Tenby, Pembrokeshire: Rio Hall

#TheList serial pet abuser Rio Daryle Hall, born 29/07/1987, formerly of Milford Haven, and more recently  of Heywood Court, Tenby, Pembrokeshire SA70 8BP – tortured an eight-week-old kitten to death

Pure evil: serial pet abuser Rio Hall from Tenby, Pembrokeshire, subjected an 8wo kitten to unimaginable torture. He had previously broken a dog's hind legs by kicking him.
Pure evil: serial pet abuser Rio Hall from Tenby, Pembrokeshire, subjected an 8wo kitten to unimaginable torture. He had previously broken a dog’s hind legs by kicking him.

Hall was banned from keeping animals for life after subjecting an eight-week-old kitten named Angel to a sadistic ordeal. He began by wetting her and placing her on a hot radiator, causing her skin to blister.  He then kicked Angel so hard that she fractured her skull. Finally he mutilated the tiny kitten’s ears with scissors.

Hall’s partner and mother of his two children, Caroline Thies, took the stricken cat to the vet who discovered she had fractures to her skull and legs. Angel had to be euthanised to end her appalling suffering.

The vet said the only way the kitten could have received the injuries was by human action, either kicking, stomping or throwing her.

Hall had previously been banned from keeping dogs and cats in 2006, after kicking his dog Benji and breaking his back legs.

Thies, who as at 2018 is still with Hall, received a six-month conditional discharge and was banned from keeping cats or dogs for ten years after pleading guilty to failing to prevent unnecessary suffering to an animal.

As at September 2018 Hall is believed to be living in homeless accommodation in Pembroke. It seems his dopey wife has finally seen the light and chucked the evil get out.

Jailed for six months. For his earlier attack on Benji, Hall  had been given a 10-year ban on keeping animals. Following his conviction for cruelty towards Angel the ban was extended to life.   

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Wishaw, North Lanarkshire: Daniel Devlin

#TheList Daniel Devlin, born 07/03/1966, of 33 Greenhead Road, Wishaw ML2 8DJ – stole ex-girlfriend’s dog, poured petrol over him and burned him alive

Dog killer Daniel Devlin from Wishaw
2018 photo of Daniel Devlin

Deciding he wanted rid of his girlfriend’s cross terrier dog Sam, Devlin stole him, drove to a deserted wood and tied him to a tree with a piece of rope. He then poured petrol over the dog and set him alight.

Sam was found the next day, barely alive and in agony, by a couple out walking

The tiny dog suffered 70% burns to his body and had to be put to sleep.

Dog killer Daniel Devlin from Wishaw
Evil dog killer Daniel Devlin pictured in December 2017

The court heard how Devlin had callously told a friend “I’ve tortured it, that’s it done”.

The presiding judge noted that Devlin showed no remorse for his actions. It came out later that he had also threatened a witness who was giving evidence at this trial.

Sentence: jailed for seven months. Banned from keeping animals for life.

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