Druids Heath, Birmingham: Christopher Lees

#TheList Christopher Lees, born 21/01/1986, last known address Wilsford Close, Druids Heath, Birmingham B14 5PS – one of a group of four teenagers who filmed themselves repeatedly hurling a cat from a balacony

Cat killer Chris Lees pictured outside court in 2015
Chris Lees pictured in 2015

The individual shown is Christopher Lees, one of a group of four teenagers who filmed themselves repeatedly hurling a female cat named Kharlo 60ft from a balcony. Only Lees can ever be identified for legal reasons.

Kharlo limped off but was found by her owner, student Simone Warmington, and taken to the vet. She had suffered brain damage and multiple fractures and had to be put to sleep.

Cat killer Chris Lees - social media image from 2019
2019 social media photo of Chris Lees

The mobile phone footage was shared with numerous parties before it was reported to police and the RSPCA. Lees is heard giving a running commentary as the callous group carry out their sadistic act of cruelty towards the defenceless ginger and white cat.

The prosecutor for the RSPCA said of the case: “The most disturbing feature is not only the sustained cruelty, but also that that was seen as entertainment – it was being done for no other reason than entertainment. These people were enjoying it and sending it around on phones.”

Miss Warmington described her heartbreak at losing her pet in such cruel circumstances: ” “I was absolutely devastated, I cried, I was distraught really. I couldn’t get my head around it. She would have been so scared, I will never forget it.

In July 2006 Lees pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and was sentenced to four months in prison. He was also banned from keeping animals for five years.

In August 2006 an unnamed 16-year-old girl was detained for four months and banned from keeping animal for ten years.

A 14-year-old girl was given a 12-month referral order for aiding and abetting the cruelty.

A fourth, 17-year-old youth was due to be sentenced in September 2006 but we’ve been unable to find details.

BBC News 14/07/2006
BBC News 01/08/2006

Update on Chris Lees: in May 2015 Lees was given a suspended prison sentence after harassing his ex-girlfriend in a revenge porn case.