Liswerry, Newport: Andrew Gough

#TheList Andrew Brian Gough, born 05/03/1976, formerly of Tiryberth Street, Tiryberth, near Caerphilly, and as of late 2019 of Lloyd Street, Newport NP19 0JN – used a captive bolt pistol to shoot a former racing greyhound in the skull, cut off the dog’s ears, and dumped him, still alive, on a footpath

Andrew Gough
Andrew Gough

Andrew Gough was paid £10 by John Hurley and Mark Emmett, owner and trainer respectively of injured greyhound Rusty, also known as Last Hope.

Gough used a captive bolt pistol to shoot Rusty in the skull. This left a gaping hole but failed to kill him. He then cut off Rusty’s ears to prevent identification and dumped him, still alive, by a footpath on Fochriw Mountain, near Merthyr Tydfil.

A woman out walking her dog heard whimpering and discovered the stricken greyhound. Despite his appalling injuries, Rusty managed to wag his tail for the person who had come to his aid. He was taken to a vet but had to be put down immediately because he was so distressed.

Rusty had a distinctive white blaze on his chest and people came forward to identify him.

In December 2004 Gough was convicted of cruelty and jailed for six months. He was also banned from keeping animals for life.

Rusty’s former owner and trainer did not face any charges despite signing the dog’s death warrant since it is not illegal for a person to arrange to have their own dog shot.

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