dead.

“I didn’t believe him but when I went out to the garage and saw Mac lying there I knew he had suffered a terrible death. You could see the pain in him.”

During the two-day attack, Ms McMonagle made numerous unsuccessful attempts to help Mac.

She said: “At one stage Dave put Mac in the kennel and told me not to go near him. I was really frightened. He used to tell me he knew how to make a person disappear. He told me all he had to do was mince the body and feed it to pigs.

“Dave is a very, very sick man. That part of my life can now be buried.”

Ms McMonagle asaid she took the difficult decision to speak about her ordeal in an attempt to bring an end to domestic abuse and animal cruelty.

Six months in jail. A 10-year ban on keeping animals (expired September 2018).

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