West Bromwich: Alexander and Sheena Spence

#TheList Alexander Spence and Sheena Spence (also known as Sheena Percival) of West Bromwich, and more recently  Hopes Avenue, Dalmellington, Ayr KA6 7RN – battered a Scottie dog nearly to death before throwing him off a 5th floor balcony

Dog killers Sheena and Alexander Spence
Callous couple Sheena and Alexander Spence, who brutally killed an old lady’s pet dog

An older case but this unbelievably callous couple NEED to be included in our database. Both are now in their early 70s and, sadly, it would appear that neither has popped their clogs yet.

The Spences were looking after black Scottish terrier Laddie while his elderly owner Nancy Howells was critically ill in hospital.

They told the RSPCA they had lashed out after Laddie bit Mrs Spence on the ankle.

The couple, who were drunk at the time, admitted hitting the dog between two and three times each, causing him to hit a door,  before Mrs Spence threw him from the balcony of their flat.

Laddie suffered bruising to the left side of his body, internal bleeding and injuries to internal organs, including a torn liver and kidney damage.

A veterinary surgeon said his injuries were consistent with being beaten rather than a fall and that he was probably “dead or dying” when thrown from the balcony. He estimated that Laddie had undergone a 10-minute ordeal of pain before dying.

Mrs Howells’ daughter told the RSPCA how she received a “curious call” from Mr Spence in which he said: “Hello Pat, the dog has bitten me and Sheena… do you want me to finish him off over the balcony?”

Later, Mrs Spence told Mrs Howells’ son-in-law in a telephone call: “The dog will be OK but that is if he doesn’t come by an accident first.”

When Mrs Howells’ grandson arrived at the couple’s house the following day to collect the dog Sheena Spence handed over the collar and lead, telling him the animal had run away.

Laddie  was found by a neighbour who called the council, which then alerted the RSPCA.

Mrs Howells died later the same month and her family said outside court they were never able to tell her what happened to her dog.

Sentence: jailed for 12 weeks and disqualified from keeping animals for life.  That sentence was later reduced to 10 weeks suspended for a year and their disqualification order reduced to just 12 months

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