Greenock/Skelmorlie: Gordon Devenish and John Cathcart

#TheList Gordon Devenish, born c. 1966, of 48 West Blackhall Street, Greenock PA15 1UY (confirmed 2019) and John ‘Johnny’ Cathcart, born c. 1969, of Golf Course Road, Skelmorlie PA17 5BH – kicked a hedgehog to death

Johnny Cathcart (left) of Skelmorlie and Gordon Devenish of Greenock used a defenceless hedgehog as a football
Johnny Cathcart (left) and Gordon Devenish used a defenceless hedgehog as a football

Self-employed joiner John Cathcart and his colleague Gordon Devenish kicked a hedgehog to death by using it as a football during a stag weekend. The pair admitted kicking the animal back and forth until it died as a result of its injuries.

Sheriff Robert McCreadie described it as an offensive act of wanton cruelty committed by two grown men.

“You should both be ashamed of yourselves. You are being publicly shamed in the dock today,” he said.

Sheriff McCreadie added: “I have noted that you have paid a sum of money to the SSPCA, possibly in an attempt to salve your conscience.”

Fiscal depute Stuart Richardson told the court that a number of police officers were in the area when they saw Devenish kicking the hedgehog across the road and Cathcart kicking it after him.

“Police then approached both to find out what they were doing,” Mr Richardson said. “The hedgehog was killed.”

Devenish claimed he saw an object lying in the street and decided to use it as a football.

He realised it was a hedgehog but decided to boot it several feet in the air anyway.

Solicitor Mark Alder, defending, said: “Both parties were drinking a large amount of alcohol on the day in question.

“They were out at a friend’s stag party.

“Both now accept responsibility for their actions.”

In his letter pleading guilty to the court, Cathcart said: “I deeply regret what I have done. As an animal lover I feel great remorse.

“I was intoxicated at the time of this offence, although I know this is no excuse for such a stupid and barbaric act.”

Sentencing: Devenish was fined £400 and Cathcart £360.

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